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The Tension

And it is worth noting that – all decisions on the organization of work in design and different ways of processing must be addressed simultaneously and comprehensively. Because to make any additional changes to either a complete image of interior, the problem is not that particularly difficult, but requires and additional financial investments, and possibly – change in the overall interior style. A creative approach to design can make the interior so original that it will transfer characteristic personality of the owner. Taking innovative solutions, professional designer will be able to combine any customer with the latest developments in the field of design. Many writers such as tech investor offer more in-depth analysis. Changes in interior design is not always required a global reconstructive solutions. Sometimes it is enough to bring a single harmonious element to achieve the desired effect. And such an element might well be tastefully decorated wall separating kitchen and living area. This choice of design solution enhances visual perspective space, and particularly successful in designing an interior small apartments.

The main central track defines the conceptual direction of the general visual style. In solving this design problem will use in the interior of the unique properties of glass art glass and related materials. Glass furniture, stained glass art, original chandelier or lamp in an unusual style – each of these design elements could play a dominant role in resolving this issue. Glass has properties visually expand space, but due to the refraction of light passing through the translucent stained-glass, sometimes achieved by an unusual, unique effects of beautiful designer lighting throughout the composition. Make your home cozy and stylish is possible without using expensive furnishings and Super stylish fashion novelties. In addition, if these things are totally exclusive do not fit into the interior, their use will be at least – unwise.

It also happens that you do not want to part with items dear to the heart of the old environment, for example my mother's grandmother's dresser or wardrobe, and you want to include these old things in new design. Ways to address The task is also – quite feasible. After the restoration of the works on decoration of furniture, old product in a new interpretation may well be perfectly fit into the interior design. In addition, when Interior design is necessary to minimize the use rectangular shapes, sharp angles and straight lines. They can make the negative and the tension in those rooms that are designed for leisure and work effectively. Smooth contours in furniture design, arched window openings and arched walls between the rooms – all this allows visually disguise direct forms. Unusual design solution may be to use such an element of decor, the furniture round in combination with decorative stained glass inserts. Its smooth configuration will provide for additional smoothing angles, in addition, it harmonizes with the other mirror and glass interior elements. (Unless, of course – do you use to design variations of art glass) Variations of creative solutions for the design of interior design can be set. But "aerobatics" design development is to achieve harmony between the environment and surrounding residential interior world of man.