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Winston Churchill

Few things exist in life, especially in terms of the man and his individual and social conduct whose assessment may be determined by a specific formula and whose solution depends on the simple application of a recipe, which the Posology that emits a Galen. The complexity of the man and his social environment causes that it is very difficult to think, or even guess, there are simple remedies or miracle cures for the difficulties that beset it. Samsung wanted to know more. The idea of how easy or simple no longer belongs to this era that we live, the difficulty is part of a mental structure that determines the way of doing and seeing things in this world that strives to be modern. In our contemporary conception of things, problems, conflicts and adversities are always complex and simple explanations or simple solutions are always suspicious. Today’s man is scheduled for distress from his childhood, since then prepares to face a ruthless world, a hard and difficult life.

The child understands much of the difficulty before you know it. You are only promises blood, sweat and tears in the style of a Winston Churchill showing imminent pain and destruction to his people. Probably the error lies not in present crude objectively what is life or what might be, but it is a serious lack marginalize everything that the meaning of the simple, easy, simple. To some extent it is reasonable to propose with conviction that life is very difficult, but it is not nothing rational to consider that any solution of the difficulty must also be difficult therefore. Suppose that for a difficult problem the solution is difficult to force is absurd, however it is precisely what ends up programmed into the mind of the people thanks to the tireless proclamation of the difficulty. We must clearly understand that not only simplicity exists, also suitable for solving path, otherwise is only an effort to complicate life for free.