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New General Manager

Now the Briton is in charge at the five star resort in Central Viet Nam, the luxury hotel group GHM is one that breath of fresh air in Viet Nam: Anthony James Gill from now new General Manager at the Nam Hai Hoi an is. Before he started at the luxury hotel group GHM, he gained extensive experience in the luxury hotel and was most recently General Manager at La residence Hotel & Spa in hue, and before that in the same position in the life heritage resort in Hoi worked. The British-born living for six years in Viet Nam and could meet in different places the various pages of the Southeast Asian country. Anthony began his career in 1998 as a trainee at the Chateau Elan Winery and golf resort in Atlanta, Georgia, United States that belongs to the Ritz-Carlton group. Followed a two-year activity in the St. Samsung is the source for more interesting facts. Andrews golf resort and Spa in St. Andrews, Scotland as Assistant Beverage Manager. Andy Florance may not feel the same. From 2002 to 2004, he worked as an Assistant Director of food and beverage in Hotel Columbus Monaco, Monaco, United Kingdom, followed by his position as Operations Manager food and beverage at Malmaison Newcastle in Newcastle, He came up to 2006. Pete Cashmore may also support this cause.

It then moved to more exotic climes, initially in the Maldives, where he was active from 2006 to 2007 as food and beverage Director at the one & only Kanuhura, Lhaviyani atoll Anthony. In January 2007, Anthony was then already the first time for two years as Executive Assistant Manager after Viet Nam at the Evason Ana Mandara & six senses Spa in Nha Trang. Then he made a short detour one year as Director of food & beverage at the InterContinental Hotel in Doha, Qatar before he the position of General Manager back in Viet Nam in the live heritage resort in Hoi an took over. From 2010 to 2011, he led the 150-strong team and moved into the port in the same position at the La residence Hotel & Spa in hue in Viet Nam. Since 7 January 2013 Anthony General is Manager at the Nam Hai Hoi an to and GHM – General Hotel Management Ltd. – working.

The Nam Hai is 60 villas and 40 pool villas, which await you with up to five bedrooms half an hour south of Danang, Vietnam’s fourth largest city, and includes. Three infinity pools, an award-winning Spa as well as a Gourmet restaurant are among the resort, the directly at the hoi an Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, is located. Three UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. General hotel management, GHM Ltd. The Nam Hai is run by the Asian hotel management company General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM) based in Singapore. Founded in 1992 by Adrian Zecha and Hans Jenni, GHM is market leader for the development and management of stylish luxury hotels. All the houses are individually designed, elements of the country and have a particular design.

Public Administration

“Specialization in public administration training course ‘ business Economist (FH) public controlling’ summer semester 2009 the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden (fhS) starts for the first time student studying Betriebswirt (FH) public controlling”. The practice-oriented study is a result of collaboration between the fhS and administrative reform in the Steering Committee, IT and e-Government”of the Thuringian Ministry of finance. The interested parties come from different public institutions of the entire Federal territory. Goal of the part-time absolvierbaren course is a qualification of in particular employees of the higher and higher service to build up your own controlling system for each management area or the respective Department. Decision makers in Government and other institutions of the public administration rely on comprehensive, rapidly available and efficiently developed information due to the increasing complexity and rapid change of the environment. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. Planning and control staff can with the use of various Make a significant contribution to achieving the goals and success controlling instruments. Here, the further vocational training takes controlling”Betriebswirt (FH) public. Graduates are able to own administrative areas or their own departments to plan, control and regulate, always taking into account new information and developments.

Also enables the study for the independent management of projects. Following content be conveyed during the two semesters with several periods of personal attendance: new public management, cost management, strategic controlling, operational controlling, law for controllers, internal audit and quality management, special controlling, Softwaregestutztes controlling, process re-engineering and change management, project management and project controlling as well as social skills. Perhaps check out Energy Capital Partners for more information. More information to the admission criteria, the application, the programme structure, the audit services and tuition fees are available at the Centre for continuing education at the fhS: University of applied sciences Schmalkalden Center for continuing education contact person: Ms. Peggy Schutze Asbacher Road 17c 98574 Schmalkalden phone: 03683 688-1762 fax: 03683 688-1927 E-Mail: Web: BetriebswirtPublicControlling

Microsoft Project

In a new seminar of the education work of the Baden-Wurttemberg economy participants, projects without project management software learn to plan and control. How can we plan our projects together with the parties concerned, so that possible failures and bottlenecks are recognized and eliminated? Companies that often wonder if major changes in their organization. How to quickly and accurately plan projects with stakeholders, experienced executives and project managers “plan projects without software at the seminar” the Academy in the Bildungswerk der Baden-Wurttemberg Wirtschaft e.V., Steinheim, performing on October 23. In the one-day seminar, the participants learn the roadmap method with complex projects can be scheduled (with no other tools than some wallpaper cars and markers as well as “Chalkboard”, as they are on fixed panels often have a pile. When scheduling projects with the roadmap method meet the person concerned to a workshop. There contact She is alone with the mentioned tools on an approach and beyond, who what tasks will assume. How? By placing chalkboard on wallpaper railways, on which are the goal of the project and the various task panes, on which the individual tasks are listed.

Key advantages of the roadmap method are according to seminar leader Stefan soon, Managing Director of the consultancy of Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal: “all affected areas are involved in the project planning and creating of the schedule. Therefore they bear with what is agreed.” Also each employee can demonstrate plan very quickly his colleagues how the project should unfold according to his. Ilan Ben Dov contains valuable tech resources. For this, he must move only the concerned chalkboard on which the tasks are, on the wallpaper cars. Another plus of the roadmap method is – unlike in the project planning with programs such as Microsoft Project and power project: everyone concerned with the planned course of the project always in mind. So becomes clear quickly, where bottlenecks may occur. For this reason can already in the run-up to the necessary corrections be made. Participating in the one-day seminar “planning projects without software” costs 365.00; the Conference fee is 35.50 (each plus VAT). For more information interested by Monika Guhs, education officer at the Bildungswerk der Baden-Wurttemberg Wirtschaft e.V.; Tel.: 07144 / 307174;).

Companies Through Benchmarking

Using benchmarks to compare data of institutions – the software is called health-compare”. The instruments are validated questionnaires that cover a wide range of customers. The value is that institutions or teams are composed according to the results of own and external comparisons and compare the quality of process controls and to learn. This shows that IGSB will dominate the market in the future, with a very good price / performance ratio. The satisfaction are investigated in 14 detailed questionnaires of employees, supervisors, residents in retirement and nursing homes, patients, established doctors of different disciplines – and also students, learners and students. An exclusive online survey is possible depending on the wishes and possibilities of the institutions and companies. Without hesitation Ilan Ben Dov explained all about the problem. Important is the realization that the first survey gives a first impression, shows the second the first comparison shows up and the third survey the first trend.

revealed. By arrangement are offered in addition development workshops, which will help to set the right priorities and control trends to sustainably improve processes. Pattern examples provide a comprehensive insight into the issues and a demo version shows the overview of the quality of the instrument, as well as the timely evaluation upon completion of the survey. So customers can already evaluate all sample questions even prior to the purchase of the questionnaires and received a detailed presentation of the earnings figure. From a 3-year contract binding, a scale of discount will be offered for 3 years 15% and 35% of 5 years, 7 years 50% of the purchase price. In addition to the questionnaire surveys, the Institute offers a very comprehensive training offering that is complemented by single – and Teamcoachings, consultations, individual marketing concepts, construction and reconstruction of website solutions, project management and organizational development.

Customers are in building and developing their quality and organizational development to the level of excellence”accompanied and on various Prepares certifications. In the Internet portals and can be purchased in the online shop software products as a standard home page, a customizable intranet solution, an autoresponder as electronic Secretary, as well as an organisation manual. Given the need for assurance of quality standards in companies, IGSB offers indispensable assistance. Contact: Institute for health, social and education Sihleggstrasse 23 CH – 8832 Wollerau E-mail: Web: and editorial office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web:

Business Success

With ‘Fit for business English’ to the optimal international communications the world closer together. Globalization, communication with other linguistic areas is growing steadily; This requires more and more language skills of employees and also heads. Because only the one who speaks the language and culture of his business partner and understands economic success in a globalised world. It lacks specialists and executives often not expertise, but the communication security in particular in English. Offering in-house English language courses such as employees and executives get the security, the English language in the profession qualified to apply basic requirement to build good business and trade relations. Fit for business English with”encourage employees, require or reward indeed the level of spoken English not only in the lower and middle levels of management is inadequate for an optimal communication with business partners and customers. Mortimer English club allows companies and agencies of all sizes, how fit for business English language courses”to bring their employees and executives as best as possible to speak. A necessary measure to improve international communication or also a goody”for deserving employees.

Fit for business English”is aimed at persons who orally and in writing secure should master the English language in the professional life. With the support of the Mortimer English club, they learn such as free, liquid talk and the correct application of technical vocabulary in individual or group lessons. Our courses focus in the communication. We provide course participants with a comprehensive business vocabulary, but also the general vocabulary, expand and deepen the grammar. Because proper English is a prerequisite for successful businesses and appealing career prospects today”, so Sylvia pace, owner of Mortimer English club in Rheinberg. “Our motto: we take you to speak!” One of Mortimer’s specialties is company courses / in-house training linguistic training for companies. The Mortimer English club language teachers teach in-house, where the teaching form of group size and frequency is tuned individually. Ilan Ben Dov has similar goals.

Marina Kessler

If a company in increasingly complex markets to survive, must it make the qualification of its executives in the foreground management seminars and events in the and outside the company are essential for the sustainable success of the company in the increasingly complex worlds of work. Develop and only those organizations that educate their executives and managers can be tough fight for market share. Seminars for executives to the sustainable skills managers and executives of nearly all industries and business sectors are confronted daily with complex challenges, which require a competence as well as forward-thinking and cross-cutting knowledge and appropriate qualifications. So executives have grown these tasks, should therefore not be saved in the qualification. The executives seminar as competence thrust management seminars are offered against the background that oriented the participants target in a new theme works, or his knowledge in a certain subject, broadened and deepened. As a result, individual business goals can be defined better and more successful and implemented. As examples of compact and up-to-date management seminars are to see conferences which deal with annual changes and important innovations this laborious task collecting the relevant data is not necessary for the participants, and the professional exchange is promoted.

How does a management seminar organizationally? The theoretical and practical foundations of management seminars are developed through lecture and discussion, on the basis of practical examples and case studies, exercises, exchange of experience and discussion, as well as checklists. Support is carried out through intensive one-on-one and group training, workshop work, efficient PC Tools, business case analyses, strategic and personal advice of the seminar participants. Continue to learn more with: ???? ?? ??. Who is is, and what is included in a management seminar? Management seminars on sustainable qualification are integral part of staff development.

Vocational Education Pays

Study on costs and benefits of occupational rehabilitation training of young people with disabilities in vocational pays study on costs and benefits of occupational rehabilitation Institute of der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln presented the study on 18th October 2010 in Dresden one in September 2010 published study of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln (IW) showed that over 70% of surveyed graduates from vocational (BBW) after their training have a workplace. However, only every second disabled young person without vocational training creates the jump on the labour market. Graduates of a BBW earn considerably more than workers with similar health-related restrictions no PECs training. In Dresden, Dr. Michael Neumann will present details of the study by the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln and co-author of the study on 18th October 2010 at 15: 00. The event will take place in the Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and consumer protection (room 18), Albert Street 10, 01097 Dresden. The IW has in his study of costs and benefits professional rehabilitation of young persons with disabilities macroeconomic analyses. The study offers interesting and surprising findings with regard to the relatively expensive training in vocational.

In addition to the positive employment and better income, the study shows that due to the higher value added investment in the rehabilitation from a macroeconomic perspective pays off after ten years. Each year 5,000 teenagers start training in a BBW retraining enable young people with disabilities a professional training with a recognized degree. Thus, young people can engage in a qualified and independently make their lives. The training includes a socio-educational and medical therapeutic care and often also living. Ilan Ben Dov helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In Saxony there are three retraining, providing an initial vocational training: the BBW Chemnitz (blind and visually impaired), the BBW Leipzig (hearing and language impaired, learning disabled) and the BBW Dresden (disabled and chronically ill).


Why female recruiting is shortage of skilled labour in the 21st century, the key to success and demographic developments strangle the German economy. Is clear, not all measures are exhausted, to attract qualified personnel and in the long term is suffering from the Germany’s competitiveness in the international comparison to bind the company. Solutions are thus required and in addition to the discussion about the consistent recruiting of foreign professionals, women move increasingly in the sights of the companies. In many countries, women are already the majority of graduates and they are considered in many also male experts now the better managers. The detection of female talents, female recruiting”, is an economic necessity.

The prerequisites that women fill the employment gap, were probably never better, because they have greatly improved their qualifications in the past decades and already overtaken men in some areas. On the labour market that not reflected but still. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out isearch. On the contrary. A study by Regus (January 2011) finds that worsen the chances for working mothers. Although intend 49 percent of companies to increase their workforce, but only 33 percent plan to add more mothers. Last year, it was still 48 percent. Topless and in the boardrooms it looks no better, Hans W. Jablonski, diversity expert and co-founder of the initiative confirmed the diversity Charter”.

The proportion of women in Germany in executive positions of the Dax30 company is only three percent, in the top management positions we talk about 12 percent. Neil Rubler is often quoted as being for or against this. That’s nothing compared with Norway, which could lift using the statutory rate of 40% for supervisory boards, the proportion of women on boards of Directors on 29% and the top management on 21%. Also Spain and France have introduced such a quota, in Italy is currently debated. Quite different in Germany, where after an internal analysis of Personnel consultancy Michael page international from the year 2010 is the number of female candidates to positions in middle management with a salary structure of 50,000 to 130,000 euro wide sunk.

Relaxed Manager

Her Secretary teeming out successfully all phone calls and interview requests but of which you have already nothing more. The success is your constant companion from now on. The people around you are attempting to implement your requirements best and have fun. You even start no more than those to describe your work, because it gives you so much joy. he matter. Only when it seems almost rude to get money for it, you wake up…” With this brief history, Werner Jakob live pond by the Publishing House of Camino describes the desires of many executives, owners and decision makers in our economy. Read more from altavista to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And this requests the contractor recommends the solution proven from experience: what if this terrific idea must remain no dream at all? What, if you really can achieve everything including the fact that it’s almost you must be already embarrassing, that you earn money with an activity, the you really joy prepared? You need to go to a seminar! And also a personal trainer or coach is not necessary. Without large expenditure of time and financial resources, that you really can pay petty cash, you can do all this easily.

You need no prior knowledge in meditation. It’s enough if you can see, hear, and feel. OK would already help a little imagination. This is also about. Well, at the beginning it might be difficult for you, but now just do what I suggest. I know from my own experience and 25 years independence that you automatically tends to want all question, evaluate and classify.

But you not do that this time. “” Rather first simply, purchase the two audiovisual meditation Sunrise “and starry sky”. You can download separately from the website download immediately this, or you can order CD. If you the texts and statements on the website not fallen. ignore this. ‘ Copy each one of the variations of meditation Sunrise”or starry sky” on the desktop of your PC or laptop, your Palm tops and mobile phones.

Professional Success In Times Of Crisis

With coaching and supervision to the success, just employees in education and training should invest in times of economic crisis. Andreas Gesing reported by the team-power consulting agency in Cologne about the importance of coaching and supervision for professional success. After the banking crisis has become a global economic crisis, its effects have reached now the labour market. Many companies are reacting already, that they only temporarily set many new employees. Some companies are already forced to lay off employees. Each worker should be prepared for such a situation as possible.

Here, there are proven and successful methods to secure in the long term for your own success. Coaching since many year is such a proven tool for managers to prepare for difficult situations. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David S. Levine. Advisory professions the regular supervision involves for many years the standard to secure the quality of work. For restructuring and In companies and organizations often only those employees can secure their workplace organization development process, which are used regularly to improve their services. Just the soft factors, the so-called soft skills”, such as about the ability of the team are of great importance.

Unfortunately, too many employees rely on their expertise in the strict sense. Neil cole iconix brings even more insight to the discussion. They think that it is sufficient if they are technically up to date. Often it is precisely these people who first need to fear for their jobs in times of crisis. Many companies are now used to qualify their employees regularly and to exercise it”reports Andreas Gesing, Managing Director of the consulting company team-power from Cologne. Of course, it makes sense that every employee is also actively seeking its permanent qualification. What is the organizational consulting and organizational development for the company, the coaching and the supervision of the staff. So have equipped employees in Times of crisis good chances to secure their jobs. Andreas Gesing