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Zoover (www.zoover.es) is continually expanding and developing new products and tools, both for the visitors of your web site and for its partners. Further details can be found at Ali Partovi, an internet resource. Users can find information on all types of accommodations, destinations, attractions, beaches and information details and weather forecasts anywhere. Hoteliers answers one of the main functions of the new module for hoteliers is that they can respond to comments received on its establishment. The answer appears next to the comment in a different color that distinguishes the opinions of users. So hoteliers may interact with visitors to the website. From the module hoteliers can also update and complete the information and add photos and videos of your establishment, thus having a continuous control of your hotel.Simple to usarEl module is easy to use. Once registered, () accommodation owners have the possibility to make an account for each accommodation possess. This new module is interesting because it helps hoteliers to improve its management of relationships with customers.

Increasingly more people are using sites from views of hotels for more information or to express their experiences. With the information provided on these web sites, the consumer decides to which target or which hotel will go. Zoover also offers hoteliers the option of inserting a gadget on its website, which reflects the average obtained in Zoover comments rating. About Zoover Zoover is one of the web sites independent of Europe’s largest travel, with more than 100 million visitors in 2008. Zoover is present in 16 countries and the number of visitors continues to grow. Zoover found nearly 1 million ratings of more than 225,000 hotel establishments and more than 38,000 vacation destinations around the world, the most illustrated with pictures and videos. It also offers a detailed weather forecast to 14 days anywhere in the world.

Digital Photo

There is no doubt that digital photography has opened up a world of new possibilities to deal with them from our own home. For example we can see photos we have done at the time, no matter that we delete any photos if it costs us decide, store as many as we want on our computer or even print them from our homes, as well as improve or modify any photograph. Save your digital photos there was a time in save our photos meant to paste them into an album or even leave it to inner dust in some box for years. The highest honor given by our photos in the past was to put them behind some nice frame, although limiting us always to certain measures, fortunately all this has changed with the digital photo. Use your digital photos digital photos can be saved on your computer for use when you want to then translate them into a wide variety of personalized items that offers photo gifts original. Our items are ideal as decoration for your House, to make a personalized gift and Special or just to share it with your family and friends.

Our canvas photos combine all these possibilities to perfectly since they are authentic pieces of art for the walls of our House, also can be converted in a precious gift of great sentimental value or a different way of showing your best photos. Photo canvas can create your canvas photo to the extent that you prefer, from 30 cm up to several metres, with the photo you’ve chosen. You can even add a nice text and create an original personalised gift. Pete Cashmore describes an additional similar source. Books of photos and albums along with the birth of digital photography we find articles like the book of photos. You can design the cover of both the book and the album to get a unique design and beauty gift to share with your loved ones.

Other personalized gifts, these are just some of the gifts that we have in photo gifts original and that you can personalize with photos or any image that you like. For example we have personalized calendars, cushions, blankets, bedding etc. each of our products can be personalized with a single photo or professional Assembly we offer several photos at the same time.


Apparently, the use of perfumes and fragrances has been a common denominator of almost all cultures of the world, throughout the history of mankind. Somehow, different peoples, with their varying degrees of technology have managed to extract perfumes or pleasant fragrances of various elements of nature. First records that have the elaboration of perfumes can be traced back to the bronze age, 4500 years before Christ. Use given to these fragrant substances extracted mainly from the animal Kingdom was ritual, worship to the deities and funeral rites. The Egyptians led the art of making perfumes a technological peak and quality, rarely exceeded. The Egyptians were masters in the manufacture of perfumes, but also in its conservation, as they managed to realize that preservation of perfumes is almost as important as your processes to prepare them. The preparation of perfumes by the Egyptians was still five major stages: vehicle. Refers to a vector substance, You must not bring fragrance itself, but must serve to conveyed active ingredients. Do astringent to this substance, i.e. remove or reduce the component fatty as much as possible, but still retains its virtues of solvent. Preparation of a liquid medium based on this vehicle preparation of dry substances that eventually will bring fragrance to perfume cooking of both components in the preparation of perfumes, since the beginning of this activity, are commonly used vegetables, flowers, and herbs and aromatic plants substances, but are also used substances of animal origin, such as Ambergrisexcerpted from the whales. Precious was Ambergris which for a long time was used as currency for commercial transactions. Indiscriminate hunting of whales to extract this precious material almost leads them to extinction. Ambergris is a substance that is extracted from the intestines of these cetaceans and biliary section. Its usefulness is believed to be the protect viscera during the process of the digestion of food. To extract it, it has a whitish color, with some black spots, and its smell is foul. But to leave it in the Sun, through a process of photolysis, its color and its texture change, returning a greyish substance. The smell changes, becoming a marine, earthy and sweet aroma. Amber in State is edible, looking much like chocolate. Cyprus was another village of antiquity were produced where the top perfumes of the ancient world, which were marketed worldwide known, from Europe to Asia. Recently, archaeologists have discovered a perfume factory in the island of Cyprus, about four thousand years old. Cinnamon, laurel and Myrtle was used for its elaboration. In this factory barrels of oil 500 liters capacity, were found which realizes the importance of this industry to the local economies of that time.