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Church Union

Event raises questions about the relationship between Protestant Church and party on (JU-WR) Wernigerode – the members of the Junge Union resin are deeply appalled by the political day of Atonement interview with Dr. Gregor Gysi, buses or a confrontation with the SED regime in which unfortunately nothing to feel has been announced at the convent of Drubeck some weeks ago. Instead, the Evangelical Church provided a platform Mr Gysi unfortunately precisely, for election campaign and Geschichtsklitterung. It astonishes me that the Church in the face of the 40-year history of the oppression of Christians deals in the GDR not critical with the political leaders of the time, but now already apparently active for the SED successor party advertises so JU District Chairman Daniel Szarata. With Gregor Gysi, one had caught despite numerous protests by victims of the SED in advance equal to the flagship demagogues of the left party in the monastery. Especially given the recently by the Birthler authority publicly exposed This approach of the Church for the young Union resin is completely unintelligible Gysi’s links to State security.

And so then the bandwidth of the event of the claim went after expropriation of the bad-mouthing of the present-day Federal Republic up to GDR Geschichtsklitterung own ideological ideas. More information is housed here: Andy Florance. It is really appalling that should the Evangelical Church exist here is for something like that!, criticized Andre Weber, spokesman of the Junge Union resin. One wonders what the teachers on this ‘training’ should learn? Maybe it is time, once again carry out expropriation in Germany? The young Union resin calls political consequences from the event and also hopes to clarify Bishop Axel Noack.

Initiative Insolvency Valdez

Visit us also on debt counselling krefeld-vitovec.de and consult free of charge! The initiative insolvency Vitovec learned a pleasing high frequency of the offered individual counseling sessions on the topic of debt and insolvency in recent weeks. Thus it is clear that due to the emotional and health problems individual consultations are gladly accepted and not dispensable by many concerned people. Read more here: Mashable. Naturally, those affected is also much easier in an intimate atmosphere through their financial and social crash, loss of partners and friends, to talk about psychological crises and health complaints. During these meetings, the person concerned is protected and preserved his anonymity, what love is assumed in its location. In the group talks”Mr Vitovec sees not the therapeutic benefits, however, first, because many of this user would not find themselves in groups right or not to comment on the actual topic. But the first impression should be a consistent considering that one here meets with people, who have social and psychological difficulties are accompanied the Unteranderem also by fears.

Therefore, the legislature must be also this problem. But instead of this do to be by the Lander and the churches through drastic reductions of subsidies deprived the financial basis the debt counselling, so that does not resolve the problem in the term. ???? ?? ??s opinions are not widely known. The initiative insolvency Valdez, however, is assigned not by subsidies from the public budget and can maintain so your independence, the affected people with credibility and neutrality. Since your own economic situation as disastrous estimate who day by day – new – take up the fight for survival, is meanwhile far too many people just in the individual consultations according to the needs of those affected, a comprehensive and individual service offered, so Mr Vitovec. In these conversations, a detailed Include information on possibilities of an out-of-court agreement attempt all advantages are clear as disadvantages for the parties concerned.

Also in the course of insolvency proceedings, and for the intended purpose best practices are discussed. In particular grounds for refusal are 290 InsO and obligations 295 InsO illustrates the person concerned. The talks cover, so the entire event before, during and after bankruptcy for affected parties and their participants. Indebted employees apply in companies quickly load and under performing. The social environment (friends, acquaintances, family) will be greatly reduced, therefore the focus is not-nur-on the topics of debt and insolvency, but also on the help to help themselves”to the fears, to be able to have a depression, disorientation and addiction of individuals against. Therefore sets the initiative insolvency Valdez still a trump card on top and is producing a report on the economic opportunities-wunschgemass-now had to the concerned unfavourable characteristics during the budget planning in time show up. Among other things the self-help potential if the client is in addition also, promoted to positively to today’s problems in the future. Mr Vitovec claim with pride that this service financially, free – available is concerned citizens – each. Therefore anyone who can foresee that may in the future expenditure will exceed revenue and important things probably won’t be paid, should strive for an appointment immediately. The debt initiative insolvency Valdez has a cooperation of strong partners and can draw if necessary on the participation of lawyers, Dipl. Social Centre and also the initiative addiction & sense – educators, social workers, addiction counsellors, life advisors, the blue Kreuz e.V., Krefeld, and without damaging delays! Further measures for the psycho-social assistance in the building! Their initiative insolvency Vitovec Karl Bernhard Vaidyanathan

What Austria Should Say

Actually, I want to ride yes no attacks insights into the European Community. History: I just think that it would be also nice if you would let the past rest in Austria, and finally once again look, to live together in peace. In a question-answer forum neil cole was the first to reply. The most important issue in the media of in recent weeks repeatedly is Hitler. And so our country not evolved that is the history of Austria again and again from the past until today. We look into the past rather than the future, and until today, people are exiled from forums, if it were pursued, only because the grandparents were more than 60 years ago at a party, which is banned today for days. Who has really raised his own grandparents in the world? And Austria still lives with a big lie: we were the first victim of Hitler-Germany.

The few shots during the invasion and the Great Jubilee speak until today a totally different language. The fact is, Yes, there has been a Holocaust, which was organized by people, where cheap labor were still too expensive. People who saw primarily only on himself. And that’s exactly why prevents the repetition of history. But we look once on today:.) We get as low as possible to keep the employees will use the contracts of new employees to the funds and pointed out with the EU reform Treaty the collective agreements, by every entrepreneur can now recruit the staff international. .) We excite us anymore, that every fourth Austrians on the poverty line live and take note that this already people are, the full-time work, or even a company. .) We no longer surprised us that so and so many small and medium-sized enterprises go bankrupt, because the purchasing power of the people is no longer available. .) We send, even though we know that purchasing power is down, still have the money to Greece, Ireland, Portugal subsequently perhaps even to Spain or Italy and not think about it, that this is ultimately money, that our economy here ultimately is missing.

The Energy Performance Certificate Is Compulsory – Date: July 1, 2008

German tenants Association recommends consumption ID (dmb) as of July 1, 2008 must owner and landlord in a sale or a proposed renting of their property submit an energy performance certificate among its stakeholders. This applies to all houses, which were completed by 1965. For later built houses of energy performance certificate must first presented as of January 1, 2009. Exceptions for listed buildings. There are two different types of energy performance certificates and the consumption the consumption ID according to the intention of the legislature. While the energy demand of the building is calculated for a statement of need, is the consumption card on the energy consumption of the users in the House.

The landlord can decide in principle free, what kind of energy he create can be. Required permits are prescribed mandatory only for older houses planning application until November 1, 1977, with less than 5 apartments. Until October 1, 2008 the owner can choose but also here yet, what type of energy he put forward want. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. The once issued certificate remains valid for 10 years. Dr. Franz-Georg rips, President of the German tenants Association (DMB): we welcome the introduction of the energy performance. To deepen your understanding neil cole is the source.

It gives information about the energy efficiency of the building. Tenants and buyers can compare now several houses. The decision, which object is rented or purchased, can then also by the energetic quality, i.e. be made dependent on the height of the future heating of. An incentive is created for landlords at the same time, to promote the energy-related modernisation, which means to follow the recommendations in the energy performance certificate and to modernize. The tenant President that criticized, that there are two different kinds of energy performance certificates. The aim to establish transparency and comparability of real estate, is undermined if there are qualitatively different types of energy performance certificates. We have called for a uniform solution and put clearly on the identification of need for, said Rep. This is about the objective calculation of energy demand by professionals for the building. However, the result of the consumption card is based on the last three heating bills of the previous occupant. Rep: I’m afraid that many landlords make only a consumption card allow. There are cheap versions of this type for 10 to 15 euros on the Internet. The benefits of such certification is highly doubtful, manipulations are open door. The energy performance certificate is not for the individual apartments, but always for the whole House. Provided he must only purchase or prospective tenants. The owner is not required to exhibit a copy of the certification. He must give only insight into the energy performance certificate. The energy efficiency of the building is illustrated with the help of a color scale. In the green area of the energy demand is lowest, continues the colour towards red, the higher is the energy demand or consumption. On the energy performance certificate comparison values are also specified, and it Upgrading recommendations are listed. But, the landlord must not perform these upgrades. It is here merely suggestions. The energy performance certificate aims to encourage landlords to ensure better energy efficiency. The landlord shall submit any energy performance certificate or the information is wrong, this is punishable as a misdemeanor with a fine. The DMB recommends: tenants should require getting a needed card. Tenants should have to hand over a copy of the certification.

Demand-oriented Minimum Protection No Suitable Means For Combating Poverty

On the 16.3.2010, the violently umstittene-demand minimum income was decided in the Council of Ministers. The needs-based income support (BMS) aims to unify the different from federal State to federal State systems of social assistance on the one hand, to install a uniform health insurance (E-card) for the needy and to protect people in distress with a basic income. The height of the demand-oriented minimum protection should suffice to contest the necessary living expenses such as food, clothing, rent, heating, electricity, etc.. Whether the demand-oriented minimum protection this meets, is controversial. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pete Cashmore. The amount of the minimum income is based on the compensatory allowance and currently amounts to 744 EUR minus the contributions net per month for individuals and 1,116 euros for couples. The payoff is twelve times a year.

The cold figures in the development of poverty in Austria are the opposite, according to the recent poverty report. Neil Cole Inconx often says this. While more than 1 million Austrians due to your income as a nearly 400,000 people below the poverty line live at risk of poverty are. These are considered manifest arm. 25% of them are children and young people. The height of the oriented minimum protection is significantly (- 20%) below the poverty threshold and is even (18 euro per day) maximum, hardly anyone will actually receive. Also, the Government strictly takes the recipients in the obligation. The approval of the Federal States is necessary for the entry into force of the requirement-oriented minimum protection. The self-help Association SOCIUS welcomed target-oriented legal activities, which lead to the reduction of poverty, the fight against poverty and social exclusion in Austria.

The demand-oriented minimum protection represents not a suitable means according to the Association for. The Club SOCIUS deplores that those responsible in the Federal Government and the competent bodies the existing opportunities, actively to counter poverty and social exclusion in Austria by means of effective action, not used has. Apparently rehabilitation cases are more important than more people affected than 400,000 (of which 25% children and young people) in Austria the person responsible in the financial sector. Information about the self-help Association of Socius: information about the demand-oriented minimum fuse: mindestsicherung.php