The Phenomenon Of

Tenfold by Carsten Bruhn, Executive Vice President of Ricoh Europe according to current calculations, the amount of data about every five years. This is the big data”titled trend represents both a challenge and an opportunity for companies. “A study * shows that the increasing amount and level of detail of the information collected by company, the growing importance of multimedia, social media … in the near future to an exponential increase in data volumes will lead”. “Further the study indicates that companies, which produce more and more transaction data in digital form and save, more accurate and detailed performance data, for example, about product inventory collect and thus uncover inconsistencies and increase productivity”.

Ricoh believes that just the ability to cope with the flood of information, will be a key factor for entrepreneurial success for many European companies. To prepare on a successful information and data management is particularly important to show the critical business processes, whose data in knowledge be converted and who efficiently provided the employees across the Organization and finally implemented measures are to. So also executives (C-level) have access to a wide range of data, which they can better make future decisions. With the right approach to big data”they get unique information, when it comes to the company itself, as well as the customers. This leads to a more efficient way of working, and can have a positive influence in the corporate balance sheet. When we talk with organizations from the public sector, we know Ricoh that the organizations attach high priority of breakdown and management the information and data flow. In particular, it comes to meet the regulations for protecting confidential documents, as well as to the management of records. One by Coleman Parkes research Survey *, however, shows that the majority of employees who are working in organizations in the public sector, today still documents even in reception take and manage without having to involve other departments, or to inform you.