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Digital Magazine

Success is easy to obtain. How difficult it is to deserve it.Albert Camus one more anniversary of this Digital Magazine is being met, what makes them three in total of its existence, magazine, which since its birth has had as purpose, provide for free to interested parties concerning topics managerial, administrative, information, knowledge, tools, modern commercial and economic system both at national and international levels used in your operation prodevelopment participation and achievements. Through its content, the differing views of experts, teachers on these topics, are accompanied in addition to other sections covering political, educational, cultural, and technological issues that have a structuring very accepted by those who visit it. Thanks to the interest shown by its readers and followers, accompanied in addition to your comments, suggestions, recommendations, the magazine has had a good welcome not only to level national but international. Being the number of visitor very significant daily. A magazine that has been a great contribution of collaboration, data bank for university students, both undergraduate and graduate, who consulted constantly. All this has led to that DEPROIMCA, its creator, who is a company specialized in the area of Marketing and business, located in the city of Valencia, Carabobo State, which has a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals who have developed their own methodology, allowing to offer their customers the application of investigative techniques specifically designed for cases that require it, it has decided to give life from March 15 to the business environment magazine disclosed in printed form, as pointed out by its director Dr. Arturo Navarro, will be distributed free of charge in the Central Region at the first opportunity, having planned within a few months, do so for throughout the country. The magazine is free and can be purchased in different positions that will be announced.. ett.