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LTeX Women

The lingerie is a symbol of women. It means a piece of freedom. The word actually comes from France lingerie. It stands for the German word “Lower”. This word is also common in Germany but one also speaks of sexy underwear.

Lingerie identified garments that are worn to sexually excite the partner. This type of garment is very popular with men. Therefore, women know exactly how they get dressed compared to men. Sexy underwear made from special materials, are the very much seen in women. The materials are E.g. made of satin, Lycra and velvet.

These materials are applied mainly in very expensive garments. Furthermore, they are perceived as erotisierend. Why like sexy underwear the men? Only one man knows the answer. The sexy short cuts are likely. Nowadays there are also sexy underwear for men, but the demand for women sexy underwear is of course higher… The most irritable washes are red. The However, manufacturers are also very creative in this regard. The last models are colorful. As it is known is the color red for love. They want to intensify the women by sexy underwear… Each high-quality lingerie has been processed in great detail. What features have sexy underwear and why women wear such a thing? Today, the function of the lingerie goes beyond. Experts agree that lingerie for more than just laundry is viewed. . Women wear to seduce your partner. What parts are there lingerie? Sexy underwear actually consists of at least two parts. They can fit together or not. Often, the two parts have the same color. A good alternative would be to combine also matching colors. The two parts are bra and panties. The two parts that make up the classic lingerie, consist mostly of cotton. For extreme lingerie fans are also other materials such as paint or LTeX. The materials of lace and net fabrics are also a good combination. Of course a combination of different substances a possibility to develop new lingerie.

Delightful Design At CIRO

CIROs Office opening date was the sign of celebration with friends invited CIRO to cozy get together in the Annagasse on 9 November and presented in addition to insights into the in-house art and up-to-the-minute collection pieces also its head designer Claudia Stuhlhofer. Affordable luxury design goldsmiths quality: this is the unique core of CIROs long-standing success story. The latest chapter in this ongoing jewelry history is now written in its new headquarters near Vienna Karntner Strasse. CIRO had it therefore not take to celebrate the festive opening ceremony in the Annagasse together with selected customers and friends of the House. The event was accompanied by Rudiger Leopold, CIROs specialist for 3D modeling, who gave an informative insight into the practical formation of the jewels. For even more analysis, hear from Mashable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pete Cashmore and gain more knowledge.. Head designer Claudia Stuhlhofer (renowned operating includes among others works for Hermes and Villeroy & Boch) devoted a press conference advance the trends and visions for 2012. In addition, the successful designer of Graz was interested guests answer. The date the design was rounded off”by a one-time CIRO collection presentation, as well as the opportunity to learn the craft of weaving beads and-reinigens exclusively.

Who now also want to discover the special world of CIRO, is invited to bring the festive season in one of the two Viennese flagship stores (Karntner Strasse and Danube Centre) to the glitter. The pretty come together have been spotted: Thomas Bernd (GF Vienna workshops), Mario Galler (partner CIRO), Yoan Gonfond (stylist), Elisabeth Koller Gall (GF CIRO), Thomas Koller (managing partner CIRO), Pia Maria Krebs (vienna legal group lawyer), Regina macho (Organization Kaiserball), Odo Mischitz (stylist), Eva Mandl (GF sky-high PR), Reinhard Neussner (Publisher flair), Eva Prader (GF business exchange), Martina Reinhart (artist), Monika apparent East (Marketing Director Hofburg), Elisabeth contactor (event Manager first Bank), Claudia Stuhlhofer (CIRO Designer) Herbert circulation (Publisher of styles magazine), Katrin Veigl (Marketing Director CIRO), and much more. About CIRO CIRO is a traditional, Austrian Designschmuckunternehmen with a feeling for that certain something. The collections are outfitted with timelessness, elegance and red carpet feeling. Through the combination of tradition and modernity, CIRO together classic jewellery with international, current fashion trends. You will find here all information around the jewelry production. You can find pictures of the current collection under: dl.dropbox.com/u/7752958/CIRO%20WinterSchmuckkollektion%2B%20Ballspecials.zip images (printing free): CIRO / photos (1-3): Claudio Farkasch image 1 (vnlr.): Elisabeth Koller Gall (GF CIRO), Claudia Stuhlhofer (designer CIRO)

Original Ayrton Senna By McGregor Sportswear In The McGregor Shop Now Available

In this year the icon of Motorsports 50 would have been Ayrton Berlin, Savic, 23.11.2010 – Senna, still fastest racer of in history, would have been this year fifty and remains the icon of motorsports. The McGregor fashion group brings to the 50th birthday of the F1 world champions 1988, 1990 and 1991 the exclusive Ayrton Senna collection 2010 “out. As consistently as Senna’s driving style, the design of the new McGregor is line: first-rate materials meet very high quality embroidered lettering combined with special anniversary viewings. The new collection is applied immediately in the McGregor online shop of the high-fashion brand. Senna had his first start in his homeland at the Grand Prix of Brazil in 1984. Since then, he played in 1994 a total of 161 major prizes for the teams Toleman, Lotus, Williams and McLaren, with which he celebrated his largest success until his last race at the Grand Prix of San Marino. The Magic”, as Ayrton Senna was called by fans because of his professional driving in the rain, reached 41 WINS, 65 pole positions and 19 fastest laps during his pilot career. On the circuit of Imola he died at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 at the age of just 34 years.

On the occasion of the 50th birthday of which pays tribute to Senna, racing legend McGregor the services of triple world champion with the new Ayrton Senna race legend collection. This impresses with sporty design on right track: whether McGregor Turbo jacket, PitStop or red flag Polo, Tri Power T-Shirt or kick down hooded vest with hood, as well as bags and caps the extensive McGregor Ayrton Senna collection brings formula one feeling even in the smallest side street. She is immediately selected McGregor shops as well as in the McGregor online shop under McGregorStore.com available. In the McGregor online shop, lovers of the Anglo-American style and exclusive high quality fashion find all current collections of the brand for ladies, men and juniors. From the trendy sportswear line with Rugby up to fashionable cardigans, blazers, Polos, sweaters and blouses for women and an own junior collection. In addition, collection in the McGregor of E-store at is run the business and distinction line for men in the Italian style, as well as an own footwear and accessories.