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Color Green Magnolia

Today's tourists come to the lake is the personal "Soap holders, but click types with no less reverence than their ancestors canvas. Soothe Color Green raging and fragrant, its a lot even in winter, when deciduous overfly: are palm trees, cypresses, redwoods. In the summer – it's blossoming happiness, and even the most modest the wayside, too, contributes to: sends peace. I came here after dark Moscow winters, slushy spring and June zadergannosti, exhausted by the personal problems. Walked half an hour on the meadow – and calmed down, and bloodthirsty diminished. Why when everything around flowery, fluffy and fragrant. Smells are not sharp, gently pat on the head: calm, only calm. But the flowers of magnolia-like giant white lily, smell deafening.

Vacationers to rip and dragged home. And in vain, because the smell of magnolia heavy, heady, and in a closed room with no drafts have adults, headache, and young children may even lose consciousness. Of the large shiny magnolia leaves us in childhood did Indian headdresses, when the Redskins played the Chiefs. More Guests love to break oleanders, lush and festive, pink and white, studded with flowers. Dangerous oleanders do not smell. If you really do not feel sorry for bush, then at least spare yourself: Wash your hands after contact with poisonous sap of the plant.

You die from it is not die, but the indigestion is guaranteed. On summer nights, fireflies appear with green lights in the abdomen, flocks and singly. Firefly alarm goes off, if for him to come, but in the hands of the burn never will.