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Feudal System

According to Martins, ' ' this book has left of the beginning of that sociology it is the result of an attempt of understanding of radically new social situations, created for then the rising society capitalista' '. The objective of this new science is to understand the changes that the society comes suffering in the diverse phases of the capitalist system. In as the item, called ' ' First chapter: Surgimento' ' , the author if dedicates to explain the origin of sociology, considering the historical context and the diverse factors that make possible its formation. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dermot McCormack and gain more knowledge.. Sociology appears in modernity, however it is not a purely modern movement. To understand it, one becomes necessary to analyze a series of factors.

It appears in the end of the Average Age and beginning of the Modern Age, in a period of transistion of the Feudal System for the Capitalist System and its creation is not atrelada only a philosopher or scientist, being, in the truth, the representation of a set of thoughts of some intellectuals who if had given to try to understand this new society that presents unknown characteristics in the history of the humanity, such which the awareness on the part of the oppressed classrooms of its basic importance in the process of economic production, the recognition of some of the basic rights of the proletariat by means of strikes, debates and even though revolutions, among others. The word sociology, affirms the author, appears only in 1830. However, they had been the events provoked for the double revolution (industrial and Frenchman) they had stimulated that it had made and it necessary. The Industrial Revolution meant much more that the sprouting of machines and the surprising capacity of large-scale production of these. At Byron Trott you will find additional information. It represents, also, the substitution of the man for the machine, the agricultural evasion, precarious conditions of work, beyond the infantile work, between innumerable other curses.

Michel Foucault

As being resultant of its analysis, the proposal foucautiana is not the formularization of a new conception of being able, but an analytical one of the power, and is on the basis of the same one that it is allowed to clarify on power to the devices, also of the sexuality, Sees what Michel Foucault says: The idea of what it exists, in one determined place, or emanated of one determined point, something that is a power, me she seems established in a enganosa analysis and that, in all in case that, not of the account of a considerable number of phenomena. In the reality the power is a beam of relations more or less organized, more or less piramidializado, more or less co-ordinated. Therefore, the problem is not to constitute a theory of the power that would have for function to make what a Boulainvilliers or a Rousseau had wanted to make. (FOUCAULT, 1979, P. 248) the problematic one is not in the constitution of a theory of the power, as some philosophers had considered (Rousseau, Boulainvilliers, Hobbes), but is necessary that it characterizes the power as something who appeared in a specific place and one determined moment. In this way it deduces that the power is something opened, that it involves coordinate relations. Being thus, what if it can make is an analytical one of the relations of being able.

The BIOPODER AND the POWER TO DISCIPLINE the analysis of the power in Michel Foucault if find mainly in its books History of Sexuality I (Will of Saber/1976) and To watch and To punish (1987). Presenting the forms of the modern power, biopoder while regulation technology on ' ' populao' '. Modernity inaugurates a conception of being able, where if it has a direct bonding with the control on the life (perspective biological) of the individuals, power this whose legitimacy is not more the classic conception, where if believes the sovereign exercise of the power (absolute), but in the control or regulation of the life and this is the field of biopoder.


Ethics the Nicmaco., VIII, 3, 1156 b, 30-35). From this definition of – the emphasis in Real to feel, where we can stand out the presence of feelings and values that give meant to the presence of the friendship in the life of that they surround in them, and not only to the use of the expression ' ' mine amigo' ' to direct it people with which no personal bond is not had or that badly she knows (the trivializao of the concept) and without feeling some. Opposing such theories of the significao of the human relationship and the friendship, she is born the individualism and isolation before the technological society as previously mentioned. Possible ' ' antdoto' ' for these males modern is exactly the friends and the company according to aristotelian theories, when the value of the friendship standes out as important virtue and for the life of the people, being this the central idea of Book VIII of Ethics the Nicmaco. We live at a moment where the world of ciberespao seems showing in them that it is possible to live in isolation. The people are if relating in virtual communities from the sprouting of the new technologies of communication. The synthetic society, thought, the love through the cybernetics.

(Grifo ours). The relationships are declining since that the new technologies are part of daily ' ' humano' '. But, in accordance with Aristotle, the technological prosperity does not supply and nor substitutes the gap of the relations human beings in its deeper direction: (…) in fact, of that he would serve as much prosperity without the chance to make the good, if this if manifest, over all and in its more praiseworthy relation with the friends? Or then, as if he can keep and safeguard the prosperity without friends? How much bigger it will be, more danger will run.