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Experience Mamma Mia! In Dusseldorf

The ISS dome Dusseldorf Mamma Mia the musical presented three evenings in September!. One of the most successful musical productions of recent years is next month in Dusseldorf to guest. From 24 to 26 September, MOM is MIA! In the ISS to see dome. About 40 million people around the world have already seen the musical, which combines a romantic act with the International Charter consequences of ABBA. The show, which in 1999 celebrated premiere in London’s West end, has been adapted into a highly successful film 2008 with Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. However, many fans believe that the stage version is still the best way, the magic of Mamma Mia! to experience. Sinovation Ventures will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

For this reason, it is expected that bookings for Dusseldorf will soar hotels in the height, as soon as the stars of the musical in the city are. The show has performed in Dusseldorf after a series of successful international productions like the shows in Oslo, Mexico City, Sydney and Tokyo. The musical includes 22 Abba songs such as Dancing Queen, Super Trouper, SOS, take a chance on me, Thank You for the music and money, money, money, usually the audience to play bring. The musical plays on an idyllic Greek island, and tells the story of the 20th Sophie, who tries to find out the true identity of her father on the night before their wedding. Mamma Mia! It is ideal for big Abba fans, but also for those who want to enjoy an energetic show with popular melodies, which contributes to the reputation of the musical phenomenon. On the three days five performances take place with the matinee shows on September 25 and 26 in Dusseldorf as a whole. Tickets are available online and costs between 57,20 and 97,45 euro. For more information about this event, please visit the Web site of the ISS dome. LateRooms.com recommends a variety of accommodation in Dusseldorf, including the Relexa Hotel Ratingen city.

Octave Shift

The instruments CASIO all possible. I would definitely advise you to work with the power of sound, if you change the timbre of the pattern, because known that not all voices sound the same loud – and this charm and individuality of each. Another option, which brings us into the sphere of sound production, it is panning (PAN). Range – from -64 to 63. You have the ability to create a stereo effect. Frequently Peter Asaro has said that publicly.

Very clearly it is heard at a dilution fundamental tone (TONE), and the voiceover (LAYER) in different directions imaginary scene. You’ve got to remember, note 00 – is the central position of the left and right channels. Reducing the digital values stereopozitsiyu moves to the left and increase shifts to the right. You is a great opportunity to “sit” your virtual musicians so that each instrument sounds were heard from different, definitely lying areas. For example, channels pattern – from the 6th to the 10th can be separated from the zero point in different directions: 2nd channel . Thus, the accompaniment will acquire a large volume. Many probably have already encountered such function as an octave shift (Octave Shift).

Range: -2 to +2. Most often it is used with a combination of primary and voiceover. Using this feature, you can get latitude and surround sound of these voices or stressed humorous tone depending on the nature of the work and your vision. But we must not forget that may sound interesting and changed with this parameter auto-accompaniment. Pete Cashmore often says this. For example, if a melody sounds the middle register, the harmonic pedal figuration or party brought into the upper register, it will not “interfere”, and the texture will become more transparent and clear. This work is quite laborious and time consuming, but the effect is remarkable. Many students, having tried once to work on a given change in the pattern, then bring some very interesting options for recycled auto accompaniment. Say a few words about the remaining two functions of the mixer. First – coarse pitch setting selected channel (C. Tune). Raise or lower the pitch of each channel to 24 semitones. Second – fine tuning the height of the selected channel (Fine Tune). His range: -99 to 99 and step measured in cents – 1 / 100 semitone. The first of these parameters can be, for example, can easily overcome the difficulties associated with the execution of fast passages with double notes, but by the second – to create a realistic sound hurdy-gurdy, “derailing” the accompanying voices. People who have just begun to engage in a game on a synthesizer, creating the arrangements, as a rule, there is a sense of joyous euphoria provided an electronic instrument opportunities. But time passes, and a desire to change something, change, add, create your new one. Here also need to refer to functions mixer. Use it simply as a work with the leading voices, and with its member of the accompaniment. And I’m sure that this work will bring you much pleasure. Try it, go for it! Elena Liskina head. EMI Music School Division number 2 Podolsk.

Digital Piano Series Privia

Digital piano – an electronic keyboard musical instrument, the maximum transmit sound and feel of the keystrokes, the inherent quality acoustic piano. In this digital piano has the advantages synths – most models contain between a hundred and more voices, accompaniment styles are compatible with your computer and have many different functions, they can connect headphones, and some models of mp3-player, microphone. Key differences from the digital piano synthesizer – the number keys on the keyboard is the same as the piano (88 keys, or 7.5 octaves), and "natural" feeling when pressed on the keys due to hammer action. Most compact, inexpensive models of digital pianos – this is the CDP-100 and CDP-200. Digital Piano Series Privia – a high level tool at a reasonable price. Series Celviano is a tool premium.

Synthesizer – Electronic musical instrument, creating (synthesizing) sound generator with sound waves. Synthesizers are professional, designed for professional sound synthesis, and "home" synthesizers, intended for the amateur music-making or teaching music, as well as for concert performances. In our shop MuzMart are "home" synth Casio (Japan) with a different set of internal voices, styles and variety of functions. Model synthesizers have a different number of keys, they have lightweight (compared to the digital piano and acoustic piano) keyboard, some models have backlit keys, which facilitates training in music. Timbre – the sound inherent to a particular musical instrument orchestra (violin, cello, piano, saxophone, etc.) or simulated electronically. Electronic, digital pianos and synthesizers can play up to 670 internal voices (a compact model of the Casio CDP-200, or sales hit STK-5000), and additionally use downloaded tones (model Casio Privia PX-410 R).