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Jota Mario Valencia

Carolina Cruz was born June 12, 1979 in Tulua, and is today the models and presenters most prosperous of Colombia. In the year of 1999, model Carolina Cruz participated in the national beauty pageant (Miss Colombia) where represented the Department of Valle del Cauca, being a favorite since the beginning of the contest by the public and the press. Carolina Cruz lost the title against the senorita Cundinamarca ESE then Catalina Acosta, staying in the post of virreina. After the contest, Carolina Cruz, continuing my work as a model and began the presentation of television programmes of the hand de la programadora Jorge Baron TV. Kai-Fu Lee often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Carolina Cruz link in 2001 to the RCN as presenter of shows such as commands and subsequently in the celebrity of the news section. The name of Carolina Cruz became more popular after presenting for a long time very good morning program days next Jota Mario Valencia and Yaneth Waldman; It was there where Carolina Cruz became all a celebrity and is He returned in one of the models more relevant of the Colombian farandula. The output of the program very good morning Carolina Cruz originated by their participation in the reality show bailando por un Sueno in which Carolina him given the title of winner. Carolina Cruz believe their own accessories company called Carolina Cruz sole company, and in turn launched Carolina Cruz jewellery and accessories stores.

Carolina Cruz was also presenter of programmes such as change end 3, illusion, magic and Humor. Currently, presents the RCN newscast and the new reality entertainment section blind date. Carolina Cruz is ranked as one of the best models and Colombia celebrity presenters, was winner in 2008 of novels and the TV Award as best presenter, title repeated in 2009.


When we hear any talk or motivating story suddenly thought well I will also do something good with my life!, many people begin to pray that things will change, but it seems that God do not hear them, what happens? It does not mean that God does not hear us, the power of him there has been, is and will always be, what happens is that to bring about changes you need to make a conscious effort, since the fact of prayer implies a discipline. Several people are very excited to see the movie the secret and know about the law of attraction, but people repeatedly ask me not me is working? The answer is that it really works but there are several myths that break as we mentioned by Andrew Corentt in the book the secret of the power of goals and the first one is to expect external changes without changing persons internally. E.g. a person dreams of being an entrepreneur (a) success but continues with bad habits of always: it rises late, leaves things to do, you can’t order at his home, is unpunctual, postpones commitments, in General leads a disorderly life, you think that a person with those behaviors can succeed, too unlikely truth. Why in the book the secret of the power of goals we mentioned the importance of clearly defining our desire and support it with planned actions that will allow us to move forward towards our goal. Learn more at this site: Peter Asaro. Every time that you run different actions you are changing your life, success is actually a set of good habits, if you currently do not have achieved it means that not even owns some of these habits. In the book the secret of the power of goals of Andrew Corentt is to teach many techniques that change the way in which you receive and process information in your mind, once it has processed properly then you will run after your wishes, your happiness, dreams and freedom. When a person has well defined your goals begins to experience powerful changes, will never be the person before, then there if it is possible to observe external differences, is there where’s wishes, work, prayer and any energy towards its objective function. Achieve life changes? If your answer is affirmative then begin to analyze your current situation, what?, what do not you have liked?, would you like to stay?

Web Internet

But now comes the most interesting part. Already a year ago, on 12 July 2011, Expansion published an article entitled, Spain could save 7,000 million with a couple of clicks, where it appears a figure very similar to that just published the Commission’s e-procurement of the ANEI. In this article they claim, the new Government could take note: Spain would be able to save at least 7 billion euros per year in public procurement with the modernization of the system, according to the most conservative estimates of the EU. I don’t want to get into the discussion about information leakage, but what find me much more alarming is the fact that, apparently, already was known more than one year ago formulas of savings that could have helped to cover the initial amount of the rescue to Bankia or cuts in health, one of the most important areas for our population. Peter Asaro is often quoted on this topic. But what did the Government?, instead of saving to innovate, has simply cut by the healthy, or should we say cut by the bad, leaving public administrations without wings in order to invest and undertake a takeoff of expenditure reduction, optimising the management of their engagements. This report reveals only one example of how creative and innovative proposals for pragmatic and structural reforms that come out of the path of outdated and conservative prescriptions, could open new ways to get us out of the hole we’re digging, deeper each day. Douglas R. Oberhelman does not necessarily agree. How many more innovative ideas could have ended up in crates or bins, and how many more could be, if they actually showed interest in leaving their pre-set ideas? For more information about the Commission on electronic contracting, and its members and partners, please visit their presentation on the website of anei Andre w. Klein Marketing consultant in Web Internet:

Subscribers List

Not be if even you know it, but you should know that major asset of your business in Internet is your list of subscribers, and which thereby all their efforts in advertising you make either all the traffic to send to your Web site must be completely captured in any database to assemble a fully segmented list of your prospects. Now we know that while bigger is our list of subscribers, much more big will be our income, a list of 100, that one in 1000, is not the same or even a 1000 than other 5000 people interested in our services. That is why, here I leave you a strategy that has worked for me since it began to use and better yet it is still very effective. By statistics has shown that a person who enters a website for the first time takes that seeks and leaves, they come, they get what they wanted and goodbye, not returning to your website because you may not remember your site, and without hardly register. Not just only tell our visitors, register here free of charge, there is no motivation or called a ACTION, this is why that your users cannot be recorded to your list. I therefore recommend this strategy that you comment before continuous running effectively, as you called my Mentor Alvaro Mendoza, is an ethical blackmail, where you offer something free to change that register can be a newsletter, a free course, Audio or a video that you think may be of interest to your visitors. 2 Examples here: 1) enter your name and Email and receive completely free a ().

(2) Register in the form and download in your Email (a) for free as you can see in the examples, there is call to action, simply not so I am inviting to register, but to download something free of value for them. People you like to get free stuff, and it is a very good strategy that I have always used and that has made me grow large lists in my business, I hope you start to use them. Greetings and success in your business over the Internet, Berny Alexander P.D. If not yet begun beam do Email Marketing tea I recommend you get the Aweber service to create your List of subscribers.

Breaking The Barrier

An educational program for the public is launched to encourage low-income California families to discover the advantages of the internet at home. They are already legion which could not live even one only day without internet, but to many others, the circumstances have kept them disconnected in perpetuity. For this reason, yesterday it was launched Get Connected, a statewide initiative to achieve that more people have access to the services on the network in California. The figures are revealing: only 34 percent of latinos have internet access in California against 55 per cent of the general population that has service in your home. Only in Los Angeles, a city marked by media, entertainment and innovation, 52 per cent has no connection to the network by disabilities, barriers of languages, poverty or by simple fear to understand the technology, said Sunne Wright McPeak, President of the emerging technology fund of California (CETF, by its acronym in English). With the presentation on the youth technology center of Boyle Heights, an area to the East of L.a.

Hispanic majority and families with limited resources, the campaign relies on bringing internet to people who don’t know it for lack of preparation or low-income. The programme places emphasis on the advantages that can lead to seek work through the computer, check your bank accounts or simply send an email to have better communication. There are people who think that connect to the internet costs 60 or 80 dollars a month, but it is not true, explains Raquel Cinat, Associate Vice-President of CETF. The truth is that those 15 or 20 dollars per month which is paid by the service are an incredible for your family investment. The campaign will bring this initiative people through free fairs in different areas which offer courses on how to surf the net in a very basic way to computers and broadband services companies incentives.

In addition they will be commercial on radio and television both in Spanish and in English. The locations of the fairs of community connection include Boyle Heights, East of Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, South of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pico Union (City Centre) and the San Fernando Valley. The first fair be held on Saturday, June 13 at Centre technological youth in Boyle Heights from 10 in the morning to two in the afternoon.

Preserve Personal Memories

Personal memories, especially that we keep in a photobook, allow us to recall pleasant experiences that occurred throughout our lives. There is one who does not invest even a minute in taking pictures and as a consequence, has a smaller range of memories to contemplate and savour. Others just go on holiday and not hoard memorabilia or buy souvenirs when they travel. Those who do not remember your camera and don’t buy souvenirs will have a much more limited range of souvenirs. With the passage of time, these objects serve as a reminder and enable us to relive moments with friends and family; and they often are the cement of our personal ties. The cameras are relatively economic, so parents with small children should not forget to take them pictures of the toddler. If tomorrow found that just they have pictures of their children, it will be sad for her children both parents. When children become adults always shown a great interest in seeing they were like during its first years.

Reminders stored in photo albums offer us the opportunity to enjoy these unique moments. As parents we become adults, we treasure each time more fondly photographic memories. Similarly, marriages can relive their happiest moments and share their memories, whether in the form of photographs, souvenirs, letters of love, special gifts or other personal memorabilia. The memories are very important. It is true that we must enjoy and learn new experiences in the present, in addition to thinking about new goals for the future, but the past also has its meaning, and we should not forget it. When a family moves to a new city or region, it is not always possible to keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances. In such situations, the only thing that remains of those friendships are the memories. The photobooks images bring to mind pleasant memories of happy times spent together with friends from the past.

What is a friend? ES someone special, someone that we should not forget. The holidays are times that we must preserve in memory, since they are days he spent with our family in a relaxed, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. No trip through France, England or Italy is complete if it is not accompanied with a good lot of pictures, which are future memories. Think of a family that is going to travel across the United States: in baggage can not miss a camera good, to capture and save the stellar moments. Of course there are people with an excellent memory, but most are not able to remember all the details of our experiences. In general, the holidays are moments of happiness, that we should revisit from time to time. It is easier to know the history with a photobook: a picture is worth a thousand words. The works of historians, novelists and poets, along with photographs and other ingredients, are those who shape history. Letters written by historical figures, pictures of relevant people all help us to know the past. The truth is that, without historical memories, life would be boring, since there would be no way to explain what happened in the past. So things are: no one escapes to their final fate, nor we, nor any animal, flower or tree. With the passage of time, memories can help to know and appreciate the contribution made to society by those who lived before. Each of us has a unique heritage, which will be easier to assess whether it is expressed through various memories.

Web Hosting

After finishing the process design and layout of a web page, it always accuses us looking for a company that serves us to host our project to the cloud, to publicize our public purpose around the world that want to communicate, sell or service to provide, but this is only one door that open Satisfechos and anxious hope someone to visit usopine, critique, we buy or ask for a solution to a problem which occasionally may fret, but that we are going to try to resolve, with the passing of the days and to keep an eye on our computer, we noticed that nobody visits us, then we wonder what did we do wrong?, page this correctly lodged in the server, opens and loads efficiently each of our links. Through my experience with hosting, in these ups and downs of host information on the web I decided to offer a set of guidelines that would help that these projects after being in the cloud, are not left in the air as something anecdotal dream of being agent changing and proactive in the globalized world to become one tool of evolution and achievement of knowledge through its website. Strategy to follow: web usability: the law of five seconds, this relentless punishment that give us our users enter to page and abandon it in this time frame is generated by that can’t find the proper information, we must always have relevant and concise information of the service that we offer at the top left of our page, as to find it immediately we would avoid the rebound and increase their interest and their desire to investigate more in our website, why should go information in this place especially?, this is due to the Western Convention of method of read-write that part from the left to the right and by logic starts at the top (also known as mental model). This and other guidelines such as the logo, typography, scroll, the achura of page, sit map among others will serve us to improve our performance on the network. Created by: Mulatahosting

Teach A Dog To Sit

Before addressing the issue of teaching a dog to sit, we are going to teach your dog to come to you maybe you missed as many people that have a dog for the first time, often frustrated each time that they tell to his but come! and the friend alli stays at with face of not understanding that you are trying to tell you. If you would like to teach a dog to come to you? Unfortunately, dogs don’t understand the commands by instinct is something that many people who have dog can not understand! A good way to start to teach him to respond to the command come! is to say see! every time the dog moves in the direction where these you. Then reward it and caress it for having come toward you, even without that necessarily have done so in response to your command. Teach your dog to go to where your are this way makes that training is less intense and creates a very comforting situation both for you and for your dog. And now we teach your dog to sit! As teaching a? dog sit? The command sit! or sit! is usually one of the first people to teach your new dog.

However, personally I think that it is more convenient to learn first to go towards you – with the command come! we explained above and then teach him to sit before offering the reward. Teach a dog to sit is simple, but must be done with patience and dedication. Always reward your dog every time that it succeeds. Instead of simply pressing for down in the back of the spine and force him to sit – usual-, considered placing a hand there and the other under her breast, gently, then tell her sit! (remember that you don’t need to shout, but if using a tone of authority) while applying slight pressure to down in the back area and up in the chest area. Reward your dog with caresses, flattery and any cookie! when hit the goal. OK already is now want to know how to make your dog stays in place when your order is How many times do we need that! Once you’ve achieved that you feel, you’re ready to learn how to stay in your site. If you would like to teach a dog who stays on your site? Place your dog in position sitting and reward him with a cookie.

Now place your hand in front of the dog’s snout (without touching it), and di Quietus!. Begins to recede back by hand always forward. Di sake! if your dog stays at the site and allow you to go towards you for your reward after a few seconds. Each time that you repeat this process successfully, increases the time interval until you get your dog to stay at the site for a full minute. Always reward him with their cookies, caresses and praise for a job well done. It is preferable to carry out this training in a quiet place, however you can alternate practice at home and in a public park to reinforce Quietus! means staying on the site regardless of the environment where it can receive the command. I am Marcelo Perez, and I congratulate you for your progress!

Media Marketing

If you already started to promote yourself on social networks should consider having a working routine is important for your development and to obtain the best results in your social media marketing campaigns. Even if you have not yet begun your with your campaigns I recommend that fences pose a routine so you’re ready for when you start on this adventure, this will help you to have a better organization of your time and be constant in your marketing activities. You were to now you ask, as I set up my routine of work of marketing on social networks?, it’ll help you to find an answer for you. If these starting a campaign of social media marketing (Social Media Marketing), you can start with a simple and entertaining, routine that will not take you more than a little of your time and you can easily dedicate it still have other activities such as work, school, work, home, etc. I’ll help with a simple example, the decision is yours if you want to do more, or less, but you can easily apply what they’ll show: 2 times a day: Review Twitter: Responds to comments that are of interest to you, check if you’ve had any message and responds, also check if they have responded to the comments that you’ve sent. Check your blog: check if you’ve had opinions and answers.

Socialize on Facebook: create conversations with other users with whom you share interests. 1 time per day: writes a new post to your blog, and share it on Twitter and Facebook (automatically shares in RSS). It publishes a message of interest for your Facebook Fans. Looking for people on Twitter that are assets (to create conversations and send Tweets) and you want to follow. Leave comments on other blogs that relate to your business. As you can see it is a very simple routine, you can add or remove activities according to your goals, this is just an example to give you an idea of the things you can do, as time are very simple and if you do them daily you will get good results and start to have an effective presence in social networks.

When you have a set routine and perform it every day you’ll realize of the so important role that they play social networks for your business marketing plan. It is now your turn to create a daily routine and start to implement it daily, recalls that the social media marketing (Social Media Marketing) requires constancy and perseverance. Also considered to begin with the right foot taking into account the steps that you must follow to be successful in your social media marketing campaigns. I invite you to share this article with your friends and colleagues in social networks, and leave me a comment at the bottom, if you already have a daily routine can comment on it at the bottom and at the same time you can help other people to define your social media marketing routine.