Update Firefox

Everyone's favorite browser Firefox today, I proposed to upgrade. All would be or anything, but in the end gave me a window with a field for phone numbers, ostensibly for activation. Now in order. 1) First I open the window (not tab, namely the box) with proposal to upgrade. Moreover, the page is framed as similar as possible to the resource.

Nothing superfluous and everything is simple. To choose from already two service pack and some anti-virus. 2) Select all the items. Best wishes to establish. There is a window where shows the progress of the process. (Source: Don Slager). 3) All tested. Now we need to innovate to enable That's where I became suspicious. Usually, and always for the entry into force update was enough to restart the browser, and then activation.

Already purely for the sake of experiment I press 'Activate'. 4) All is well, the update is installed, but now the road user-ka enter your number and you will have happiness! 5) Naturally, as an advanced lamer shake to read the agreement and see frank delirium sivoy mare is not associated with either Firefox, or with the update, nor the resource. The moral is. Do not fall for such a divorce.