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Northern Germany

OSCsi invites you to the nationwide SAP business one action days a Hamburg, 16.09.2011 – SAP business one live: on October 11th and 12th days of the action to the complete solution for smaller companies or subsidiaries of corporations in a new round of go. In the port city of Hamburg the OSC smart integration GmbH presents current highlights of integrated standard business software. At the heart of the celebrations, the topic is mobility: SAP business one is now available for smartphones and Tablet PCs available. The mobile version of the solution for small and medium-sized enterprises provides users with access to critical data at any time and allows you to also, to keep the business and customer information at a glance. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi. Integration solutions by SAP business one can unify business beyond their business processes and automate. Neil cole iconix often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Subsidiaries and third-party systems can thus be the existing system in the parent connect an interesting option for Group subsidiaries. SAP business one covers all for successful business management functional areas necessary from partner management to integrated analytical features of customer relationship management, accounting, E-Commerce, reporting, sales, procurement, warehousing and distribution.

The solution for small and medium-sized enterprises is available in nearly 40 country versions. The SAP business one action days from 09:00 until 18:00 in the SAP held office. Learn more at: Code.org. IT professionals and consultants explain the technical merits and the business value of the solution in lectures and live presentations. Long-standing customers report business one sound and practical about their experiences with SAP. In addition, there is opportunity to consult individually. Further programme points of action days are: View of the new version of SAP business one v. 8.82 SAP business one to go: SAP business one Starter package additional information to the SAP business one action days in 2011: events/sap-to the touch nationwide – action days / contact: OSC smart integration GmbH of large Grasbrook 15 / 20457 Hamburg Tel 040-325248-66 which is OSC smart integration GmbH, a privately and an independent consulting firm. Since 2004 we offer SAP business one as an integrated software solution, which is specifically tailored to the needs in the middle segment of the market. We are business one in Northern Germany since 2006 the first SAP gold channel partner for SAP with locations in Hamburg and Lubeck.

Intelligent Selfservice Solution

Highly automated processes by easily feasible and easy-to-integrate workflows technical platform Ogitix University machines needed no customizing and ensures significant relief of IT resources of Langenfeld, Rhineland, 03.04.2012 – although the user management to the day-to-day tasks in IT belongs, are often only slightly automated its processes in the company. Instead the information about setting up user permissions delivered piecemeal and without transparent control possibility via phone, email or paper form. Read more here: neil cole. The Ogitix Software AG has therefore developed a self-service solution, which is characterized by a high degree of automation and easy implementation. Their special characteristic is that typical routine activities such as, for example, the apply system permissions, ordering a Wi-Fi connection or the desire can be initiated automatically by the user after a password reset. It included also the necessary approval procedure. Instead of the usual customizing is “only a simply realisable workflow design is necessary because Ogitix University materials” as intelligent technical platform provides the automated workflow processes, which can be obtained through a self-service portal or time-controlled run. The request and approval procedures as well as the technical implementation in the target systems are realized automatically.

At the same time necessary revision security is for which ensured, since uni mate all processes and changes automatically, accurately and comprehensibly documented in. Usual concepts support the processes only rudimentary, which can unfold the self-service idea not in full use”, explains Ogitix Board Ingo Buck. These portals are this relatively static, also elaborately designed user interfaces with a modern presentation of the functions appear a different.” And who is thus not satisfied, must accept a time-consuming customizing normally. However, the are introduced Automation Ogitix University materials “user management solution make any changes in the technical infrastructure necessary, because she has an open and modular structure of the interface. Thus, even a technically very heterogeneous environment represents no obstacle for rapid deployment.

The implementation is carried out the approach laid down in the solution effort low and fast. Another advantage is that very flexible new services in the self-service portal can be take over. Because for no technical knowledge is required, this can be done through principle of each company’s employees without involving the IT Department. About OGiTiX Software AG, the OGiTiX Software AG is a German supplier with headquarters in Cologne. Their solutions combine existing systems, coordinate and control the processes and automate the business – and IT-services. Projects and operation are very cost effective, because they are made without programming and without lengthy analysis phases with rapid results. OGiTiX strengthens the role a responsible IT within the company. An IT that supports business processes directly, actively works on the business objectives and thus contribute value to the company as a whole.

Convert AVCHD Video On Mac And Windows

Convert AVCHD video on Mac and Windows AVCHD (translated: advanced video codec high definition), is a standard high-definition recording format for Tapeless camcorder. The used video compression codec when recording with AVCHD (AVC-HD, AVC HD) is MPEG-4 AVC/H. 264. Audio is stored in compressed form (Dolby AC-3) or uncompressed (multichannel PCM). In this Videformat while continuously used for camcorders and cameras, but nowhere else is in use. It is possible to play back AVCHD with Windows Media Player or iMovie to edit, but many other devices, like iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia etc, as well as almost all streaming sites are simply overwhelmed with AVCHD. So in a simpler way with family or friends can share its AVCHD movies, you can – convert AVCHD in other video, also audio formats.

But what AVCHD converter is the best? To answer this question, we have written this article. It should equal in picture and Word show you how it in fact can be easy to convert AVCHD video with the correct AVCHD converter is this former Hercules task no longer a problem. We recommend the AVCHD converter here. No other AVCHD converter get receipt of quality, versatility and speed so well under a hat in our opinion. Viacom oftentimes addresses this issue. There must be no professional to enjoy all functions of this program.

Even a novice copes easily with this program. Convert Mac AVCHD is by the way, just as easily as on Windows. For users of Snow Leopard, lion ua. There is from the same creators the AVCHD video converter for Mac. He offers the same features and makes his work in as much precision and speed. Example: Convert AVCHD (on Windows) step 1: AVCHD files add either the files to convert, drag the folder into the source window of the program, or click “Add Video”, highlight the desired videos and confirm. Step 2: output format, click Select the “Advanced”-button, and it opens the mask where you can choose what format you want to convert the AVCHD. Resolution, frame rate etc you must not set but! Tips: With this AVCHD converter you can edit videos before converting even! To do this you need to select just the video to edit in the list and either the Edit “menu call or the edit video”-click on icon. Now you can optimize his video: it cut for example with trim, cut with crop or add watermark to add a watermark). Numerous video effects available are hobby directors. AVCHD step 3: conversion, click Start “Start”, and the conversion is done. “Find Target” quickly reveal the place where your file is stored. “” The destination path you can adjust yourself, by you under Tools “preference” click. Tip: With the AVCHD converter can also other video format, edit and convert and for example videos for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and expose consorts. If you want to know how you can convert to the Mac AVCHD, take a look in the manual of the AVCHD video converter of for Mac easily and you will receive all the information you need.

TAO Technology

High end multimedia collaboration of the finest European premiere in the bang & Olufsen flagship store in the Luitpoldblock Munich Briennerstrasse Robertino Matausch, founder of Munich high end multimedia factory TAO technology, presented from February 14, 2011 together with Jurgen Mandl, CEO of Bang & Olufsen flagship store in the Luitpoldblock, the new TAO system on the largest free-standing plasma TV in the world. “With Jurgen Mandl and his team here at Bang & Olufsen in the Luitpoldblock, we have the ideal partner found.”, Robertino Matausch confirmed. “Here, the needs of TAO merge technology, to provide the customers with highly individual, customised solutions at the highest level of quality handmade in Germany, and the claims by bang and Olufsen, the customers aesthetic design, innovative technology and a hint of extravagance to deliver perfectly together.” “We are very glad to have received the offer for the exclusive marketing of this wonderful product from TAO and looking forward to the collaboration.”, so Jurgen Mandl. Isearch oftentimes addresses this issue. “We complement each other perfectly, because our aim was always the integration of different systems in an intuitive whole.” This claim is justified, because many customers expect integrative audio-video solutions, who see themselves as a system with a single source of control across all brands. “And we live up to this claim. We are able to integrate virtually any audio-video product. To know more about this subject visit neil cole iconix. “TAO is the cream of the crop, the we are completely in the infrastructure of Bang & Olufsen could embed.” “Progress is the path from the primitive via the complex to the simple.” (Wernher von Braun) Who has seen the simple, intuitive operation of an iPod or an iPhone today, know immediately what meant Wernher von Braun.

TAO and bang & Olufsen show an elegant way out of this ‘Always more’-dilemma. TAO is digital convergence. What exactly does that mean? Simply put, combines the TAO system a wide range of digital media, no matter from what source, and transparent to the user in a consistent format user-centered interface.

IX-day Around SharePoint

The second iX day around SharePoint will be dominated by 2010 and a wide communication platform round the participants to provide SharePoint in practice. Stuttgart, October 21, 2009 the HLMC events GmbH today announced that the schedule of the iX day around SharePoint was published. For assistance, try visiting Sony. The one-day Conference, which is organized by the iX from the Heise magazine publishing in collaboration with the HLMC events GmbH, is the latest version of Microsoft’s portal software the focus of SharePoint 2010. Experts report techniques around SharePoint, as well as solution-oriented scenarios in lectures on news about SharePoint 2010, SharePoint. Companies and institutions report on their experience with SharePoint, best practices and case studies.

The Conference is aimed in three parallel tracks with practical lectures especially architects, administrators, and developers, but also users and decision makers, who generally are interested in SharePoint, because they want to introduce for example this software in your company. A Highlight”are the keynotes by Michael Greth, his character SharePoint expert and SharePoint MVP, as well as Steffen Krause, technical evangelist at Microsoft Germany with the focus application platform, business intelligence, high performance computing, SharePoint and SharePoint technologies. For more information and registration see contact: HLMC events GmbH Jean Pierre Berchez business development line str. To deepen your understanding Mikkel Svane is the source. 131 82041 Oberhaching Office Stuttgart: Wankelstr. 10 70563 Stuttgart Vaihingen phone: 69 63-52 fax: 69 63-55 E-Mail: Internet: about iX since its inception in 1988 has iX established itself as a required reading of professional IT user. The editors carefully researched all important topics of the Internet with regard to the successful use of computers in the company intranet, networks, operating systems and client-server computing and underpins it with manufacturer-independent tests. On the cross-editorial website heise online involved is also the iX-editorial on the current reporting on IT topics.

Under you will find different offers such as blogs on topics from software development, current news, a monthly survey and a provider information service for companies that meet the professional character of the magazine. The contents of iX are available at eMedia from year 1988 on CD-ROM. Since 2003, iX regularly organises conferences around the theme of better software”and offers various workshops on topics in the field of software engineering with international renowned speakers. It also published iX under the label of iX study”regular studies and tool analysis. About HLMC events GmbH HLMC specializes for seven years the organisation of events in the field of software engineering. HLMC focuses both on the technical/content as well as the organizational handling of conferences, user group meetings, workshops and road shows in the sales order. As a whole have already several thousand participants from the IT industry Events by HLMC visited. HLMC discusses the current trends in software engineering and thus ensures the success of the event. The services of HLMC includes the search and selection of method lectures, keynotes and user -, the acquisition of sponsors and exhibitors and the entire organisational and administrative processing of designated events. In addition, HLMC advises various companies in the implementation of events of any kind. By the clear and precise focusing on the field of software engineering HLMC here has established an excellent and extensive network, from which the clients benefit from HLMC.

Adrian Haque

The MEDUSA4 design by Gilbert was just right,”so Adrian Haque, who plays along with Dave Silhanek Lead Guitar. Strong, flexible construction Gilbert was excited, won his MEDUSA4 personal model. And what won? “The first pre-production CD, of course signed and a fabric camel!” grins Gilbert. Also, I’ve won a couple of good friends. I met the whole band and was present at the big gig for the release of the first CD. Now the band is working on their second album, with a long list of already scheduled gigs.” Since the first draft, Gilbert the flexible 3D-tool in MEDUSA4 personal used on cylindrical shapes of the logos to create or to project it on different surfaces, like for example on balls. To integrate them for example in Alpine or lunar landscapes, he then brings the graphics in a photo editing program. So, fascinating illustrations are created for the public work of the band.

“The logo is visually very impressive and helped us big with our objective,” says Adrian. “It is a strong symbol of Sahara, and we look forward already, to cooperate in the design of our next album with Gilbert.” MEDUSA4 personal Drawings now commercially use MEDUSA4 personal, the free version of the professional 2D/3D-CAD-Softwarepakets MEDUSA4 ADVANCED, is used worldwide by tens of thousands of users. The software is intended solely for private use and structures are provided with an appropriate watermark. In response to the huge demand has CAD schroer group recently set up an online portal, DXF or PDF files can create what users from their MEDUSA4 constructions for a small fee, which will then be freely usable for commercial purposes. Download the free MEDUSA4 personal 2D/3D software here: M4Personal/r/pr0910_sr eServices portal to the MEDUSA4 personal for DXF/PDF conversion: eservices.cad-schroer.de & ref = more about Sahara pr0910_sr rain: on Sahara Sahara rain rain is a mixture of modern and classic rock with Oriental influences.

Digital Contact

Customer care increasingly shifts in social media: the right strategy helps businesses to use interactive contact center for their success. (ex Palas – Frankfurt am Main) Twitter, Facebook or the own Firmenblog: Social media is now ubiquitous and indispensable part of modern business communication. More and more customers rely on the direct dialogue via the Internet, to learn to seek advice or to complain. A professional social media contact center can help companies to use their customer’s contact request and unobtrusive to influence decision-making processes. The dynamism and variety of social media channels makes it difficult today companies, to get an overview of their effect on the social networks. Potentials are given away, communication channels are not used or handled inflexible. Digital service engineering is a new, effective way for a direct link to the customer.

Target group-oriented communication, which seeks dialogue with the customer and to the right Arrives at the right place, eliminating rigid concepts. A flexible, Adaptive integration of social media contact centers into existing corporate structures as internal or external business unit offers maximum freedom in dealing with the social networks. Traditional call centers and even the communication by E-Mail be replaced increasingly by Digital customer center with interactive presentation and customer-close community service. An efficient service architecture, the social media customer dialogues as well as distribution processes into the existing call – and contact center operation can be a very effective alternative to older models of communication. Permanent accessibility, speed of response and reliable processing of requests are added values, which today have a crucial importance for customers. In return, companies in the contact center offers dialogue, criticism constructively dealing with the chance and to incorporate suggestions from customers targeted in the own company policy.

Social media CRM offers the possibility to be at first closer to the customers. Ex Palas, the social media contact center from Frankfurt am Main, bridges traditional customer care (CRM) and social media marketing it. Help ex Palas companies to tap into important sales and service potential and to leverage and helps customers to improve their reputation, as well as to increase the individual placement and visibility of brands and products. S CRM can it easily be integrated into existing structures and procedures and allows flexible reactions on the latest social media communication challenges. Flexible contact center communications for companies and agencies in social media: company description ex Palas is the driving organ for the integration of social networks in the sales-oriented customer loyalty. As the spearhead of a competence team helps its clients to attract new sales potentials ex Palas, realized social media friendly service processes as well as the sustainable building digital Reputation. Ex Palas supports to appear, where your solutions and information are needed there and established efficient and measurable service and sales processes through a combination of classical customer management (CRM) and social media marketing. Company contact: ex Palas UG (haftungsbeschrankt) F. Alexander Kep sand 61, 60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel: + 49-69-71670771 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: awen N.B.S.

Digital Cold

This stele stands out, that especially fu? r visually impaired people a blind button has been integrated in the device, to allow the interception of the information. It enough? gt a short push on the blind button, which is located at perfect height and fu? r each accessible integrated was, and already sounds a perfectly audible voice, which the gewu? desired information understandable continues. Fu? r vision impaired people this button easier, in its form and its handling well in the stelae of Designeingliedert, the opportunity to travel. At the durchgefu? the opportunity of listening to the information through this yellow blind button has become an indispensable tool, semi-Virgin tests and surveys of passengers that fu? r the visually impaired travellers at the bus station in Heidenau is a big relief. “Fact is, therefore, that precisely this trend-setting elements the digital Citylight” to an information device fu? r Ascend makes an even broader user layer. The aluminum construction consists of extruded edgy hollow Chamber profiles, which settle in one, but very modern-looking, wasserstrahlgeschu? acclaimed housing is formed.

So the digital stele in outdoor use easily all Wettereinflu? ssen can make, uses follow me unlike? r extra tested materials. 76ers Owner is full of insight into the issues. Thus the digital Citylight is”follow me on the one hand against the enormous heat, but also against extreme cold armed. This integrated climate system, that how a cascade also thanks to an innovative. By a sensor is activated at u? bermassiger heat or cold the Ku? hl-or the heating system and thus ensuring the proper functionality of the digital stele. It is too warm the stele, turned up first at 30 degrees and then at 35 degrees depending on a Ku? a hlsystem. The same thing happens in cold weather. The first heating stage starts at just 12 degrees, at 8 degree, the second air stream heats the aggregate. Tests showed that the stele in 40 degree heat and -40 degrees cold worked properly on.

WMA Digital

Leading software manufacturer that makes your digital life more colorful mediAvatar software Studio, a professional multimedia software manufacturer has since early May 2010 its German Web site put online. As an expert for video conversion software, DVD software, tools for mobile devices and Mac programs has mediAvatar software Studio since its inception the goal set itself, offering a professional and reliable software easier and more enjoyable to make the digital life and the work of our customers. With four prominent strengths mediAvatar by numerous competitors stands out: mediAvatar committed themselves for the professionalism of all the programs, as far as possible to take account of the diverse needs of our customers. Therefore, the ideal solution for home users as well as for business customers is mediAvatar. mediAvatar supports four application languages: German, English, Spanish and French. mediAvatar offers 30-days money back guarantee.

Good quality and good reputation is one of the secret long business life. MediAvatar all programs are compatible with Windows 7. Much of what is important to us, or pleasure, exists today digital the digital photos on your hard drive via the music file on mobile devices, such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune and BlackBerry to the digital videos on the DVD. So you can manage your digital content easier and more convenient, mediAvatar provides a complete solution. mediAvatar Video Converter Professional: HD and SD video convert audios in popular formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC convert video convert for iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Google Mobile, etc. Edit videos, cut, assemble mediAvatar DVD converter professional fashion photo slide shows with music and effects: convert DVD to AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, u.s.w audio tracks from DVDs, extract DVD ripping on the Festplaltten DVD convert for playback on iPod, iPhone, PSP, MP4 Player, Google Mobile, Apple edit iPad DVD videos, schndeiden, merge mediAvatar free YouTube video download of free YouTube music Downloader in German, English, French and Spanish of free YouTube video downloader free download videos from YouTube in German, English, French and Spanish, and save to PC in next few days will bring about mediAvatar more products to mobile devices around. They are available on the page.


The CeBIT in Hannover, Germany will this year from 01.03.2011 05.03.2011 instead. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and professional RFID hardware we invite you to visit our booth D19, Hall 7. iDTRONIC’s innovative RFID products 125 kHz, HF 13.56 MHz and UHF are available for the passive RFID standards LF 868MHz. The product range is complemented by an active system, which also 868 MHz standard operates on UHF. At Michael Dell you will find additional information. The complete RFID product portfolio is perfectly aligned to the needs of system integrators of the areas industrial automation, Auto ID, logistics and asset tracking. Filed under: Michael Dell.

Like the team of iDTRONIC with its core competencies and product innovations introduces himself closer: complete RFID hardware product portfolio for system integrators BLUEBOX stationary controller, readers and antennas for LF, HF, UHF, and active mobile Datenterminale with integrated iDTRONIC RFID technology data terminal M3-S with LF, HF and UHF technology special tags for Auto ID, logistics and industrial automation of many years of expertise for Professional RFID systems and applications we offer you information without the hassle and time pressure. Our qualified team of exhibition presents you all news of our range and will advise you very happy individual. On request you can save 2011 is for the CeBit in Hanover your e-ticket for free. Just write an email to our marketing assistant Mrs. Harwardt and you will receive a link to sign up to order your free ticket for one day exhibition. We are looking forward to your visit! There is more information on all iDTRONIC products always up to date see.