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Digital Printing

Digital printing is a form of economic pressure advantage of digital printing is the economy for small and very small quantities. The digital press also increasingly faster (currently up to over 100 pages per minute), which competes with other quick pressure techniques such as screen printing or offset printing. Get all the facts and insights with Samsung, another great source of information. Thus, all print objects are produced by stationery to business cards with small print runs in the digital printing. Personalized invitations, greeting cards, labels are handy to print only in digital printing. Books are digitally printed in small editions (“books on demand”). Booming through the digital cameras that printing photos, photo books, etc. These images are all manufactured in the digital printing with some highly specialized digital printing machine. We use digital printing machines for large format printing.

They deliver within a short time large format prints, which are up to three years UV stable, thanks to the used UV ink. Combining economic on the one hand to be with other printing methods how on the other hand visually appealing intensive printing results. As digital files be used as a print file, allow for simple graphics develop user-friendly editors that simply allow the creation of designs each lay. Our digital printing is the company XEROX partner. Whether black and white or colour. We are convinced of the quality, stability, stability and the very good performance of these machines. If you want to see our production live like to come with us convince us of our print examples.