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The CeBIT in Hannover, Germany will this year from 01.03.2011 05.03.2011 instead. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and professional RFID hardware we invite you to visit our booth D19, Hall 7. iDTRONIC’s innovative RFID products 125 kHz, HF 13.56 MHz and UHF are available for the passive RFID standards LF 868MHz. The product range is complemented by an active system, which also 868 MHz standard operates on UHF. At Michael Dell you will find additional information. The complete RFID product portfolio is perfectly aligned to the needs of system integrators of the areas industrial automation, Auto ID, logistics and asset tracking. Filed under: Michael Dell.

Like the team of iDTRONIC with its core competencies and product innovations introduces himself closer: complete RFID hardware product portfolio for system integrators BLUEBOX stationary controller, readers and antennas for LF, HF, UHF, and active mobile Datenterminale with integrated iDTRONIC RFID technology data terminal M3-S with LF, HF and UHF technology special tags for Auto ID, logistics and industrial automation of many years of expertise for Professional RFID systems and applications we offer you information without the hassle and time pressure. Our qualified team of exhibition presents you all news of our range and will advise you very happy individual. On request you can save 2011 is for the CeBit in Hanover your e-ticket for free. Just write an email to our marketing assistant Mrs. Harwardt and you will receive a link to sign up to order your free ticket for one day exhibition. We are looking forward to your visit! There is more information on all iDTRONIC products always up to date see.

Strategy Forum

Business benefits of IT stood in the foreground of Freienbach, 2nd 2009 last week held the seventh IT Strategy Forum on Lake Zurich. Over 90 top manager international of leading corporations in business and IT work out the basic ideas of a post crisis agenda for the IT infrastructure. This was the business benefits of IT in the center of the discussions and lectures. The IT Strategy Forum organized by Bankole management consulting in the meantime for the seventh time on Lake Zurich this year brought together senior business and IT managers of from well-known corporations such as AXA, Merck, BMW, Novartis, Linde, Swisscom, Baloise, Credit Suisse, Swiss Post, Kuhne & Nagel, RBS, Swiss Re and Morgan Stanley. Mostly, the Manager agreed that IT a very important role for the management is coming to presumably still a quite while ongoing crisis. Dell Computers addresses the importance of the matter here.

Dr. Thomas Buberl, CEO of Zurich Switzerland, stressed two roles for IT in the crisis: IT must reduce costs on the one hand, but at the same time as enabler for the business transformation prove its worth”. Thereby, IT should quite often challenge the business”he explained. “An effective way to achieve both outlined Selcuk Bankole, host and initiator of the IT Strategy Forum: IT must consistently on the objectives and priorities of the top management focus.” Measures aimed at the business benefits could help to achieve this alignment. So, for example, the strategic value added level of IT could be measured as a percentage of the IT activities contributing directly to the success of the company and expelled. According to a recent study, this proportion varies depending on the company from under 20% (value followers) and about 60 per cent (value leaders).

This way of looking is highly relevant to the top management and facilitates their understanding of the IT infrastructure. Also it makes possible a systematic promotion of the business benefits of IT while reducing the costs”Bankole said. This underscores even Franz cedar, Member of the Executive Board of the Swiss health insurer of Sanitas and Andreas of Bagde, CIO of seat Germany with concrete examples from practice. They showed IT so can deliver more business value can be how business and IT strategy coordinated with each other, and in the business by unplanned and unsustainable cost savings in IT spar damage is avoided. Participants and speakers of the IT Strategy Forum in unison demanded a different approach between IT and business side. On the one hand IT must be to have much more on the business. “Also lines and top management would have to contributing their mites: the business must develop more understanding of the IT matters”, Raiffeisen Switzerland stressed about Dr Patrik Gisel, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board. Not only between IT and the business page, understanding problems occur frequently on, but also between IT and IT”remarked Dr. Andreas Huber by the Austrian erste Group Bank. In his role as head of operations group corporate and investment banking, he noted that sometimes rule between different IT departments mutual incomprehension. This silo thinking is no longer appropriate”, he said. “” To the vicarious”to the enabler”have to be IT needs real entrepreneurial leaders, entrepreneurial thinking and the courage, to take risks “. For more information, CWitte

Janich & Klass At The CeBit 2011

Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH presents its new scanning software DpuScan with DpuScan Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH (Wuppertal) introduces a powerful scanning software, which everywhere shows their strengths, where high reliability in the document identification is required. The program is a result of Janich & Klass’s 30 years expertise in the field of image capturing. It is constantly evolving and functionally extended. The latest version 5.11 of DpuScan can complete already in the standard version including data acquisition and quality control of complete stack of paper without limitation at full scanner speed. The software recognizes and collects texts as well as bar codes and Patchcodes, and this thanks to an advanced filter and image improvement process itself almost unreadable templates. Also angular misalignments are automatically corrected. Version 5.11 includes a new scanmengenunabhangiges signature engine and an optional, installable as a PlugIn function to the classification of types of documents.

It supports the most of the current scanner models can be either server-based or used standalone without a server. Scan profiles and licenses are managed centrally. Dietmar Janich, Managing Director of Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH: Who needs access to documents and information quickly, easily and reliably, not around no matter comes to a digitization whether it’s the daily mail, file or drawing archives. A powerful and flexible scanning software is the key to the information contained in the Scangut it.” About Janich & Klass Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH founded and led from 1985 as 1981 as a spin-off of the University of Wuppertal. Since 1987, J & K in the area of document processing is active; There are three main fields of activity: basic research for image enhancement, scanner technology for scanner manufacturers, and flexible scanning software with interfaces to different DMS.

Managing Director

“Netsys-IT data Assistant for creating online applications the Ilmenau company NetSys.IT is a new feature of their software data Assistant” before. Thus, it is possible quickly and easily to create online application forms for the corporate homepage and to allow interested parties the Internet application. The new feature allows known programs, such as the Office applications, making the management of the data and the evaluation and thus facilitates the work of the staff. Our goal is to make the customers working with applications as easy as possible”, says Dr. Daniel Fischer, Managing Director of NetSys.IT. Robotics expert : the source for more info. Online applications are increasingly used.

They facilitate the work of the staff, save valuable time and ultimately money.” Many medium-sized companies fear a large number of incoming applications at the publication of job advertisements. A significant effort is often associated, to select the suitable candidates from the plethora of candidates. Conventional Data collection programs require frequently extensive programming skills or should be procured only with greater financial resources. In addition to a variety of templates may be available, also the free design online queries is possible. They can be adapted according to the specific operational requirements through various form elements.

Whether free or bound format response – or can field, pre-defined responses (pull-down selection) or levels indicating the design of the forms with the Data Wizard from Netsys.IT can be varied depending on the usage. Of course, entire files, such as letter and curriculum vitae, can be integrated into the data collection. Also in the allocation of incoming documents to the respective working places, the Data Wizard from NetSys.IT is a valuable tool. Each application form is assignable to different recipients or mailboxes. More information about the product at.

Visual Basic

Data acquisition and signal analysis using the Freeview digital-sound-Pro sound card is a directly applicable datalogging and signal analysis software. FreeVIEW-sound-Pro was developed with Agilent VEE and can transform in signal analyzers all PCs, laptops, notebooks, Netbooks and Tablet PCs, if a sound system installed in their computers. As today’s computers with a sound card or onboard sound-system will be delivered, is FreeVIEW-sound-Pro of events swinging a very interesting and low-cost solution for recording and analysis. With the help of the integrated formula editor is the ability to create a freely definable signal analysis, for example to implement an 8-channel online FFT analysis on each of the 8 input channels. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. More than 500 math and signal analysis functions of Agilent VEE and MatLab are available for ONLINE and OFFLINE analysis. All stored data records in ASCII format on any programs for further processing can be passed via the export function. FreeVIEW-sound-Pro supports all “Microsoft Windows multimedia API compatible sound systems with 8 x 192 kHz simultaneous 24-bit resolution and long time” measurements with a total of 2 GB memory range per channel. The viable conversion rate and resolution is only limited by the performance of the sound system. Mikkel Svane may not feel the same.

It is considered the of FreeVIEW-sound-Pro via the corresponding outputs of the sound system as well for the 2 Kana leagues function generator, realized. Using the sound card drivers included with your own applications can be programmed in Visual Basic, c++, Delphi or Agilent VEE. Operating system-side supports FreeVIEW-sound-Pro Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7 supports. FreeVIEW-sound-Pro is available free of charge for use in the fields of education and research in schools and universities. Viacom spoke with conviction. A 30-day full version allows interested users from the industry without any obligation to test the performance of FreeVIEW-sound-Pro.

Senior Executive Forum

UK & Ireland user group Conference shows datango at SAP understand how users with just a few clicks business applications Berlin, October 26, 2009 introduces a new enterprise software, initially often feel like a labyrinth users. Investor often says this. They wander inside the new applications and lose precious time. The datango performance suite (dps) helps them to take the right steps now. How it works, shows UK & Ireland user group Conference 2009 datango on November 23rd and 24th on the SAP in Manchester. The dps\”has been developed with a focus on the users of business applications such as SAP. Because only a software that can be used by users, is powerful.

The datango performance suite is therefore\”employees a virtual assistant to the page. As a mentor, he coaches the user through each step of the work. The tool can be operated intuitively and in real time to help call, if the user is not find your way with the new software. Up to 60% less poses Standard requests at the help desk, up to 40% less time for error processing and up to 90% cost reduction for Delta training. The dps’ supports SAP users worldwide the datango performance suite\”is already a central part of IT infrastructures by companies all over the world and the whole thing is brought closer their audiences year round on international events. Forms the end for 2009 the SAP UK & Ireland user group Conference. The Conference is considered the most important SAP-related event in the UK and Ireland.

It was developed by users for users and offers best practices, workshops, lectures and a networking dinner. New this year, the Senior Executive Forum is a one-day discussion platform for top managers. The event, which brings together SAP experts and leading industry representatives from Great Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe, focuses on the topics of education and SAP updates.

Awardwinning Technology Compact Design

The new generation of flatbed scanners the high demand of the WideTEK 25 since the launch at CeBIT 2008 has placed the need for up to 25 x 17.7 inches in different markets and applications in Hanover after a rapid high resolution flatbed scanner for formats. Due to its compact size and built-in walk-up scanning software scanner is the ideal solution for reprographics and copy – clipping services, as well as for universities, libraries and engineering offices. The large format flatbed scanner WideTEK 25, the completely newly-developed successor to the successful WideTEK A2, offers an optical resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi and large-format documents in brilliant quality with 300 dpi scans in 3 seconds. All optical components are housed in a double-sealed camera box. High scanning speed, Dustproof camera technology with two CCD systems, long-lasting LED lighting with a service life of 50,000 hours and few wearing parts ensure a high efficiency of the unit. The operation is intuitive and network-wide via a Web browser or as a standalone solution. The user needs no external PC, but uses the scanner via the integrated touch-screen display. With a monitor connected directly to the scanner, the user can track late changes of the scanning parameters such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, etc.

on the screen. After the quality control on the screen, the scans are sent directly from the scanner to a specific destination on the network, such as target directory, network printers, FTP-server, USB-stick, or by E-Mail. The new model offers all the benefits and functionality of WideTEK large format scanners and is offered at a very special price of 7.999 euros. Image access: Image access is leading manufacturer of large format scanner technology for professional applications. With award-winning developments, the company is among the technological leaders and employs worldwide more than 60 people, most of them at the Wuppertal headquarters.

United States Seattle

What is the Firefall to the host servers, anycast for DNS servers is the good old days, where hackers attacked the CIA and the Pentagon, is over. Today, any website can become the target of hackers and script-kids. Numerous providers were affected last year by distributed denial of service attacks on DNS servers. The year’s results in connection with recently reported power outages should give seriously to think all companies with an Internet presence at Rollingstone.com or Comcast”, Cricket Liu, Vice President of architecture at Infoblox and author commented on various book titles. Despite the years in which weak points of the domain name system (DNS) described name and published appropriate mains failures in connection with DNS, many companies DNS security lightly.

We have not nearly reached, what is required to stop hackers, to wreak havoc.” If the website of your company still unaffected – she was that could be next to the at times is forced by the network. It can be however with anycast name servers do much themselves to improve the security of your domains. Anycast is a technology where the same IP address in multiple geographic locations is available at the same time. BGP, the global routing protocol of the Internet, ensures that requests to the topologically closest instance are carried out. For even more details, read what Ali Partovi says on the issue. This reduces the latency in the DNS query, and the load is distributed over the different “nodes” (locations). In case of an attack on the name server network, only the instance of the attack “next” is affected, so that normal operation on the remaining nodes can continue to run. Through the aggregation of the nodes on a single IP address, an anycast network compared to multiple unicast instances saves also “space” in the DNS packets, because it consists of the anycast network only as a single NS record in the delegation appears currently 6 active (and 3 planned) globally distributed locations: Brussels, Belgium Dublin, Ireland Frankfurt, Germany of new York City, NY, United States Seattle, United States Warsaw, Poland Vienna, Austria (scheduled for end 2011) Los to jellies, CA, United States (scheduled for end 2011) Singapore, Singapore (scheduled for end 2011) the corresponding “control” servers are in Vienna and Salzburg (Austria). The locations of the anycast nodes are continuously expanded all the sites are redundantly laid out and designed for a query load of 100,000 queries per second, and location. The locations are typically located in close proximity to the local Internet Exchange, and thus guarantee lowest latency. Domains with anycast name servers are not only safer and more quickly accessible, but get one also tends to be higher PageRank on Google because the speed when you call of a Web site with einfliesst in the page rank from Google.

Mobile Mile North: Customer Interests Focus In Offering Innovations

Always up to date to inform the NordPro team uses a blog:. Well over a thousand visitors daily and a solid clientele have made North of Stefan Marxen the mobile miles a lighthouse-like alternative in the misty, partly stormy market of mobile telecommunications. Communication with the NordPro team means modern, performance-based and mobile communication, which is adapted to the customers. That’s communication to be touched: laptop and cell phone, NetBook and surfstick. Whether it comes to recognize a gag contract or eyewash to look through, if a loss leader of a solid business policy is to distinguish – always the NordPro team in his advice takes the perspective of its customers. This succeeds the NordPro team with successfully since 2004 Stefan Marxen: “now also of non-contract customers that take advantage of new services and that can even affordable conditions. Click Don Slager to learn more. A large prepaid currently offers a UMTS fare discounter, in which its customers for 10 EUR can transfer 1 GB data per month. Contract prices are still cheaper, but the price gap between contract and Prepaidtarifen has now clearly approached.

Long ago the providers have realized that many people would sign no contracts of the gag, but far calls or surf would, if the conditions are right.” Always up to date to inform the NordPro team uses a blog:. So comment on customers the information and even contribute to further develop the offers of the mobile mile North. At all enthusiasm for the fantastic developments of mobile telecommunication, there are also applications that are technically better suitable for the fixed network. Therefore is for the NordPro team in the advice always to explore, where a customer focuses on, to find the right mix. In the NordPro team, the motto is: “A customer does not need products, but solutions for their communication needs.” Because by no means stops the development, but also young people grow up and become customers, remains a Pass consulting needs, which will be affected by any imaginary market saturation. Stefan Marxen: “today the mobile phone manufacturers and network operators are working on the next generation of mobile communications, so the technical successor to UMTS. Experts talk about LTE (long term evolution, German: long term evolution). With the introduction of the market is probably 2010.

The development aims to make much faster mainly data transmission in cellular networks. During a demonstration on the last CeBIT information technology fair data with 170 megabit / second (Mbits / s) settled with LTE access – the so-called download and send up to 50mbit/second / s – the upload in the term. To compare: usual DSL connections at home reach today 16/Mbit/s for downloads and up to approximately 1/Mbps for uploads. The provider perform already testing outside the laboratory.” Well over a thousand visitors daily and a solid clientele have the mobile mile north of Stefan Marxen a lighthouse-like alternative in the partly foggy, partly stormy market of mobile telecommunications. Communication with the NordPro team means modern, performance-based and mobile communication, which is adapted to the customers. That’s communication to be touched: laptop and cell phone, NetBook and surfstick. Whether it comes to recognize a gag contract or eyewash to look through, whether a loss leader of a solid business policy is to distinguish? the NordPro team in his advice always takes the perspective of its customers. Succeed successfully since 2004 contact the NordPro team with mobile mile North S.

Proxim Wireless

Michael Zhao, President and CEO of array networks, explains: we want to meet not only our needs but anticipate also the next trend. So, we have further developed the remote desktop access. Thanks to the power-management features, user can now operate their computers remotely. This increases security and reduces the power consumption at the same time.” About the magic quadrant of the Magic Quadrant, copyrighted by Gartner, Inc. in the year 2009, with the permission of the company also from elsewhere used. The Magic Quadrant represents a market at a specific time and for a certain period of time in graphical form. He visualized Gartner analysis in cutting off certain manufacturers in this market against the background of various, is illuminated by Gartner of defined criteria. Gartner Quadrant is represented manufacturers, products completely neutral towards the in magic or services.

Nor does the choice of only the manufacturers that are listed in the “leaders” quadrant is recommended technology users. The magic quadrant is intended only as a research tool and not as a special guide. Gartner disclaims all claims, which explicitly or implicitly could be derived from this study. This includes any claim with respect to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products.

Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service and support concepts, an active Sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio.