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Efficiency Fireplace Systems

If we take into account that cold fireplace brings to the sadness and anger, consider whether it is one of those things that becomes apparent uselessness immediately after purchase? On the power (heat) fireplace in the store, we hear the numbers of the order of 10-18 kW. ie sufficient to guarantee the heating home area of 100-200 sq.m. About the duration of burning – up to 8 hours in economy mode. It seems everything is fine – in fact, both these figures are cleverly built advertising lies. Operate at maximum capacity your wonderful fireplace will not very long – after its burning by contacting the warranty service will tell you that you are guilty. In addition, this mode Efficiency Fireplace is very far from the specified manufacturer.

At the same economical mode it will work happily ever after, but its power will be proportionally smaller. There is such a thing as' calorific fuel ', and in whatever device we do not burn it (fuel), this characteristic for ideal firewood approximately twice less than for diesel or gas. Comes better from that prescribed in relation snip. 10. The Legend of seasonality construction. This is partly true. But it applies only to the heating system, unnecessarily, for example, installation of heating systems of the modern plastic pipes can be carried out at temperatures not below +5 C. Yes, and filling heating systems water and made them run again only at positive temperatures inside the premises. Others kinds of construction works of modern technology allows year-round without being tied to the climate (the only restriction – no work outdoors at -20 C).

Constructing Tall Buildings

Application specific type of foundation for the construction of tall buildings requires a special calculation justification in view of features of interaction high-rise structures with a base set forth in Annex A. In turn, if choice of structural layout of the upper structure and method of load transfer on the foundation design should take into account the peculiarities of interaction with the base of the selected type of design. 3.4. Estimated rationale options for basements and underground part of the high-rise building, the definition of the basic parameters of the foundation design, a preliminary calculation of sediment and their uneven, bind to the local context, assessing the overall sustainability bases, etc. may be performed using not take into account the redistribution of loads nadfundamentnoy design engineering techniques outlined in snip 02/02/2001, mgsn 2.07, snip 02/02/2003, Instructions 21 sp 50-101 and sp 50-102. 3.5. Calculation system 'Nadfundamentnye design – the base – the base' should be done taking into account the sequence and construction technology building. On the other hand, the sequence of construction of various parts of the complex should be administered in such a way as to minimize adverse interaction of these parts through a compactor array.

3.6. In the calculations, bases, foundations and underground parts of tall buildings and structures should take into account the heterogeneity base in depth and in plan, as well as inelastic deformation of the soil and groundwater and materials structures in accordance with guidance snip 02/02/2001, sp 50-101, snip 02/03/2001. 3.7. At the design stage should be carried out comprehensive Calculations of the constructive scheme of the building, taking into account the rigidity nadfundamentnoy design and interaction design surface and underground parts of the high-rise buildings, basement and foundation.