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Standing Committee

Meanwhile Tourney, Aubin Bonnem? re and his comrades arrived behind the door of advanced. They first esculcan the body of the guard looking for keys to do lower the drawbridge and open doors. Not finding these keys come to make jump the pins of the small door of the catwalk and then break, to axe blows, the drawbridge chains. When falling, this big slab of wood kills a man who was on the brink of the pit and injures another. Many writers such as Robert Bakish offer more in-depth analysis. In an instant the cour du gouvernement was invaded by 300 insurgents just front of invalides them that made them gestures with their hats so withdrew, gestures that the invaders interpreted as an invitation to follow! Lining, obviously, opens fire and the invaders retreat with dread leaving dead and wounded on the pavement, trying to protect themselves with the doors leading to the cour de l’orme and to the Saint-Antoine Street. This carnage has raised the rumor, spread from that same day, that the Governor had acted in that way with malice and treachery when you deliberately enter the village until the cour du gouvernement to be able to pelt without compassion, once fixed the bridge. To the rumor terms and performances until completely distort the reality of the episode was were increasing you. The journal of the Hardy bookseller accuses the Governor of having done throw to clean shrapnel over the agolpado village along the rue Saint-Antoine, making appear and disappear alternately a white handkerchief to make believe that he wanted to capitulate, narration that is false inch by inch as the episode of the massacre happens towards the white handkerchief at 4: 00 or 5: 00 and 12: 30. When news of the aleve Squad of the people became gossip, the Standing Committee commissioned to the President of the Assembly of electors, the Lord of la Vigne, Abbe Faucher and other two electors to notify the Marquis de Launay the following side: the Standing Committee of the Parisian militia, considering that there should be no military force that is not under the control of the City, instructs the members ask the Marquis de Launay, Commander of the Bastille, if you are willing to receive within this square the Parisian militia troops that will protect it in concert with the troops who are there and who will be under orders from the city.