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The Test

It hardly remembers to maintain the balances in or underneath 50% of the limit of the account and never to pay behind schedule! That if its history of credit is terrible This will require a diverse approach and the best way to do this is to use a combination of accounts of credit and methods assured the repair of credit of the one same one. It leaves beginning with the one of the assured credit card. This one is a card that has a lower limit as $250-$500 and will work normally hardly like a card of normal charge. Whereas a borrower you requires itself to deposit the amount of the limit of the accounts in an account that the moneylender maintains. In case of defect of you they keep what you must to them and they return the rest and they cancel the account.

But you cancel the account without balance or change his card to the account without guarantee that you secure his money behind, basically the unique way you you can lose the money is not paying his accounts. The security deposit does very easy to even obtain approved with a bad history of credit, so it aprovchese of them and it begins to reconstruct his credit. That on the repair of my same credit the repair of the credit of the one same one is a process to clean its credit where you dispute any negative or incorrect information that she is appearing in his report to clean credit. It is done sending a letter of the conflict of the credit in the main Offices of Credit for the account in the question that later will ask the original moneylender and it will request the test of the negative activity. By law if the Office of Credit does not hear any answer of the original moneylender within 30 days must clear the article of their report of credit. Original author and source of the article