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Tips To Train Your Dog

A poorly trained dog can be annoying and even a threat to himself and others. A dog properly trained, by contrast, can be a fantastic companion. Besides having an educated dog, you can avoid that your dog is hurt if he pays attention and go to your call. To train it, always remember that dogs react better if you encourage them, if you shout them or hit them you will not obtain good results, then used rewards such as treats, caresses and words of affection this will do the job much more enjoyable for both! There is a general process to train a dog, no matter what you want to do. The key is to get the dog to carry out the Act and at that precise moment give you instruction for the same, then congratulate the dog and reward him with some of the options mentioned above. After some time of practice, the he understood the message and will connect the Act with the instruction. Please remember that every dog is different and will have their own learning times, so you will have to be patient and do not discourage you if things don’t go as you want quickly. Hits! Discover all the secrets to training your dog with dog training in: thank you and have a beautiful day! April Sanchez original author and source of the article. .