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The Burnout Syndrome

Worker Burnout, professional wear, occupational, worker wear worn, consumed worker this is the Burn-out syndrome. Maslach and Jackson described this syndrome, considering it as the advanced phase of professional stress, which occurs when expectations in the professional field and the reality of daily work, as well as when there is a lack of recognition of the work become unbalanced in 1986. It reflects the professional exhaustion, depersonalization and low personal fulfillment. It is a syndrome of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion, the person collapses because of psychic exhaustion before the work routine. Consequences that may cause this syndrome tend to be serious, as the person will be unable to continue working, negative attitudes, decreases performance and motivation, sick leave, chronic diseases, fatigue, conflicts occur, not acceptance of the criticisms, bad environment labour all symptoms caused can frame them within symptoms psychosomatic, behavioral, emotional, or labor. Who tend to be commonly affected? It is normal that they are professionals who are in contact with people, such as health personnel, teaching, social assistants, etc. Marc Mathieu is full of insight into the issues.

It is very important to take into account this syndrome since the stress, tiredness and discomfort are some of the physical symptoms that most affect the proper functioning of companies. Therefore, it is suitable that the organizations themselves try to prevent their employees from reaching these situations. This is best evade the employee in their work environment and keep him away from work routine, encourage you and motivate you in a relaxed context. In Alternative Xperience are specialists in the Organization’s original company events, Team Building theme, outdoor training programs and different incentives, through which companies can find an opportunity to prevent their workers from being victims of the Burn-out syndrome. We always work with a high orientation to objectives pursued by our customers and using surprise and emotions as main protagonists and channels of communication.