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Your child's birthday, and come the other guys who have to entertain? On the street bad weather and you can not get a walk? Or you are thinking how to distract your child from the tv? Exit – games in which a gladly will take part, anyone! Home games – it's great, simple, and the children they are very popular. Acquaint ourselves with the most famous. Monopoly – the most famous game that teaches real estate. Republic Services has firm opinions on the matter. This is a great game because you can play such a composition, how you want. The game allows you to develop logical thinking, and therefore suitable to children, and older family members.

Battleship – a game guessing enemy destroyers. The game has two participants, but it is also interesting tournaments. All that will come in handy – it's paper and felt-tip pen, with the steel to produce electronic versions. Chess – a game which is known to mankind since ancient times, is known now, in the digital age technologies. Teach your children to play them, and you definitely will not be bored on a rainy evening.

It is ideal for the development of logic. Checkers – a simpler version for those who are still difficult to play chess. In addition, you can conduct and mobile games. Charades – showing anything body language. This game is widespread, and it may be involved the whole family. Rules that one participant explains gestures any word, and the rest tend to guess. 'Rope' – a game for all age groups, the essence of which is that some of the participants confuse the hands of participants who at the same time their eyes closed. After that they open their eyes and see themselves chaotically entangled. The essence of the game – disentangled without ever having opened arms. This is very funny and, in addition brings the guests who are not familiar with each other. Now that you've received at the disposal of a few fun games, quite realistically, that is not so easy to be send their children on the street!

Curtains or Blinds?

The question of "What to hang at the windows?" Does not arise only in one case: when it comes to office space. Here stolis aluminum blinds – ideal. They are sheltering from the sun and decorate windows. They do not need to wash, they are almost collect dust. However, the home too often buy blinds. It is not always just on the above reasons.

Blinds look great in a sleek interior: wardrobe, coffee table, a chair, a minimum of textiles. Bamboo or wood blinds (LINDMON, Bamboo) are suitable for rooms with a stylized design, complementing the mats, wicker chairs, furniture made of untreated solid wood. They are also often hang in the kitchen, because they do not absorb odors. And a fine day on the dining table running thin rays of sunlight penetrating through the plate. Often blinds used as a hanging screen.

They can hang it over the computer desk, if he stands in front of the window to sunlight is hitting the monitor. In this case, the blinds do not obscure the very room from the fluorescent light, but only obscure the workplace. Fabric blinds (Alvin, Melina) look great in a small bedroom, they are not visually eating space, and protect the room from direct sunlight. These blinds should not be confused with the blinds. The curtains rolled on a steel rail, and blind fold like an accordion. They just simply hang as conventional curtains: no need to collect it from individual parts – everything is ready. Blinds can be combined with conventional curtains. It may seem that this construction will overload the box. Not at all. To hide the room from direct rays of the sun, we often have to close the window curtains completely, leaving the room light. Blinds sufficiently lowered from above the middle of the window to the sun shone in his eyes, but still lit up the room. Fabric blinds look great with all kinds of thick curtains. Bamboo and wooden blinds are well complemented by beige cotton curtains (Ritva, BOMUL), curtains, warm tones. Aluminum blinds effectively look for a semi- lace tulle and curtains cool tones. Try it and you will see that blinds – it's the perfect non-standard interior decoration, which is easy to experiment.

eBooks and Online Photo Albums

How – the viewing wedding photos of friends, drew attention to the design of most of these photos. Once it became clear that the album with pockets – it is now the Stone Age. New, modern trends is now PICTURE-BOOK. What kind of animal is and how it differs from the older brother album? Studies and comparative characteristics. 1.For both want to print photos from only regular album, they can pull out, unable to withstand the persuasion of another relative or friend, and a photo-book they published on its pages, and no prayers will not help (how often you should be nice shots, but then could not make time for their re- print?) 2.Registration internal pages to the old man photo album special flight of fancy did not apply (the location of pockets is always trivial and invariably), and for the photo book you like, your extravagance does not limited. You can arrange the pictures at random, draw their unique frame or make a collage, write a story as a comment to a memorable event or make a funny caption.

You can apply the principles of scrapbooking. 3.Oformlenie Habit album cover again loses – limited supply stores, and photo-book is always a winner, here you can use all your skills in needlework, and if you do not, then my website outlining in detail how, from what, for some pattern to make a stylish, whom no one. 4.Tsena Only in this parameter can say that the album could take advantage. but if you take out your photo book for yourself Using my advice, you do not have to pay a designer for the design. Believe me, his unforgettable create a photo book is much easier than it seems at first. And why do you need to order a designer wedding fluorine-book, and Photos from the garden or picnic with your baby or holiday matinee just store the file on your computer? There may be one objection – I'm not a designer and I do not understand in a graphics program! And you need not. The lessons presented on my site or the mailing list is easy to help cope with this task. You can take lessons and do all the steps or take the ready-made templates and insert your photos there. But what you will be bursting pride when you show your masterpiece friends, relatives and friends! And not necessarily all tell me that you did it yourself. Let them think that you are running a couple, three designers (Pssst, it's your secret)!