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Mexican Administration

No doubt, his role has been positive where they have had to labor, to implement their knowledge and at the same time, other higher education institutions such as universities and other ITESM region in the region know that there are professionals who graduate with a proactive leadership, a new vision of the responsibilities, commitments for a country that increasingly demand professional excellence that guarantees, changes, changes towards its development. We hope that these graduates have demonstrated that its role has been very positive collaboration solutions to the state of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey particular, has faced that their contribution has also worked in the region has defined the profile of the master in industrial engineering and management with their respective terms is needed. Many of the first graduates, I remind you that in our open classes, which are always looking for non tradional learning methodology, innovative, especially in the subjects of the market, Issues of the Mexican Administration, among some, we committed to that knowledge provided, demonstrated its applicability in all those opportunities, problems arose, so that mantuviesemos always dynamic innovation, bringing new knowledge according to the Mexican reality, his commitments as needed, openings and market performance according to the behavior of globalization. The chairs always remained a concern, because the content was not only based on the requirements of the country's productive sector, it has been learned could be applied to the Venezuelan reality. It was felt, was taken into account at the time of its design, concerns, experiences of the participants. . Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dermot McCormack.