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Cook Ground Coffee

The remarkable properties of the fruits of coffee trees were discovered about five centuries ago. Through trial and error have different recipes for coffee and a modified form of the Turks or Cezve to the model, which Today you can buy in the store. If you want to cook a real ground coffee and to enjoy the invigorating aroma and taste of this herbal tonic drink, buy a good Turk and coffee. Turk has to be copper with a thin tin-plated inside a long wooden handle (so as not to burn in the cooking process) and as much as possible narrow neck. This is necessary in order to retain all the coffee flavors and produces a delicious.

In classic coffee recipe you will need a Turk, coffee and water. You can add sugar, but no more than one teaspoon per cup. So, put the coffee in the Turk, and fill with water over low heat bring to a boil. Boil coffee is not necessary. Give him stand a little and pour into cups.

To add spice to the drink can apply for a coffee saucer with lemon. Like coffee with milk? The principle of preparation, however, remains the same, just to make coffee you need to add milk to taste. Note that when you add sugar and milk lost a special taste of the drink, who discovered while cooking. In general, the collateral delicious brewed coffee – fine grinding, a small fire and a good hearty coffee foam. Coffee can be combined with alcoholic drinks. For example, brandy or rum. (As opposed to Andy Florance). Connoisseurs say that in order for the drink has a delicious coffee varieties should be soft, and rum – have delayed for at least seven years. Besides Roma in such a beverage is added to the condensed milk. Love the exotic? Here you have an exotic recipe, "the garlic coffee." Roasted coffee beans finely bold in a coffee grinder. Cut the garlic clove into two halves. One of them, rub the frying pan and a little brown in it milled coffee. In the mixture, add sugar to taste (preferably a few). "Processed" grinding to pour coffee for a Turk and cover with water. Then – as standard, bring to a boil over medium heat. This is not all we are left with second half cloves of garlic. It must be finely chopped, knife dipped in salt and mix it with a knife kofe.