The History of the Nail

The History of the nail goes into the distant past. So as before, not all women by nature have the beautiful, long and strong nails. At all times, beautiful half of humanity graced your nails. During the excavations in Egypt, scientists have found the beginnings of today's technology capacity. So the wives of the Pharaohs nails were covered with gold and silver vassolov wife, slaves did not cover the shallows rights of nails or anything. In the 50 years of service modeling and firming gradually began to enter the world. The first clients were a film star, as they were required to the ideality of the exterior of the tips of the hair to the tips of the nails.

The first materials were artificial implants. Women with beautiful, strong and long nails on the nature, cutting them and selling, then these tips are glued to the nails of movie stars. These artificial implants had disadvantages, firstly, the short-lived, and secondly, the road. Then it is time to use film, tea bags, plastic, which also were not durable materials, they only wanted to shoot. And such a service, certainly, could not take advantage of all sectors of society. And in the mid 70's of XX century a dentist at work broke his nail plate and to continue its mission, he saw nothing but dental fillings, seal the damaged nail plate. The most amazing thing for him was that the next day he noticed that the nail does not hurt him.

After that, with the strengthening and building up the nail plate began using dental materials (acrylic). But he was not suited acrylic to the nail plate, it was very tough, hard, not flexible and this is without a doubt, the effect on the natural nail. The composition dental acrylic included methyl methacrylate, the molecules that penetrate deep into the nail plate, hurting her, causing human allergic reactions. The big downside is the fact that methyl methacrylate it was necessary to file away just because he had not been maceration. Since acrylics modify, and fine-tuned on the market today are materials of the beauty industry for building, having such qualities as strength, flexibility, ease of zapilivanie and painlessly remove the possibility of artificial turf. In the current generation of acrylics is ethyl methacrylate, which has properties more suitable for creation of artificial nails. To date, there are so many materials and products for the creation of artificial surfaces. This acrylics and gels, and the system of adhesive powder, and fabric coating. In spite of their dissimilarity in the chemical sense, they're all the same, the only difference in their structural organization, some have ruled grating (fabric cover), other lattice structure (system-adhesive powder), and the third 3-dimensional structure (Acrylic and gel). All these materials share one thing: creating a beautiful, strong nails by the reaction of polymerization. Whereas in the mid 50s nail service could not take advantage of each, at the present time Every person, whether male or female, may correct any shortcoming of his fingernails, the result of trauma or hide the consequences of such bad habits as their obkusyvanie, as well as easy to change and adjust the shape of Nail in any beauty salon or barber shop.