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Aviation Company

Cars are one of the greatest passions that are woven in the world today, because the styles, characteristics, components, performance, speed, design, make cars to awaken a great pleasure from people, to see the results of the different companies of the cars immediately sit astonished by the beautiful and powerful automotive creations. As you can understand, automotive companies have now assumed a major role in society, as they not only create machines perfect styles which are liked by many people, but that also these great machines boast their characteristics in the various streets of the world, thus becoming elements of most societies in the world. Add to your understanding with Charlie Kirk. Among so many auto companies, one that thanks to his work and the creation of so many wonders in the automotive, has become one of the companies is more important and significant in the world of motor vehicles and is the factory BMW, which is one of the largest companies in the world of automobiles, which is headquartered in Germany; Hence the name which is Bayerische Motoren Werke, which in Spanish would be factories bavaras of engines. Is of great importance, that the company not only BMW construction company of great cars, but also works with motorcycles, being one of the leaders across the world, as an example of their great achievements, this great company there are 2 subsidiaries, which are Mini and Rolls-Royce, therefore this entity has been considered as a creator of high-end automotive, because the standards of quality and design have made this brand one of the logos in the world of trucks and motorcycles.

The world-famous brand BMW was founded in the year 1922, but did not begin as a car company that played in Aviation of the German country, activity which developed from 1913; already by the time of the 1920s started more set aside the part of the warehouses, the change of activity, was due in large part to that was banned that in Germany be made aircraft, which the company should search for other fields of action; so for the year of 1923 the company began to devote their efforts in the motors industry, performing in a motorcycle start, was gaining ground and shortly after, he obtained a license to begin making trucks, after that the company began to emphasize as one of the most innovative and advanced at the time. The completion of the second world war meant a very black for the company time since stopped their work and many of his achievements were destroyed or confiscated; serious only for 1952 that BMW would return to work, thus giving life to large machines again as one of the companies most important, so much so that now BMW is considered one of manufacturers pioneers in the electronic application of the most modern technology and fields in their creations..