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Evaluation of Shares

Stocks – it's equity securities, indicating a contribution of a certain sum (shares, stock) in a stock company and giving the right to participate in company profits and the right to vote in general meetings. Market value per share in various size packages will be different. Allocate the following stakes: the controlling stake – the share of stocks, ensuring their dominance of the actual owner of a corporation. Theoretically, a majority shares is not less than half of all voting shares. However, in practice (for wide distribution of shares), a majority are about 20% of the shares. Blocking stake – the share of stock, allowing their owners to veto the decision of the board of directors of the company. Typically, blocking more than a quarter of the shares. The actual control – shares, sufficient for the actual management and control of the company. Typically, the actual control package provides less control. Visit David Treadwell for more clarity on the issue. In connection with the same approaches, business valuation and valuation of shares are closely interrelated. Liquidation of the enterprise (SALE all the assets of the company), mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or the selection of independent enterprises from the holding company involves an assessment of its market, since it is necessary to determine the price purchase / redemption of shares or, for example, the value of premiums paid by the shareholders of the absorbed company. To determine the value of at least one action, it is necessary to conduct market assessments of the business enterprise, and then allocate the cost of interest to us, share (by number of shares) of the total cost. Under estimate the company's business is understood assessment of all without exception his assets: real estate, equipment, vehicles, various rights and liabilities, receivables and payables, intellectual property and so on. Accordingly, the valuation of shares is nothing but a business valuation. In some cases, only an independent appraisal property would make a valid conclusion about the real value of the assets of the enterprise, the share value of the property attributable to the acquired shares, as well as possible future income from the business. Shares divided into marketable (exchange) and unlisted. On quoted shares usually have information on their market value based on actual deals – it's much easier calculation of their value. Accordingly, shares that no buyout on the stock exchange, as a rule, do not have information on the current market value, which is contrary complicates their evaluation. Thus, the cost of the evaluation of quoted and unquoted shares vary considerably. Objectives Determining the value of shares in assessing the company's securities, stocks, shares in its capital is needed in cases of various types of transactions with them, such as issuance of securities, repurchase shares from shareholders, the appeal court decision on seizure of property, etc. When , merger, acquisition, takeover, division or allocation of business, independent evaluation will establish a fair balance between the shares Shareholders (participants), reflecting their real property investment in share capital. Determine the market value of property contributed to the charter fund of the company, will allow you to predict the costs associated with tax assets, depreciation and amortization. If among the owners of the reorganized company's present government structure, the independent evaluation of such companies is required by law. It is stated in the Federal Law "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation ', in Article 8.

Administrative Office

Yes, it will take time, but it paid off. Objective factor in a crisis situation with the staff – it lack of knowledge or unwillingness to work personnel manager. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Castle Harlan. Second – footage is already in the organization, but they expected that they trained professionals, but as it turned out, little idea of what to do. The same is true in management. Man puts on a post, expect that he knows his business, is able to competently manage professionally. But then it turns out that this is not true.

We, for example, with my husband, about 2001-2002, began to expand organization, and opened several stores, hiring new employees. But all of these stores were each by itself, does not have a single network, and most importantly – staff was not trained: sellers do not know how to properly communicate and sell. So Thus, we face a crisis of expansion. Then we gradually began to lead the organization to best picture by introducing the Administrative Office of Technology, developed in the 50s years of L. Ron Hubbard. Then, in 2002, in the study of the specialized material from sellers many questions just on technical terms, to clarify who left plenty of time. And my first step to solving the problem was to create a glossary with specialized definitions of words that came to the training materials. That is the struggle with the crisis began with a clarification of confusing words and structured training of personnel, which, incidentally, continues to this been and is our successful action.

Closing The Sale

As an important part of a presentation the seller should try, periodically, to make a closing sale of test to measure the willingness potential customer buying. A. Aftermarket activities. The sales success depends on repeat business. The satisfied customer will provide data for other potential customers.

After-sales services can promote good image to the customer after its decision because according to the call cognitive dissonance, after a person has made a decision sweeps you anxiety because he knows that the chosen alternative has some unpleasant features as well as advantages. Like other post-sales services, the seller must assure the customer that has made the right decision by: o A summary of the benefits of the product. o A discussion of the advantages of the product over the discarded alternatives. o The signaling the degree of satisfaction that the client will use the product. (Raul Fernando Chamoso Vedia) Once at this point we will enter the description and comparison of two real cases. 4 .- Case 1 – The top seller – I occupied the post of sales manager for a company investing in stock markets. This company had developed a system for forecasting stock prices on high-risk products, which was right in more than 75% of cases and provided customers with a cost well above the usual financial products, minimizing the actual risk of the product ( we are talking about options and derivatives markets). The marketing was done in two ways, first sold the information of the forecasting system, to investment firms and financial institutions in the form of monthly subscription, given the limited number of potential clients, I personally managed this area.