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Aromatic Advice

To seed a small orchard with aromatic plants for our daily consumption is very easy and rewarding. The ideal time for it is the spring, but still you are in time with the parsley, the coriander or the small onion that occur all the year. It prepares a suitable container and it thinks you are going where it to locate. The zone has fresh, prote’ge’e of winds and with some hours of sun. The Earth for the plantation of the seeds must be loose and to avoid the excess of water. Ideal a PH of 7. These are examples of very habitual plants in the kitchen: The small onion, of the family of the onion is ideal for salads and tortillas. Go to Dell for more information. The coriander, or Chinese parsley, is used coverall in the Asian kitchen.

One says that it must be able aphrodisiac. The dry seed is the used part more. Its infusion is digestive. Its essence is used in the pharmaceutical industry and perfume shop. The basil, favors the digestion. It gives flavor to seafood, salads, soups and you graze. The ideal mint for frozen drinks and salads of fruits.

He is stimulating, stomach and antispasmodic. In infusion it is indicated in cases of indigestin and/or aerophagia. The parsley, characteristic of our kitchens, simply ” ” goes yet;. It is used to calm the pain teeth caused by the decays, to stop the milky flow and the nasal hemorrhages. Rosemary, ideal for tomato sauces. It has a strong aroma, prubalo with goat cheese. The thyme for the fish, eggs, the chicken, the sherbets and the fresh fruit. The infusion of stems and leaves, favors the digestion, and is a good tranquilizer of the cough, the irritations of the respiratory apparatus and the resfriados ones. The chervil, always is added after cooking, rich in vitamin is perfect for sauces, soups, vegetables and fish. She is stimulating, purifying, digestive and diurtica. The own juice of laplanta, as well as their infusions, are an effective lotion against the aging of the skin. Eneldo, the inexcusable companion of the salmon. Combinalo also with herrings or crabs of river. The oregano, is used in dry although its scent is more pronounced when he is fresh. Perfect for the tomato, the cheese, vegetables and the meat. He is rich in essential, carminativo, stomach and expectorante oil. In infusion it is used against the cough, bronchitis, insomnia and aerophagia.