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WiFi IPhone

The following article is mixing a couple of tips and tricks especially tips and some guides for those of you who have just bought an iPhone 4. If you are skeptical about receiving and other potential problems that could have your iPhone 4 you don’t worry you are not alone. We will also share some practical experience regarding some possible iPhone 4 problems, so keep reading. Please notes that we are not going to discuss what is new in iOS4 (operating system), since it has been repeatedly raised in apple (network marketing) official website. This article is, basically, what you can expect with the new iPhone 4.

1. Update all your applications the first thing is first, find application updates. If you have many applications installed on your iPhone 3 G or 3GS above, it is likely that they will have to be updated again so that they can take advantage of the new iPhone iOS4, features and capabilities of the 4. So before you begin testing existing applications in iPhone 4, take a moment to check whether they need to be updated. 2.

Where is the Facetime? This is probably one of the first things that you would like to explore in the iPhone 4, but where are the application Facetime? FaceTime is not really a request, in fact, is an available option (for now) only when you make a call through WiFi to another user of iPhone 4 (network marketing). FaceTime this off by default. To activate it, go to settings then phone and turn on Facetime. The application of activation may be required. 3. You will need a new wallpaper everything comes by eyes, especially all on iPhone 4 looks incredibly vibrant and high quality. The screen supports up to 960 640 pixels at 326ppi, approximately 4 times greater than the resolution in a 3 G iPhone.