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“What is blogging?” you ask. “Where have you been?” I reply … just kidding, of course. Blogger has been around for a while but there are still some of us who are starting on it. A blog, which is an abbreviated version of the words “web log”, is basically an online journal, resources and commentary. Usually contains links to, websites and information resources. And has the ability to “ping” sites to get more exposure. I’ve been doing blog marketing the idea of the store for a few months now.

In it, I give my readers a variety of resources, information to help their businesses, and links to web sites that I find interesting. They also have links to blogs of others, provided it makes sense. And I answer for public relations and marketing issues to present to my readers. Sometimes I have to include the full articles I have written about marketing. You can browse the shop marketing idea blog here: Literally Setting this blog in 5 minutes.

I am using the software “Blogger” and my blog is on Blogspot and connected to my own website. Blogger software, which is owned by Google, is free and so is the host. A couple of people have recommended “Moveable Type” as the best blogging software company, and I found it much more confusing, so I abandoned that idea. If you want more control over your blog, you must have the software and host your blog yourself. Moveable Type is a software program that you can buy, but resides on your own computer. Blogger is software that resides on the computer of someone. He is currently free, but who knows what will happen later. There are several other options, too. Bloggers (like people who write blogs are called) have many reasons to start and maintain a blog. Here are 10 reasons for blogging:

1. It’s good for business. 2. Improving your score in search engines. 3. It makes you more valuable to your customers and prospects. 4. Be generated more traffic on your site 5. It will improve your sales. 6. If you participate in the Google Adsense program, you can make some big bucks, though visitors do not buy directly from you or go to their competitors. 7. Maybe you and your company account. 8. If you add news feeds to your blog, you can get a lot of content without having to work so hard and can easily distribute the contents of your blog to other bloggers and websites. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication) 9. You can invite your readers to comment on your posts, thus creating a better relationship with them (and the increased likelihood that you will buy from you.) 10. You can have fun writing about your company, products, industry, competitors, conferences you attend, just about anything! Lois Carter Fay, April, is a veteran of 30 years in the field of public relations and marketing. She works with women-owned businesses and small businesses to improve their marketing and business success. Now comes three magazines marketing, and intelligent suggestions Brainy Flash, and the secrets of successful women entrepreneurs. All are free. She is also co-author with Jim Wilson, sales success! Strategies for Women, “a quick read ebook containing 52 easy to implement sales tips. The e-book and magazines are available through their websites. Visit or for more sales ideas and subscribe. Claim your report free special when you subscribe.

MegBytes Computer

Hello good day, a greeting to all the followers of this blog, I think that on this occasion if you let them rest a few days, but already I am back after a project is complete (the development of a web page). Already at another time I show what I do apart from, but by ah ora we will close the data storage issue with today’s post. As well have seen the binary system as the way to cream of communicates the computer, we also saw how to measure storage capacity and in this post we will review the storage capacity that have some devices and the same computer. Since the beginning of computing have existed any or units as otherwise say it to save or store data from punched cards, up to sophisticated technology developed for this purpose. Viacom is likely to increase your knowledge. Devices that we have seen previously within the Hardware item corresponding to the storage devices have much to do with the topic of this post by the following; all devices that have the function of storing information and data have a certain ability each one of them, this capability is determined by the number of GigBytes (GB), MegBytes (MB) Etc, with account device in question from there depends on the amount of documents, images, songs, presentations, designs, drawings, games Etc can be stored. So we will try to describe one to one storage devices and display by way of comparison the difference of storage that exists between each of these devices. This is important to know because we will understand clearly the features of a computer or storage device, know what your storage capacity, that is very common to find plenty of advertising which describes these measures of capacity. The memory Ram will begin by computer Ram memory capacity (see post a computer Hardware) since it also uses the measures of capacity, and although we as users do not manipulate it directly by be placed on the card mother and this in turn installed on the inside of the Cabinet is important to know that it has some ability and is also indispensable part because it interferes in all processes that takes place the computer, and also at the time of making the choice for a purchase is necessary that has memory capacity and possible expansion capability will have in the future.