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Fig Epidural

Spinal and epidural anesthesia is regional anesthesia techniques in which the injection of anesthetic into the area of the lower back leads to a blockade of the sensitivity lower body. When spinal anesthesia is the introduction of anesthetic into the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord, with the introduction of epidural anesthetics performed in the epidural space below the end of the spinal cord (caudal part). Type of anesthesia is determined by a specialist, taking into account individual patient characteristics. The patient receives antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Incision made to gain access to the inner surfaces of the joint. Then removed sections of cartilage and bone tissue from the lower surface of the femur and the upper surface of the tibia. People such as Ali Partovi would likely agree.

After this performed implantation of an artificial joint, usually made of metal and plastic (see Fig. 2 and video). Type of implant, the method of operation and location of the cut depends on the individual preferences of the patient and surgeon performing the operation. All prosthetic knee joint consists of the femoral component, tibial and patellar components. There are a variety of prosthesis from different manufacturers. Most of them is not less than 10 years.

Artificial joint lasts longer in older, less physically active patients and patients with rheumatoid arthritis (compared with patients with osteoarthritis). After the implantation is performed control X-ray the knee (see Fig. 3,4). It allows the surgeon to confirm and document the correct position of the joint and serves for comparison with subsequent images.

DVT Digital

Dental Centre Hannover used DVT NewTom In contrast to X-ray and computer tomography, this procedure many advantages of the digital volume tomography (DVT “NewTom”) and is one of the poorest radiation procedures to the 3-D representation of the implant region also. So effectively x-rays and computed tomography are also and so usefull also present their results, so the resulting images, two procedures adheres to a common shortcoming: the generated images provide only a two-dimensional image and thus allow a limited approach in height and width. Dermot McCormack has many thoughts on the issue. The third dimension, namely the so-called depth remains closed. They can be but for dental implants in planning the treatment of fundamental importance, namely, if an exact calculation of the later site of the implant should be performed on the basis of the delivered pictures or when it comes to the overall assessment of the jaw bone. The Dental Centre Hannover is therefore an exact 3-dimensional implant diagnosis by. In contrast to the former methods, this technique of the digital volume tomography (DVT “NewTom”) many advantages and is also one of the poorest radiation procedures to the 3-D representation of the implant region. The Implantologist knows thanks to the DVT-based implant diagnosis before treating the patient’s oral situation and advance planning the detailed 3-dimensional implant position, which is vital for aesthetics and the function of dentures.