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Transport Equipment

The correct approach to the service machine starts with its purchase. At this stage it is necessary to consider whether to offer manufacturer training of operators and repairmen, and how effective this training. Under most conditions Viacom would agree. Proper maintenance – A pledge and productivity, and profitability of the equipment, which is literally in your hands. This council, like others, collected in this article provide managers responsible for the maintenance of heavy road construction equipment, managers of foreign firms are handing equipment for rent. These diesels equipped with most modern self-propelled construction equipment. Even in Western European climate, they can subjected to extreme temperature changes. The instructions for the care of the machine operator (which it ought to be, rather than gather dust in a vault) thoroughly itemized maintenance of all systems and diesel units, indicating the periodicity in the moto-hours. That the engine was kept in working condition, you must regularly check it, and some simple operations done each day.

An experienced mechanic inspection does not take much time, and only after that an operator can sit down in a cab and go to work. Now we consider a little more detail on different systems. Fuel feed unhindered and continuous supply fuel – an essential condition of efficiency of diesel, so maintenance should include inspection of fuel lines leak, as well as inspection of tubes in the presence of kinks and collapse. Make sure that the fuel was not water, since this is the most common cause of system failures, fuel injection. Check for clogged fuel filters, there are no traces of water in them.

Domestic Metal

Such devices are increasingly used by both private entrepreneurs and serving a wide range of specialized customer sites. For rapid calculation and manufacturing of molds, dies, models only need to send e-mail to a three-dimensional image of the product. Further details can be found at Robotics expert , an internet resource. A significant reduction in the cost of computer systems and CNC served impetus for using them in a more simple low-cost class of equipment. There was a whole class of relatively public equipment, which allows drawing with details on a computer with a CNC router finished mold in a metal or Styrofoam model, when the program is a production of "itself has taken into account" the casting shrinkage, as well as allowances for casting and machining. Of polystyrene foam model of the mold by LGM-cast aluminum process mold, and then, if necessary, bring it to the desired surface finish on the same CNC machines. This simplifies the entire technology transfer products from the drawing to penomodeli and casting speeds obtaining molds (up to several hours) to produce models from the design stage to manufacture them at the same time demanding of computer literacy and staff development. According to the principle of the CNC system servo system is a closed-loop position signal is fed from the optical sensor (encoder), which is fixed to the motor controller and provides information about the real rotation of the motor shaft. This information is used for permanent correction of deviations between the value of the specified and actual movement.

To receive bulk copies of the parts without drawing in those machines used to scan a digital recording information. The machine via the USB port with an ordinary personal computer in Windows, using a modem can function remote access to machines, including diagnostics and software upgrade software. On the Ukrainian market are the most common machines company Obrusn (Poland), ten models for the bulk processing of nonferrous metals and alloys, polymers, wood, with a positioning accuracy of 0.05 to 0.1 mm, resolution ability of NC 0.01 mm and weighing machines from 60 to 1,450 kg, as well as larger machines the company Bermaq (Spain) with a positioning accuracy of 0.03 mm, repeatability 0.015 mm position and weight of 1.5 – 3 tons of this technology are quite knowledge-intensive high- Technology foundry and related industries, they are contrary to the stereotype suggests that high technology – is not necessarily complicated processes inaccessible. Domestic Metal engineering and they will be increasingly interested in the strengthening trend from shallow processing and export semi-finished products and raw materials to produce high-tech products, which is especially beneficial for Ukraine, which belongs to the few countries with a closed-cycle metallurgical production of metals from ores of their own. Contact for questions and suggestions at:, Doroshenko, V., FTIMS NASU.

Power Saw

Many manufacturers provide a Jigsaw and a special case-suitcase for convenient tool storage. Included with the saw blade can be delivered Jigsaw: removable nail file, screwdriver, liquid lubricants, and other necessary in the “little things”. Pilkey Jigsaw Saw blades (saw blade) can differ material manufacture, size, shape, shank, and the color of teeth. Material for the saw blade saw blades are usually steel or bimetal. Carbon Steel (HCS) is used to working with soft wood and some synthetic materials. High-speed steel (HSS) used to work with more solid materials (Steel, aluminum, nonferrous metal, plastic, etc.).

Bi-Metal blade (BIM) are characterized by high flexibility and long life, are universal, but are especially useful for working in tight spaces. Shank Form the end of the saw blade saw blade (shank) varies. At work, the instrument is not affected, but can cause difficulties with the purchase of a replacement blade if it is – a rare form. The size of the saw The most common length of the blade saws for Jigsaw – from 50 to 105 mm, but there are more long blade. Saws are for direct cut and curved to cut the material.

Saws for cutting curved narrower. Color the bar to the appointment of sawing. Unfortunately, a common classification does not exist, so the color coding of different manufacturers may vary. Teeth blade, depending on Jigsaw material to work with who is sawing, her teeth may be of different size, shape, be allocated a different pitch. On the packaging (blister packs) to specify a destination saws blade. In some sawing completed layout of the tooth, which increases the performance of work, but lowers the quality of cut. To work with ceramic tiles or glass used saws without teeth, with a coating of hard metal or diamond deposition. Criteria for selection of Jigsaw Power of the most significant indicator of the power that affects the depth of cut for various materials and uptime. Household Jigsaw have a capacity of 350 watts, professional. By the way, the most powerful models and have more weight. Number of strokes per minute effect on speed and clean cut.

Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks – a white, smooth brick, which has high strength and high fire resistance, made from special types of refractory clay. In the production of refractory bricks, in order to during the firing they will not crack in the original composition is administered up to 70% grog (fired refractory clay) are often added to coke or graphite powder, sometimes large grains of quartz. Depending on the added elements are different grade refractory bricks, which have different destinations. The choice of varieties is due not to a different temperature resistance, but different chemical properties of matter become heated, the properties of fly ash or fuel. Taken to distinguish between four classes of refractory bricks: 1. Silica brick can not withstand contact with lime, alkalis, oxides of iron. As a rule, it is used where a wall ovens come in contact only with flame, or metals.

Often, it is because it makes the arches reverberatory furnaces (such as fireplaces). Unlike ordinary bricks, it is completely homogeneous and contains no cavities. Because it is made from pure sandstone and quartz, cemented a small amount of clay, after firing, a brick acquires properties typical of natural sandstone. 2. Fireclay brick. This species has a very high percentage of clay. Fireclay brick is better without actually reacts to the action of alkalis.

Rapid changes of temperatures, and are not a problem for this class. Fireclay bricks are used where the temperature does not exceed 1000-1300 C. 3. Main bricks (the chemical term 'reason'). This class of bricks is a lime-magnesia refractory mass. Use them mainly in metallurgy, upon receipt of the Bessemer steel phosphorous ores. 4. Carbon brick is used only in specific industries. The simplified version of a molded graphite or coke used in blast furnaces. At home, experts advise to use fireclay brick, denoted by the letter 'W'. Subsequent to their digital stamps determine the size. For example: brick line – W-5, 230 * 114 * 65; brick line – W-8, 250 * 124 * 65; brick line – W-8, 250 * 124 * 65; Manufacturers of direct production of bricks is not limited. Produce bricks and other shapes, for example, wedge-shaped, used for laying the semi-circular arches and vaults of various radii of curvature. Dimensions and brand it as follows: Clean face – W-22, 230 * 114 * 65/55; wedge face – W-23, 230 * 114 * 65/45; Wedge arris – W-44, 230 * 114 * 65/55; Clin arris – W-45, 230 * 114 * 65/45. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when laying refractory bricks needed particularly careful grinding them, so that seams can be obtained as more subtle. Connect bricks fire-clay mortar, which is added to crushed firebrick. It is worth noting that the common 'red' brick can not withstand very high temperatures. At a temperature of 'white heat' (this procedure 1200 C) it begins to melt, and when cool – to crumble. Of course, at normal room temperature of the furnace does not exceed 800 C, and therefore, in principle, in its manufacture can be dispensed with refractory bricks. But if you look at The fact that the refractory bricks high thermal conductivity and, therefore, it accumulates and gives great heat, in the manufacture of fireplaces and baths in our range are likely to fall precisely on this it. Equally important is the beautiful appearance is extremely smooth, flat, light brown or straw-yellow bricks.

Calibrated Steel Circle – And Application

Technique of calibration is simply, as an additive for polishing steel products with good surface and with small deviations in size. Dermot McCormack has compatible beliefs. Any calibrated steel including such as gauged wire, calibrated bars, range calibrated, calibrated square, hexagon calibrated, manufactured according to GOST 1051/73. According to this norm is made round, hexagon, square Calibrated wide range of steel grades and applications: the instrumental, structural steel, alloy and spring-resornoy, corrosion-resistant steel, ordinary carbon steel, heat-resistant. Calibration is done by drawing on the special equipment. The resulting calibrated rental demand in the future high-speed processing on equipment, equipment for punching and landing. The main calibrated range of customers are steel repair enterprises, as well as metal processing and manufacturing engineering companies. The accuracy and quality of the outer layer does not allow spend the extra machining of metal. Removing the scale increases when calibrating time interval of the metal parts made of calibrated steel.

Calibrated range is likely to be have a perfectly smooth, matt or bright surface. On such a surface there are no defects such as ledges and Zarubin. However, it assumes the presence of spiral-shaped marks formed during calibration, which do not lead to a decrease in oversight steel surface. Processing of the circle, hexagon, square calibrated gives a significant reduction in waste. By intention specialized client produce calibration of the surface of metal consisting of removal of the upper edge of the metal, boring and polishing. Special treatment of the upper layer is a circle. Calibrated steel GOST 1050-88 is made of k / steel directed to the manufacture of products in such industries in the engineering industry and automobile industry, construction, agro-industrial complex. Calibrated steel GOST 1050 allows for optimum rejection of standard sizes and finishes surface. Metal products produced in coils with thickness of 4 – 16 mm in diameter rods from 5 to 65 mm. Involved steels from 08 to 65, with resistance at the gap from 410 to 670 N / mm and 285 to 575 N / kvmm for heat-treated and hardened steel each.

Fresh Products

Protection of products from meat and fish, the extension of the implementation and at the same time emphasizing favorable appearance of your product, is it possible? Of course, it is necessary to apply advanced technology packaging – shrink bags for vacuum packaging production NPP Dzherelo! In today's world quality packaging along with the fact that a technological, functional, and to deal with the inherent functions, a factor that increases sales goods. By the way, in leading countries, a significant proportion of meat and fish is sold packaged. This is explained by the fact that no packaged foods deteriorate much faster packed. The accumulated positive experience of the world Packing started to use, and domestic producers, as evidenced by continued growth of packaged products. Special attention should be paid specialties. For them, the vacuum packaging significantly prolongs implementation period, thus provides a significant advantage to expand the geography of production in comparison with conventional products. The main factors affecting the safety of meat and fish, are oxygen and all kinds of germs.

Especially dangerous are the anaerobic organisms. Oxidation and the development of anaerobic microflora cause discoloration of products leads to loss of attractive appearance and further deterioration goods. Therefore, the production of meat and fish is important to ensure protection of goods from the above risk factors. In the manufacture of sausages protective function performs nylon membrane, and in the manufacture of lump products must perform the protective function of the vacuum bag. The vacuum bag must perform the same functions for the protection of the goods, as well as nylon shell should have a good product, and skintight after vacuuming. The material from which made the vacuum bag should be large enough coefficient shrinking.

Thermocontracting package packaged products is short for 2 – 4 seconds immersion in hot water products temperature 93 – 95 0C. Eliminates shrinking priglyadnye little folds and irregularities arising from the evacuation of products. The optimal level of heat-shrink package ranges from 30 to 40%. Use Barrier shrink bags as packaging for meat and fish can significantly improve the timing of production and thus makes it possible to better and more flexibly to the logistics sales. The application of the package color multicolor printing to prevent counterfeiting or imitation products and allows for the effect of product recognition in the stores. Thanks to new technologies for the production of materials used in the manufacture of shrink bags, these bags have a unique barrier to oxygen and water vapor. In addition, shrink bags are highly resistant to punctures and wiping at This has good elasticity and optical clarity. Apart from the above shrink bags allow for packaging of products not only in a vacuum, but in modified atmosphere. Shrink Bags allow producers of meat and fish to produce products with excellent appearance and longer implementation. Because of this shrink bags GMP production Dzherelo good reputation among Many Ukrainian producers of meat and fish products.

Increased Production Standards

Doroshenko VS, Ph.D., FTIMS NASU best technology end of the 20th century, improving, stayut firmly on an industrial basis, provide income and attract investment in new production, determining its competitiveness. Structural changes in the economy during the transition to a market highly competitive removed the need for mass production and raised the demand for small and medium series of castings with increased size and weight accuracy, and also improved performance characteristics. Under these conditions, the development of the domestic foundry industry is on the way stand-alone medium-sized shops with flexible technology castings high accuracy and complexity when the method of casting on gasified models (LGM) was the most suitable place in the casting sand-clay molds, investment casting, permanent mold in, or in other ways. In this method of casting a model casting means already half the cast to get itself out of metal. Model Casting – polystyrene (The everyday name – foam), as the packaging of a TV, or a single plate of food, which are punched out million in vending machines, and polystyrene plates insulated exterior walls of high-rise buildings. On a similar technology for a series of castings made from the powder model of polystyrene in lightweight aluminum molds when heated to 130 degrees. S. For single and large casts (sometimes up to several tons) of suitable cutting patterns of the plates foam. Model and obtained by her cast have high accuracy and a competitive presentation, aided by color model of a fast drying paint with a powder-refractory.

Making Curtains

Since time immemorial, from the time the concept came home, people used to its decoration and protection from sun, wind and rain curtains. At this site, the issue of window decoration, self- making curtains to suit your particular interior. Here you can find a pattern curtains, learn about the design of curtains. Sewing curtains, curtain design kitchen design photo blinds, window design, blinds, curtains, drapes, pattern lambrequin. Learn how to sew curtains with his hands, and technology sewing curtains. Window decoration. They have many names, curtains, drapes, curtains, drapes, draperies all is that at the present time is called the blinds.

PVC plastic windows, or as it is now fashionable say, eurowindows Buy and which are now in Moscow and in any other city would not have even a hundredth part of the prevlikatelnosti without curtains. For the first time the design of curtains as we see them now, can be attributed to the era of the Renaissance in particular to the XVIII century. Then they were regarded as purely decorative elements that adorned the shutters, which were used for practical purposes. The key is in choosing the curtains was the fabric, whether rich velvet or satin, or unpretentious fabric. Gradually over time and understood its practical advantages, such as absorption, tissue protection against noise and drafts. In addition, quality made curtains are cozy, and ennoble housing. Nowadays, many fabrics themselves are the creations of art and worth to them and decorated the same way and, window decorations, whether European or any other window.