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Pocket Travel

Many Germans know the contents of their police not the Germans to go even in difficult economic times. Who draws the conclusion from this that travel insurance should be positioned high in the course is however wrong. If you have read about Robotics expert already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The finance portal geld.de informs about the surprising results of a study on the subject of insurance for your holiday. About 75 percent of the German holidaymakers know, stepping in their travel insurance in which emergencies not exactly about. (As opposed to altavista). Many travelers need access in case of emergency themselves deeply in the Pocket. Anyway, only about 40 percent of Germans conclude appropriate insurance for your holiday. This emerges from a the fact Kontor consultancy and market research firm Toluna survey of 1,000 citizens gave information on their travel behaviour.

To a large extent, German holidaymakers waive a travel insurance because they have to keep emergencies for unlikely and therefore no services. Also, 30 percent for cost reasons against a decide Insurance. Despite the relatively low willingness to conclude of a policy, the Germans have certain expectations of the services of a travel insurance. Fast and above all unbureaucratic help is one of the most important aspects for over 50 percent of the respondents. In addition, German tourists in an emergency would be fully informed. In addition, they expect that the insurance is available around the clock. The points of information and accessibility for each just under half of the respondents played a role.


His latest brochure presents these days selected destinations not only for lovers Explorer telescope. Romantic of holidays are intended exclusively for couples who are planning an extraordinary and memorable long-distance. The long-distance expert experience and individual professional advice make sure with nearly 40 years that the planning really is a dream trip. Everyone has chosen as his own notions of romantic places in the distance our product managers have in this special catalogue some of the most beautiful destinations.”says Managing Director Andreas Neumann. We glad to be able to realize this idea together with Mustapha as a partner.” The bridal Designer, Mustapha brought also a direct link to the target group with their broad-based distribution network. “For us, this new cooperation is the ideal addition to our corporate philosophy” says Managing Director Norman beaker. “Mustapha is idiosyncratic, a modern brand of tradition, successfully, because here lovers of” Bridal dresses are at work, who carry out their business with a passion for many years and are still open for visions.” And also that Mustapha, and Explorer telescope are absolutely on the same wavelength. bsites.

There are not only wedding travel, for which the Dusseldorf tour operator has created an own catalog. Hear other arguments on the topic with Darcy Stacom, New York City. Exquisite hotels in major cities or the beautiful beaches of the world, are strung. The magic of Arabia, through exciting cities such as New York, to the unique beaches of the Islands in the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific the suggestions for travel, the time for togetherness and romantic flair guarantee of San Francisco or Las Vegas, ice hotel in Canada and lodges rich.