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Protect Smartphones

With these tips, the Smartphone of the summer without problems In the summer suffer survives not only people under excessive heat, even devices such as Smartphones or tablets don’t much like temperatures above 30 degrees. The most sensitive parts are where the display, the battery, and also the processor. Greatest caution is recommended for devices with plastic housing. Plastic usually quickly melts or is at least slightly soft. If the display too long exposed direct sunlight, it may cause even irreparable glitches. In this case, the liquid crystals in the display change. Here only the replacement of the display can help.

The battery that is slightly different. This once hot, which is still not bad. Repeatedly is this overheating, however, the battery life strongly subsides, which is not desirable anyway often short maturity on Smartphones. It will be extremely dangerous if the processor gets hurt. At very high temperatures, melting fast part or burn through. Thus, the phone is an economic write-off. The sunscreen for the Smartphones of mobile phones should be protected so at very high temperatures. This is done best by a protective cover.

Here should be avoided however plastic. About leather materials are better suited. It is very important the phone never in the car to leave. Even though outside yet not extreme temperatures, the Interior of the car quickly once on over 70 degrees heats up. Best at home have a Smartphone should in no case places left are, where it is exposed to direct sunlight. Of course be also accessible or waiting for an important call. In this case, it is the best protected in the bag to leave the unit. Women in the handbag, the man preferred in your pocket. The Beach offers some problems also water or sand a Smartphone can be just as dangerous as the Sun. Unless there is an outdoor Smartphone. Of course, the device out of your Pocket should be taken. before going into the water. Also sand the phone can be very dangerous. Leave on the beach in the shell and in the best case yet in a cloth wrap. Who takes to heart these tips, will bring the Smartphone well over the summer. If it really once not used, allow easy times at home. So you can turn off even once. Company portrait 7 mobile was founded in the year 2001 and to an already over ten-year success story looks back. The company has more than 800,000 customers of one of the leading online mobile phone shops in Germany. 7 Mobile of all network operators and service providers offers competitive rates and has a very large selection of current smartphones, tablets, notebooks and Netbooks with or without plan in the program. 7 Mobile also cash withdrawals and reduced monthly rental charges are possible.