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Mandarin Chinese

Unfortunately this makes China one of the most bystrostareyuschih countries. / / – Actually there are many nuances, such as for cities, this policy works, whereas for the countryside is not always the case. There are also various "favors" for minorities, which are a dime a dozen in China. In China, for men aged 18 to 22 years is a mandatory two-year military service. . The women of the same age group are encouraged to carry out various military tasks. Michael Dell may find it difficult to be quoted properly. / / – In practice, turns out quite differently, and sometimes the competition in the military is much higher than at the university. The largest portion of the population are Chinese "Han". Mandarin Chinese is the official language in the country.

However, China is inhabited by 55 other people, communicating a 206 languages. Renmin ribao, also known as the People's Daily is the largest formal publication. Tiananmen Square (Tienanmen) the greatest place in the world holding various demonstrations and performances, and the Three Gorges dam, located in China – the world's largest dam. Useful information about civilization – one of several ancient civilizations, which has its own script. In the Chinese language for more than 20 thousand characters.

The average Chinese person in my life time to learn all 5 th / / – if you went to the tower, then all 9.8! Sichuan province was discovered more than 100 dinosaur fossils. Was found chetyrehkryly dinosaur – Theropoda alleged a lack of transition between dinosaurs and birds. Dynasty Emperor Pu Yi, and was the last Emperor of China 1908-1912.