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In summary, define the objectives requires us to work more orderly and professional manner, gives us guidelines to follow and prepares the way for a productivity-focused design, with this, we always know and do. 5. Be organized: Again this has to do with the objective of your website is functional and designed primarily for users, but beyond that applies also to the care that must be kept at the time of devising the very structuring of the page web, in other words, me for example, always do a preliminary sketch of all parties to form the page, structure and layout gerargica. A summary table or concept map will be helpful, I see as my fellow web development department always used to sort the entire contents of the page. This is very important because we will not go so improvising as we go live, but what we want, resulting in a more professional and fast work. One last thing: Put everything where you can see. 6. Samsung may not feel the same.

Learn the basics of sailing: “People hate to wait b-People hate to scroll c-d People hate reading “People prefer to scroll than to wait and” People prefer to wait to read. c-The people are not necessarily rational or consistent, but sometimes yes. 7. Search references: Easy, get a few pages as mostertemplates. 4templates com. com and search for, find and locate, then copy and then make your own designs, I have done and always is. You learn a lot by seeing but more doing, so you do not run in just looking at the referrals. 8.

Choose the subject matter very well: In this there is much to say. . . is not the same a website for a fashion aesthetic to a website for a buffet of lawyers, and are worth the same colors as a website to a pet store to a wedding photographer. 9. Define the width of the page: A basic step would be to recommend 640 x 480 pixels for screens 13 to 15 inches, and that this resolution will ensure your page will look in all the current screens, however, for convenience and with the advent of high-resolution LCD monitors are usually have a measure of 800 x 600 pixels, which has become the standard. 10. The use of tables and css: If you are someone who is starting I recommend that lay out your web pages using tables, because it’s easier if you are more expert, css perfeccionate language. This is me, David A. C: I love to teach and learn what others can teach me, I love art, design and everything related to the internet. Visit me at and learn more about.

Digital Napier

a It was only in 1614, when a Scotsman named John Napier published first l table of logarithms, which it uses to simplify and expedite the calculations. The logs were very useful and significantly simplified many calculations, to multiply joined the logarithms of the numbers have multiplied, subtracted to divide and multiply to compute power. Once the calculations made, simply find the antilog of the result and get the solution. The antilog tables are searched in the same way they look in the tables of logarithms. This meant we had to calculate logarithms to make the tables, and therefore also had to perform many calculations.

1. 620, Edmund Gunther invented a formula to use logarithms in a more simple but not so accurate. This involved placing the logs on a straight and multiplications and divisions were made by adding or subtracting segments through a pair of dividers. This is known as the Gunther method, some time after William Oughtred used two sliding scales that called slide rules. The scales of the slide rule graduating as the logarithms of the quantities to be calculated. To read more click here: Josh Harris. a In the seventeenth century there was a division between analog and digital calculators. Found by those who used the slide rule and analog, and that the values obtained with this approximate and Digital were those who used the abacus, since the calculations were performed with this accurate and independent of its physical dimensions, the size of accounts, or the length of the wires. a The slide rule analog computer has been a great success, until in the seventies was replaced by electronic calculators.

a The same inventor of logarithms, John Napier, invented a mechanical device that also called Napier’s bones by the similarity that these were the bones and they were constructed of such material. These devices became very accurate and very economical. Napier also introduced the decimal point, which is used even today to separate the decimal integers. a 1. 4 gear mechanism. Pascal and Leibnitz. The inventor and painter Leonardo Da Vinci, was the one who drew the ideas for a mechanical adding machine. A century and a half after the French mathematician and philosopher of just 19 years old named Blaise Pascal, invented and built in the seventeenth century a mechanism.

MegBytes Computer

Hello good day, a greeting to all the followers of this blog, I think that on this occasion if you let them rest a few days, but already I am back after a project is complete (the development of a web page). Already at another time I show what I do apart from, but by ah ora we will close the data storage issue with today’s post. As well have seen the binary system as the way to cream of communicates the computer, we also saw how to measure storage capacity and in this post we will review the storage capacity that have some devices and the same computer. Since the beginning of computing have existed any or units as otherwise say it to save or store data from punched cards, up to sophisticated technology developed for this purpose. Viacom is likely to increase your knowledge. Devices that we have seen previously within the Hardware item corresponding to the storage devices have much to do with the topic of this post by the following; all devices that have the function of storing information and data have a certain ability each one of them, this capability is determined by the number of GigBytes (GB), MegBytes (MB) Etc, with account device in question from there depends on the amount of documents, images, songs, presentations, designs, drawings, games Etc can be stored. So we will try to describe one to one storage devices and display by way of comparison the difference of storage that exists between each of these devices. This is important to know because we will understand clearly the features of a computer or storage device, know what your storage capacity, that is very common to find plenty of advertising which describes these measures of capacity. The memory Ram will begin by computer Ram memory capacity (see post a computer Hardware) since it also uses the measures of capacity, and although we as users do not manipulate it directly by be placed on the card mother and this in turn installed on the inside of the Cabinet is important to know that it has some ability and is also indispensable part because it interferes in all processes that takes place the computer, and also at the time of making the choice for a purchase is necessary that has memory capacity and possible expansion capability will have in the future.