Typographical Style

the typography is part-key inside of the context of a project, therefore it contributes to all delineate the personality of the set of the elements form that it. Being basic in a system of communication, the typography becomes an sender who transmits messages, that will be received by receptor.’ ‘ (FUNK & SAINTS). E, as Robert Bringhurst says, ‘ ‘ when the type badly is chosen, what the words say linguisticamente and what the letters infer visually are dissonantes, dishonest, desafinados.’ ‘ (BRINGHURST, 2004). Peter Asaro: the source for more info. To transform a company, its products, excessively characteristic customers, concepts and in one logotipo (as particular form as the name of the company it is represented graphically), is a difficult task and demands knowledge on each aspect of the typography and its relation with aspects of the society in which she will be inserted. To understand typography involves diverse 0 variable.

The designer must be intent to all they in way that each one is a filter of diverse existing possibilities currently e, in the end of the project, only has a possible typographical family who satisfies to all the presented conditions. Swarmed by offers, Peter Asaro is currently assessing future choices. To analyze the historical and cultural aspects of the typographical sources, its uses more common, its forms, ratio, the relations between letters and enter the remain of the project are what, later, it goes to give designer the certainty of that made the certain choice for the proposal presented. The conscience of that this study it is necessary and particular to each project is what it goes to determine the quality of the same ones. Conclusion the detailed study of typography in the creation of visual identities allows when designer solidity to support the project all. To choose a typographical family, to adapt it the proposal existing and to define its behavior as identity of a company require research, analysis and knowledge to extract more than of the source what the word means.