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Domestic Metal

Such devices are increasingly used by both private entrepreneurs and serving a wide range of specialized customer sites. For rapid calculation and manufacturing of molds, dies, models only need to send e-mail to a three-dimensional image of the product. Further details can be found at Robotics expert , an internet resource. A significant reduction in the cost of computer systems and CNC served impetus for using them in a more simple low-cost class of equipment. There was a whole class of relatively public equipment, which allows drawing with details on a computer with a CNC router finished mold in a metal or Styrofoam model, when the program is a production of "itself has taken into account" the casting shrinkage, as well as allowances for casting and machining. Of polystyrene foam model of the mold by LGM-cast aluminum process mold, and then, if necessary, bring it to the desired surface finish on the same CNC machines. This simplifies the entire technology transfer products from the drawing to penomodeli and casting speeds obtaining molds (up to several hours) to produce models from the design stage to manufacture them at the same time demanding of computer literacy and staff development. According to the principle of the CNC system servo system is a closed-loop position signal is fed from the optical sensor (encoder), which is fixed to the motor controller and provides information about the real rotation of the motor shaft. This information is used for permanent correction of deviations between the value of the specified and actual movement.

To receive bulk copies of the parts without drawing in those machines used to scan a digital recording information. The machine via the USB port with an ordinary personal computer in Windows, using a modem can function remote access to machines, including diagnostics and software upgrade software. On the Ukrainian market are the most common machines company Obrusn (Poland), ten models for the bulk processing of nonferrous metals and alloys, polymers, wood, with a positioning accuracy of 0.05 to 0.1 mm, resolution ability of NC 0.01 mm and weighing machines from 60 to 1,450 kg, as well as larger machines the company Bermaq (Spain) with a positioning accuracy of 0.03 mm, repeatability 0.015 mm position and weight of 1.5 – 3 tons of this technology are quite knowledge-intensive high- Technology foundry and related industries, they are contrary to the stereotype suggests that high technology – is not necessarily complicated processes inaccessible. Domestic Metal engineering and they will be increasingly interested in the strengthening trend from shallow processing and export semi-finished products and raw materials to produce high-tech products, which is especially beneficial for Ukraine, which belongs to the few countries with a closed-cycle metallurgical production of metals from ores of their own. Contact for questions and suggestions at:, Doroshenko, V., FTIMS NASU.

Modern Access

FINAL CONSIDERAES This work present 03 interesting didactic suggestions for the formation citizen of a group. The practical ones presented in the same renew and reorganize the direction and history of life of each participant of the community pertaining to school, establishing a constant relation with the partner-cultural environment that surrounds children, young and school, promoting the social inclusion of this citizen. Castle Harlan can provide more clarity in the matter. The inserted radio in the teach-learning process can contribute being a door of entrance to the knowledge of new styles, formats, language, making with that the pertaining to school experience if becomes dynamic and attractive more. The choice of programs of radio with the purpose to use them as educative tool will make possible to the educandos to recognize the importance of the radio as indispensable vehicle for its participativa sociabilizao. On the activities proposals in this Moran6 work (P.

24) it tells: The necessary school to exercise the new languages, that sensetize and motivate the pupils, and also to combine research written with dramatizao works, of recorded interview, considering current formats as a radio program, a news article for a periodical, a video, where it will be possible. The motivation of the pupils it increases significantly when they carry through research, where if they can express in format and codes next to its sensitivity. Exactly one searches written, if the pupil will be able to use the computer, acquires a new dimension and, basically, not dumb the proposal initial. REFERENCES ANGELS, Leila. The radio inside of the classroom. Available in: .

Access in 15 of November of 2011. CONSANI, Marciel. As to use the radio in classroom. So Paulo: Context 2007. Available in: The radio in the classroom Access in 15 of November of 2011. MORAN, J.M. The medias in the school. Available in: The aid of the medias and practical medias in the pedagogical ones. Access in 15 of November of 2011. MORAN, J.M. the education that we desire new challenges and as to arrive there. Campinas: Papirus, 2007. Available in: The new spaces of performance of the educator with the technologies. Access in 15 of November of 2011.

European Union Management

In addition, the survey reveals that half of European workers (51%) takes information from their organizations when they change jobs to consider that you will help in his new post. For its part, companies are very concerned about the control and confidentiality of your corporate document management and quick to adapt their data protection policies are occurring before the entry into force of the new legislation of the European Union. All these documents that are being extracted are highly confidential and information essential to keep the company competitive advantage, your brand’s reputation and the trust of their customers. Indeed, companies that are concerned with the security of your information tend to focus on protecting your data Digital, which highlights the need for a document management software suitable to the reality of each of them. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. The study also suggests that a lack of specific information about information management policies or improper application of them can be a decisive factor in cases of loss of information. Only about half of respondents (57%) stated clearly know when documentation is confidential and one third (34.4%) said he didn’t know that there were patterns of the company as to whether the data could or not removed from it. Documentary technology software vendors also have a relevant role in the aspect of safety, conservation and confidentiality of information, since they can and should make companies understand the risks you who could face. For example, can help them understand what is the right time to transform your corporate architecture to safeguard an asset of enormous relevance as it is the privacy of corporate data. In fact, much of the success of the implementation of security policies lies in raising the awareness of employees and their daily application during the exercise of their activity, so ignorance of this subject could put at risk the security of the company. Julio A. OlivaresPresidente and founder of DocPathSoftware’s document management


Tenth second stage: – The pupils will make an evaluation of the performance of the colleagues, the professor and an auto evaluation of form that are pointed the positive and negative aspects of a work of this nature, which the individually faced obstacles, in pair, or in group and which the learnings acquired in elapsing of the development of all the activities; Tenth third stage: – Invitation to the too much rooms of the school there so that they visit the Orkut and they leave its impressions and opinions concerning the productions of the pupils; All the stages of the process will be mediated by the responsible professor who will take care of so that the activities are developed as planned and will offer the necessary orientaes in regards to the verbal content, to the analysis of the workmanships, productions and writings, the organization of seminaries, the organization and accomplishment of the literary fair, the use of the related virtual environment to the research, use of hipertexto and the publication of the productions in the Orkut. In a question-answer forum Steve Wozniak was the first to reply. 6 WAITED RESULTS – Magnifying of the letramento process; – Valuation of the art and the maranhense literary culture; – The recognition of the diverse producing authors of workmanships written in the Maranho; – Widening of the understanding and vision of world that will go to acquire from the accomplishment of this project by means of knowledge of aspects: descriptions, sociological, economic, cultural politicians religious and philosophical of the history of the maranhense people portraied in the workmanships chores; – Magnifying of the knowledge of peculiar linguistic aspects to the language of the maranhense registered in its literature; – The maranhense approach of pupils with the literature of its land, of its people in order to know, to understand and to value the exponents of the literary art of the State by means of the computer and the nets telemticas in a cooperative agreement that aims at the process of letramento by means of the modern medias, that is through web; – The use of digital, filmadora machine and of the laboratory of computer science of the school and its tools computer, Internet, hipertexto to facilitate to the access the reading, the research, the biography of the authors, the critical analysis, the dissertaes, the teses and other forms to know, to appreciate, to analyze maranhenses the literary compositions and the universe where these workmanships are inserted; – Postagem of all the material searched and produced for the pupils in the Orkut transforming this net of relationship between young into an environment capable to provide learning, knowledge. .

Internet Reality

The men of today: so next and so distant, therefore what we see are on individuals the Internet, forgetting itself of the family. In addition the technology in the sample a reality without nature and finally in them places front to an immense comodismo. Aualmente the continuous and monotonous reality that the Internet provides, makes with that each time more people if forget the family, bigger link in the life of any being. This naked and raw evidence if hides behind the easiness, the parents finds incredible to give a cellular one of finishes generation to the children, forgetting itself many times it essential affection that if it must have. The technology in itself places all in a parallel world between the reality and the fiction, is pertos of the screens high resolution distanciando itself thus of the nature that already is scarce and asks for aid diaramente. It is alone to look at for the side that if can perceive that the technologist grows and the world empobrece.

However the biggest conflict that the man stops with the digitalizado world is the generalized comodismo that if it installs as an immense and inevitable virus, was easy to communicate itself however this communication backwards invisible consequencias, more felt will have been observed. In the dawn of years 80, children if amused with simple toys, today have fun in more modern computers each time. She will be that this will intervene with the future of these children? At last, the technology is there growing firm fort and in sped up rhythm, leaving it stops backwards youth, the planet and who is not fit to this reality. The shining net of lies that more shows to each time the hard truth: when being successful the technology wins the comodismo parallel.

Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks – a white, smooth brick, which has high strength and high fire resistance, made from special types of refractory clay. In the production of refractory bricks, in order to during the firing they will not crack in the original composition is administered up to 70% grog (fired refractory clay) are often added to coke or graphite powder, sometimes large grains of quartz. Depending on the added elements are different grade refractory bricks, which have different destinations. The choice of varieties is due not to a different temperature resistance, but different chemical properties of matter become heated, the properties of fly ash or fuel. Taken to distinguish between four classes of refractory bricks: 1. Silica brick can not withstand contact with lime, alkalis, oxides of iron. As a rule, it is used where a wall ovens come in contact only with flame, or metals.

Often, it is because it makes the arches reverberatory furnaces (such as fireplaces). Unlike ordinary bricks, it is completely homogeneous and contains no cavities. Because it is made from pure sandstone and quartz, cemented a small amount of clay, after firing, a brick acquires properties typical of natural sandstone. 2. Fireclay brick. This species has a very high percentage of clay. Fireclay brick is better without actually reacts to the action of alkalis.

Rapid changes of temperatures, and are not a problem for this class. Fireclay bricks are used where the temperature does not exceed 1000-1300 C. 3. Main bricks (the chemical term 'reason'). This class of bricks is a lime-magnesia refractory mass. Use them mainly in metallurgy, upon receipt of the Bessemer steel phosphorous ores. 4. Carbon brick is used only in specific industries. The simplified version of a molded graphite or coke used in blast furnaces. At home, experts advise to use fireclay brick, denoted by the letter 'W'. Subsequent to their digital stamps determine the size. For example: brick line – W-5, 230 * 114 * 65; brick line – W-8, 250 * 124 * 65; brick line – W-8, 250 * 124 * 65; Manufacturers of direct production of bricks is not limited. Produce bricks and other shapes, for example, wedge-shaped, used for laying the semi-circular arches and vaults of various radii of curvature. Dimensions and brand it as follows: Clean face – W-22, 230 * 114 * 65/55; wedge face – W-23, 230 * 114 * 65/45; Wedge arris – W-44, 230 * 114 * 65/55; Clin arris – W-45, 230 * 114 * 65/45. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when laying refractory bricks needed particularly careful grinding them, so that seams can be obtained as more subtle. Connect bricks fire-clay mortar, which is added to crushed firebrick. It is worth noting that the common 'red' brick can not withstand very high temperatures. At a temperature of 'white heat' (this procedure 1200 C) it begins to melt, and when cool – to crumble. Of course, at normal room temperature of the furnace does not exceed 800 C, and therefore, in principle, in its manufacture can be dispensed with refractory bricks. But if you look at The fact that the refractory bricks high thermal conductivity and, therefore, it accumulates and gives great heat, in the manufacture of fireplaces and baths in our range are likely to fall precisely on this it. Equally important is the beautiful appearance is extremely smooth, flat, light brown or straw-yellow bricks.

Modern Laboratory Instruments

What matters most in the lab? Of course, the medical instruments. To best protect people working in the lab, and provide them the best conditions for work, laboratory instruments must be quality and meet all modern requirements. Modern laboratory equipment manufacturers offer a huge range. Every day, technology is developing faster and faster, which allows to update equipment with great frequency. This will not only streamline and accelerate the research and treatment of substances, but also to make it as safe. The need in some laboratory equipment explained specific institution where the laboratory is located. In the event that the premises will be working with aggressive chemicals, without a special hood is simply not enough.

Choosing the Right cabinet – one of the most important tasks for equipping laboratories in which experiments will be carried out with acids, solvents, alkalis, various volatile and toxic substances. On the quality of the fume hood will depend safety of laboratory staff, so you need to pay special attention to this element of laboratory equipment. The design of the fume hood is made of steel, granite, laminated chipboard, or from laboratory plastics. The exhaust chamber is covered with metal panels and is equipped with special ventilation holes. The most convenient option – self-hood. Within existing built-in filters, such construction does not require connecting to the hood, so they are quite mobile. To perform thermal processes necessary to equip a laboratory muffle furnace. These furnaces are used in various branches of science, to example, in the laboratories of technical control. Also in the control centers are very often used environmental chambers. With the help of these products have to determine the reaction from exposure to various climatic conditions. Also one of the most commonly used in laboratories devices is the densitometer, extractors,.

Net Electric Energy

This article approaches the connection to the Internet for the net of electric energy. One is about a new technology, but that it comes being studied it has many years and recently it only offered resulted satisfactory in its practical applications. This technology comes being successfully tested in some residences in the parents and exterior. With the improvement of this technology and exceeding the barriers that will appear in the way, it will be able to revolutionize the connection to the Internet. The connection saw net electric will provide ample digital inclusion, making possible that all the houses that possess electric energy have a connection of quality to an accessible cost. He will be boarded also in this article the beginning of functioning of this new emergent technology, its limitations, empecilhos and also to detach its viability to be implanted in the residences, companies and too much localities. Word-Key: BPL.

PLC. Electric. Internet. Net ABSTRACT This article discusses the connection you the electrical Internet through power grid. This is new technology, but that has been studied will be many years and only recently gave satisfactory results in practical applications. Several This technology has been tested successfully on homes in the country and abroad. With the im-provement of this technology, and overcoming barriers that arise along the way, it could revolutionize the connection you the Internet. To power line connection will provide wide digital inclusion, enabling all households having electricity connection have quality at an affordable cost.

Also discuss in this article the working principle of this new emerging technology, its limitations, ob-stacles and also highlight its feasibility you be deployed in homes, businesses and to other locations. Keywords: BLP. PLC. Electric. Internet. Network. Multiplexing. 1.INTRODUO the idea of if using the half existing physicists already in the electric net for transmission of data for power lines is being conceived has much time.

Calibrated Steel Circle – And Application

Technique of calibration is simply, as an additive for polishing steel products with good surface and with small deviations in size. Dermot McCormack has compatible beliefs. Any calibrated steel including such as gauged wire, calibrated bars, range calibrated, calibrated square, hexagon calibrated, manufactured according to GOST 1051/73. According to this norm is made round, hexagon, square Calibrated wide range of steel grades and applications: the instrumental, structural steel, alloy and spring-resornoy, corrosion-resistant steel, ordinary carbon steel, heat-resistant. Calibration is done by drawing on the special equipment. The resulting calibrated rental demand in the future high-speed processing on equipment, equipment for punching and landing. The main calibrated range of customers are steel repair enterprises, as well as metal processing and manufacturing engineering companies. The accuracy and quality of the outer layer does not allow spend the extra machining of metal. Removing the scale increases when calibrating time interval of the metal parts made of calibrated steel.

Calibrated range is likely to be have a perfectly smooth, matt or bright surface. On such a surface there are no defects such as ledges and Zarubin. However, it assumes the presence of spiral-shaped marks formed during calibration, which do not lead to a decrease in oversight steel surface. Processing of the circle, hexagon, square calibrated gives a significant reduction in waste. By intention specialized client produce calibration of the surface of metal consisting of removal of the upper edge of the metal, boring and polishing. Special treatment of the upper layer is a circle. Calibrated steel GOST 1050-88 is made of k / steel directed to the manufacture of products in such industries in the engineering industry and automobile industry, construction, agro-industrial complex. Calibrated steel GOST 1050 allows for optimum rejection of standard sizes and finishes surface. Metal products produced in coils with thickness of 4 – 16 mm in diameter rods from 5 to 65 mm. Involved steels from 08 to 65, with resistance at the gap from 410 to 670 N / mm and 285 to 575 N / kvmm for heat-treated and hardened steel each.

Review Nokia

For who it is wild to test the new version of the operational system Symbian Anna, Nokia E6 without a doubt is an excellent option. This new software mainly came with the navigator web improved, beyond one better sincronia with widgets. The series and of Nokia already known by bringing models for the corporative world, came stuffed of functions that the day of the entrepreneur facilitates to the day, between them, one better synchronization with the tools Microsoft (Outlook, word, to power point and excel. The visualization is possible not alone but also the edition of these documents.) Widgets and the personalized shortcuts of Nokia E6 strategically had been thought to facilitate the access to the menu in what you really anger to use, keyboard qwerty and a screen touchscreen aid in the digitao and navigation for web. The access the Internet this guaranteed way Wi-Fi or for the net 3G of its operator, and you still can share this signal with other equipment that you have (That she catches signal wi-fi) since it nothing more is that one JoikuSpot