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DruckDiscount24.de Takes 100 Percent Recycled – Paper In The Online – Product Range On

> Paper from paper – award for the environment of Cologne: now customers of the online – printer DruckDiscount24.de can order your letterhead, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards and much more also on 100% recycled – paper printed. The new cyclus offset features recognizable paper 100% recycled, you can and is awarded the EU flower and the blue environmental Angel. “The daily requests from customers who want to have produced your print on recycled – paper can reach us. We are excited about the environmental awareness of our customers and would help specifically they become effectively involved – for our environment for the protection of our environment affects us all!”so Heiko Mazur, Managing Director of book and offset printing house houses KG in Cologne. The low-cost Internet – printing DruckDiscount24.de is the online – sale channel of printing houses KG. To actively support the customers in its commitment to environmental protection, the online – printing DruckDiscount24.de has their paper product range enlarged and now 100% recycled – paper offers online. Customers who order your business cards, flyers, folders, and letterhead in the Internet on DruckDiscount24.de in the future, can choose from now the recycled – paper.

To the usual cheap DruckDiscount24.de – prices online – print shop offers its customers the opportunity to contribute to environmental protection with every print job. Cyclus offset is the name of the new paper, which consists of 100% recycled 100% recycling. Cyclus offset paper and offset printing house houses KG opted deliberately a paper, which is not only to 100% from recycled materials, but in addition is awarded the blue environmental Angel and the EU flower. These two environmental awards mark cyclus offset 100% recycled – paper as environmentally-friendly product, which meets the strict criteria of the EU flower and the blue environmental Angel to the protection of the environment. Customers of Internet – printing company that would like to order the new recycled – paper, for this see the loading point option “Paper type” now available in the online – print shop DruckDiscount24.de.