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Valencian Parliament

Incidents outside Parliament by the protest of the outraged have resulted in four detainees and eight policemen injured minor by bruises. Deputy Luis Felipe Martinez said that a demonstration not convened or authorized is illegal and the police have an obligation to fulfil its duty. Esquerra Unida has requested the resignation of the Government delegate in Valencia, Ana Botella, unjustified considering the performance. Police intervention together with the Valencian Parliament after protest from the outraged from the 15-M has resulted in four people arrested and eight policemen slightly wounded by bruises, according to the Deputy of the Government, Luis Felipe Martinez, that has dndido the actions of the agents by their professionalism and responsibility. One of these agents has received an impact in the face with a pair of scissors during a struggle occurred when a group of people has gone up several agents to stop one concentrates that had begun to assaulting a police officer, According to sources of the national police.

This incident has been the origin of the confrontation, as it has indicated the Deputy of the Government, which has explained that the police was trying to trying to ensure the rights of members and demonstrators. Faced with the authority of one of the detainees, who have subsequently been released, has tried to remove some billboards of the security perimeter established in the vicinity of the camera, and four others have been arrested by oppose or confront the authority. The Deputy reminded that a demonstration not convened or authorized is illegal and the police have an obligation to fulfil its duty, and pointed out that express at Les Corts when they are gathered is a crime, as well as prevent the passage of members. MARTINEZ said that the police has tried to ensure the rights of all, but the disorder cannot be tolerated, and regretted what happened to the wounded while attempting to exceed the security fence. Also, He asked understanding towards the police officers who are doing a prudent and very good, according to Martinez, which has ensured that there has been a police charge nor attempted to disperse concentrates and the action of the police is the minimum that has been done. Unjustified interference on your part, the Coordinator and spokesman for Esquerra Unida in Les Corts Valencianes, Marga Sanz, has called for the resignation of the Government delegate in Valencia, Ana Botella, considering that police intervention against protesters of the movement 15 – M against the Regional Chamber has been unwarranted.

Sanz has made these statements during his visit to the police station of sappers, which has moved the EU leader to be interested by the detainees. EU spokeswoman has called the resignation before such serious facts and a police intervention that considers entirely unjustified, since, he said, has not been provocations. There have been situations of tension but not for an attack like that, in his view, it has been against members of the 15-M movement, which until now had managed with an important balance and ran along a peaceful path.

Fastest Computer

A supercomputer from Fujitsu ctuo 8,160 trillion operations per second. It is still in development and about 975 million euros have been invested. It will be allocated to the calculation of predictions of climate change. A supercomputer manufactured by the Japanese company Fujitsu has become the fastest computer in the world, according to the TOP500 ranking, prepared by German and American universities and collected by the Nikkei newspaper. The list of fastest computers on the planet, ctuada two times a year, crowned the Nippon computer, baptized as K and still under development, as the fastest. The supercomputer from Fujitsu, created in collaboration with the Japan Research Institute of Riken, was capable of ctuar 8,160 trillion operations per second, more than triple the one considered the fastest in the previous classification, the Chinese Tianhe-1A.

The K project has an investment of nearly 112,000 billion yen (975 million euros) and is expected to be allocated to the calculation of climate change predictions, explained for his part the Kyodo Agency. The prize Nobel in chemistry 2001 and President of the Institute, Riken, Ryiji Noyori, assured that it is in the fields of science and technology in which Japan can show its strength. With the recognition of this edition of the TOP500, Japan was placed for the first time in the last seven years at the top of a classification that has historically dominated together with EE UU, but in recent editions has seen increased competition from China and the India. Source of the news: the world’s fastest computer is now in Japan, according to the TOP500 list