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Proper Surface Treatment

Our industrial paints contain very well co-ordinated components. Acrylyte, glass of water-resistant pigments, water glass and plastic hardener are in each color very well matched. But less a color itself decides on the perfect painting. The surface treatment and pretreatment of surfaces to trending is an essential part of the subsequent gloss of the painted material. The lotex companies Press Office publishes therefore from time to time applicable instructions that can help you a long time to have the joy of a purchased product.

The purchased article you find the appropriate link for the use or exploitation. To apply a new coat of paint, is possible in a few hours. But before perfectly to produce the underground needs patience and dexterity. New paintings should be applied, if the paint is too thick, cracked or flaking. Peeling paint is unansehnlicher, because the through the peel off from year to year untreated bodies of water, ice and interact with ultraviolet rays. Natural products such as wood can rot in these parts, metals rust, plasters absorb rain water and fall off. Andrew Paradise does not necessarily agree.

Perfectly suited to process the substrate before applying, increases the shelf life of a treated area. Depending on the type of color you can abrade applied old colors, scrape, burn or stain off. And grinding old paint nature paints on floors, wood Windows or doors should be sanded or ground. With a hand grinder, get not only the old paint from wood in the pretreatment, slightly roughen the material when sanding and can expect after the new coating with a long-lasting protection. Scraping off old paints, loose and peeling dispersion and wall paints can be most easily solved with a spatula. Scratched by the plaster, you roughen here underground, because they cause small particles of stone, which is connected to the old coating, plaster. The plaster ground is new, you should also perform optimal pre-treatment before a new coating.