Verge Tires

With the arrival of the drop of temperatures typical of these dates, the roads become particularly dangerous. To reduce the risk to a minimum, it is necessary to make a tuning of cars, paying special attention to the car battery, tires, oil, wiper blades, headlights, brakes two of the most important changes that should be made to they are the oil change and change of tires. With respect to the driving, some guidelines should be followed to not put ourselves in danger nor endanger other drivers, how to increase the distance to the vehicle that precedes us, use hot air for defogging crystals and thus improve visibility, use your fog lights, reduce the speed change oil car. Car oil has three main functions. The first is the lubricate the engine to do that decreases the friction between the parts that compose it. The second is to make the temperature caused by combustion to drop and the third is to keep it clean.

The oil might be mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic, and you have to pick one quality that is equal to or higher than indicated by the manufacturer. Of course, always the manufacturer’s instructions be followed to change it. Changing tires. Snow, ice, rain or cold temperatures cause a tightening of conventional tires and do to diminish its elasticity. Why, on these dates, it is recommended to replace them with winter tyres.