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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Whether out of bad experiences, or from a general fear of commitment these days many people prefer to stay alone. While in the past were primarily the representatives of the male sex as bindungsunfahig, can be found at present, more and more women among the Beziehungsphobikern. People with symptoms of anxiety relationship relationship anxiety flee their partnerships as soon as it “seriously”. Really uncomfortable, they feel that is usually when a relationship starts to run really well. The more they discover the love partner who is still on “cloud nine” and has probably set up on a long partnership with her suddenly pronounced final stroke on the head. Many are also looking Beziehungsphobiker usually already aware of – or unconsciously – Partners / from the inside, with whom a relationship is obviously doomed to failure. Married or living nearby women / men will be given this preference.

Distance is thus established. With the frequent change of partners may not have a deep bond and the result is the person concerned only right. You can give no assurance its partners work out the separation and slide like to blame for the failure of the / in the other’s shoes. A development of the relationship is not possible because he / she avoids that common goals can be forged. He / she creates an artificial distance between himself and the partner and allows no emotional closeness.

Already – by what circumstances whatsoever in “captivity” gadget – a married relationship cowards are characterized by beziehungsfeindliches behavior. They prevent in marriage and family entering into a deep, intimate bond with their spouse and children. Very often, the example is noticeable by the lack of communication and lack of interest in family life. Possible reasons for the fear to bind the relationship may arise in many afraid of bad experiences in previous relationships. Was the ex-partner extremely domineering, unfaithful, or even heavily addicted to alcohol, so the person needs determined some time to venture into a new relationship without the fear inside. The fear of renewed injury prevents him because deep feelings make vulnerable and vulnerable. Sometimes the child may also play a role. Did the parents a bad relationship, was often fought or beaten, the child wants to avoid such situations in adult life, often by himself later received no serious commitments. For no apparent Beziehungsphobikern notorious, just cause we talk already partly from disease. Treatment of the relationship should fear Beziehungsphobiker deal with psychological depth books on the subject. Moreover, bringing together like-minded groups and self-awareness courses and offer possible solutions. For more severe cases, psychotherapy is also recommended to find the roots of this fear of commitment and combat. And who out of conviction rather remain alone, is to do it please! Balance and harmony with ties to the right balance his intimacy and freedom for the parties have a beautiful affair. An exaggerated fear of a technical failure or may obstruct the chance to live together in harmony and can be a lonely back at the end. And as already said Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945): “The only thing we have to fear our own fear.”