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Social Networking

Microsoft acquires social network Yammer for $ 1.2 billion. A few weeks ago he knew of the negotiations between Microsoft and the Internet company based in San Francisco. Similar to Facebook and with around five million users, Yammer bases its strategy on the formation of social networks private among the employees of many companies that use the network as a work tool. It’s a social network that works in a private and secure environment. Elitist where they exist, Yammer customers include about 80% of the companies in the Fortune 500 as Ford Motor list. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marc Mathieu. Nothing to do with their similar Facebook, Twitter or Google + (website design).

Another multibillion-dollar acquisition of Microsoft which adds to the Skype in 2011 for eight thousand five hundred million dollars. By then Microsoft acquired the company calls and video calls over the Internet, headquartered in Luxembourg, with a total of 170 million registered users. Yammer share documents and projects, are classified, labelled and reviewed content, forums are created from discussion, mini blogs, Wikis and all this with the information shared by users that necessarily have to be employees of any of the companies in the network (web Hosting). According to the company social network Yammer helps that employees will auto organize into teams, collaborate in decision-making and be more productive and successful. Perhaps the revenge of Microsoft after the acquisition of Quickoffice by Google a few weeks ago. The rivalry between the companies is more than evident but Microsoft seeks, above all, compete with IBM, and Salesforce.com that Buddy Media acquired, and with Oracle purchased Vitrue or Cisco; ESN (Enterprise Social Networking) features all of them have been added to their suites.

For its part, Yammer makers expect that the enterprise social network to benefit from the experience and resources of Microsoft and contributes to knowledge and massive growth of the same. Microsoft seeks to develop a complete solution that Yammer becomes part of your cloud (cloud), i.e. of the products Office 365, SharePoint, Skype and Dynamics. Front of Yammer will continue its current Chief Executive, David Sacks. The social network founded in 2008 landed in Microsoft with very good growth forecasts, opportunity that leaves no escape the King of software. We’ll see if in future Yammer extends its circle of companies and registered users to compete with Facebook and Google. Criacao de Sites Web development Sites


Thus, site navigation must be clear of any topic, and friendly user. Menu items and the catalog should appear so that the user is no question as to move from one point to another site. In this regard, often it is useful to an element as a site map. A good habit is to duplicate the menu bottom of the page. Well-known rule for the navigation is a 'Rule 3 clicks'. The average site visitor clicks 3 times and if you can not find what he was looking for, leaving the site. Therefore, the nesting site of the structural elements such as menu and the directory should not be too big. 2.

Catalog. Catalog is also part of site navigation. It shall provide not less transparency display. Typically, catalog – it's not a list of products in the form of two-dimensional table, and woody structure hierarchy, with the ability to navigate through the product categories, subcategories (if any) on the list of goods. You can also get detailed information on specific positions, such as product description, its appearance (photo), its characteristics, price and more. From the catalog, you can choose the product and placing it in the shopping cart. Main requirement for the catalog – it's adherence to 'rule 3 clicks', but the list of goods must be foreseeable, without having to scroll the page down deep. You must also abide by the following simple rule: The user see the full path, which he passed, in a hierarchical menu by clicking the directory, for example, "Produkty'-> 'Molochnye'->' Syry'-> 'Russian Cheese'.

Selected product, category or subcategory is displayed in the page header tag. This is especially important for search engines, but would be beneficial for the visitor. If detailed information about a product called the pop-up window with JavScript, you must duplicate the link, a robot who does not know what is JavScript, too, could see this page.

Site Development And Support

Creation and maintenance of sites in this age of computer technology, we can not imagine my life without the greatest inventions of the human mind – the Internet. Within one second with any information can pass from one corner of the planet to another. Each day Internet users are increasing, and the search for information of interest in minutes. Without leaving their homes, we can make a purchase, pay a bill, send a letter and much more. Internet – a sea of information and sites. I would like to elaborate on the process of creating websites.

Web site development, work that requires imagination and an extraordinary cast of mind. But to create a site – not the most important. You can make a brilliant site, but no one sees, but his creator and the customer. Promotion and advancement of the finished site – the most important final phase of work. Sites that are in the top ten search engine results tend to attract the largest audience.

This is a necessary condition for the success of companies that offer online their products and services. Site support is needed for its effective promotion. In turn, site promotion is the most effective way to attract potential customers. Site development includes hosting, domain name registration, design Template design an electronic resource, its adaptation to customer requirements, as well as site content. Manufacturing site is divided into several basic steps: setting a goal to which you want to achieve with an electronic resource, the development of design and structure, process layout, programming, content (content of the site with necessary information.) Technical Support site consists of two basic parts: support all technical parameters of an electronic resource, the relevance of web hosting and domain name, and also work with site content (periodic content, change the existing information). Often, technical Support site requires a change in the various data, such as the replacement text, contact information, changing the structure and site navigation, design solutions, software modules. Also, technical support sites may be accompanied by additional mapping information in an electronic resource. Request creation of a site you will be able to design studio SMKvision, site, phone +38 (061) 289-67-87.