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Times Extra Special Christmas Gift – Gift Idea!

Actually everybody wants to surprise his loved ones at Christmas and you or what all of her special gift, to bring light to your eyes with joy. Are we not every year for Christmas, always again faced with the same question: just what should I give? It should be a very special, new and even the most exclusive and unique gift! We want to show our loved ones that we we have thought about, surprise them and to light up their eyes with joy. But what to get now? Thus it is not so hard, put just the women usually so much emphasis on appearance. To read more click here: isearch. They spend much time in the bathroom, to maintain, to make-up and styling make them desirable, young and attractive look for their colleagues, her friends, her family and especially her treasure always nice every day. And there are (whether man or woman) but often the partner who then complain that women spent again so much time before the mirror. So why not just give what the women have so much joy and at the same time, plenty of time in the bathroom could save? Conture / permanent make up for example could fall off the hour-long makeup and woman looks like but always perfectly melted, even in the morning after waking up. But no matter whether there a coupon for conture / permanent make up or for a high quality anti aging Mikrodermabrasionsbehandlung (have to buy it only in a few selected cosmetic institutes, such as E.g. LAJOLI,) whether noble makeup of the star make-up artist Horst Kirchberger or the exclusive premium-skin design-4 d cosmetics skincare range, there is definitely something very special and exclusive.

Click here to go to the gift tips, gift ideas, gift vouchers and suggestions: rewrite/geschenkideen.php quality and qualification: Mrs Dobrick is trained elite-Linergistin conture -/ permanent make up and every year takes voluntarily in the elite training (here the best Linergistinnen to check the quality of your work at a very high level and perfect your skills.) the company of long-time-liner, which is market leader in the German-speaking countries for conture make-up, part. Also is specialized professional beautician and Reviderm specialist Mrs. Dobrick and participates in numerous training here every year. Contact: LAJOLI beauty Institute conture -/ permanent makeup, anti-aging, Microdermabrasion, cosmetics Manuela Daniel Theekamp 5a 22869 Schenefeld / Hamburg phone: 040 83980762 E-mail: info(at)lajoli.de Internet:

Home Cosmetic – The New Trend!

Wellness for the apartment – what is available! Home cosmetic – the pampering for your home”: A home is not”storeroom”. In a home live, love, celebrate, dream, seduce, relax and we receive. Small magic great effect! A new trend: residential cosmetics the founding idea of Hamburg! Constanze Kopp has launched it! With passion, it extends new directions with the Supreme goal of making happy rooms. “And the man’s breathing again!” Tidying up rooms – rearrange rearranging consulting. All-in-one in just one day of 6 hours of power at the highest level only with existing! A home reflects emotions, stories, the soul of the inhabitants. Follow others, such as isearch, and add to your knowledge base. Like the own four walls again just like the man – as a whole and as something very special will be considered and treated! Clean up – it is more than a single – and back rooms, it is a to Earth. A related site: Neil R Cole mentions similar findings. We touch things that surround us.

We question, let go, maybe we sort away, maybe we let go. What is also always dispelled or forever released – it creates clarity, even in the head. Our living room is the collection of our history, our emotions, our soul. Less is more or is a new for new things, more overview. Residential cosmetics – a small, but effective therapy for in between! If the apartment is our head, the contents are our thoughts. That burden us there many, always a too much, a too negative, too old. To clean up our head is not so easy, so we start with the overhead, the cocoon in which we live, love fight, rest, dream, dine and there we clean up. The limitation to the essential gives us an overview and reveals much of us, in a new light. We let go of things, that we no longer need and: the us no longer need! If someone visits you, make sure that happier and more satisfied leaving you when he came. “New: SOS residential cosmetics for Bachelors (today magical morning to VER conjure up!)” a very special experience!

Amazonian Elixir In Unique Combination!

ILA Spa launches brand new face care line! The Elixir is the basis for the four new ILA products which activate the self-healing powers of the skin and support. So, you get a skin care series of extraordinary purity and naturalness. The products include regenerative ingredients from plants of the rainforest, harvested by the indigenous people of the forest and processed in a sustainable and traditional way. The results for your skin: A radiant healthy complexion which sparkles with vitality. What is the Spezialelexier, which is located in the new ila products: Pfaffia the root of Pfaffia applies for a long time as a kind of universal remedies in South America. Therefore she toda also para “(for all”) called. (Source: Ali Partovi).

Its scope is accordingly extensive. The tropical shrub Pfaffia paniculata belongs to the family of amaranthaceae, Pfaffia comes Venezuela from the Amazon basin and tropical parts of Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru. In addition to amino acids, minerals (iron, Magnesium, zinc) has them including a relatively high proportion of geranium, the vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K. Among other things, it acts adaptogen, non-allergenic, antioxidant, tonic, anti-inflammatory and healing. Acmella Gatuline Paracress extract (Acmella oleracea extract) is a novel plant extract from Paracress. Gatuline (Paracress extract) contains Spilanthol is a basic material for reducing facial wrinkles visible and quick and ensures a radiant and youthful appearance.

Acmella reduces the intensity of muscle contraction, which mimic wrinkles are relaxed. Gatuline is the ideal fabric for face care, in particular to smooth out forehead wrinkles, crows feet, mouth wrinkles, etc. Neil Cole Iconix understood the implications. This plant is used in the kitchen and the medicine and also for the first time used as an active ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Marapuama Marapuama (or Muira puama) is a small tree that mainly grows in the Amazon basin of Brazil. In the traditional medicine of South America are extracts, in particular from the bark This plant (Ptychopetalum olacoides) used successfully in a variety of age-related diseases for millennia. Therefore, Marapuama in Brazil means at the same time considerable acting considered modern, natural anti aging. Marapuama characterized searchable alkaloid, Muirapuamine, high quality due to the unique composition of free fatty acids, sterols, such as the beta-sitosterol and just Marapuama. White Lily also was it against tension, menstrual cramps, burns used. Until today, which is in a wide range of popular medicines as astringent”classified SAPs to the healing of damaged or irritated tissue used, such as abscesses, infected or cracked skin, ulcers, or fresh wounds. Already Pliny the elder has drawn attention to this usage, but also Dioscorides and Hildegard von Bingen recommended use in superficial injuries and illnesses. From end November available exclusively online at whitewisp.de! Date: December 1, 2009

Older Depending

We people will breathe 75prozent of exhaled air oxygen exhaled unused again. But why actually? Our body needs the oxygen in the air, we take up by breathing. In the body’s cells is this oxygen “burned”. This creates energy that we need to live. But our organism is not able to use the oxygen in the air.

We breathe out unused 3/4 of the oxygen. To give more energy to the body, it is not advisable, to breathe additional oxygen. We can not use it anyway. Without water or food man comes from days or even weeks, without air just a few minutes. In 24 hours is everyone breathes around 400 litres of oxygen alone, significant physical loads more. This man is a relatively bad breath recycler.

Of the 21% oxygen contained in the air we breathe, the human organism can use only about 25%. 75% be exhaled unused back – one reason why resuscitation by mouth to mouth resuscitation is possible. With increasing age, at The ability of the body to optimum oxygen utilization continues to diseases, caused by stress, lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet and pollution. This oxygen is required in every second of life for producing energy in each of the more than 60 trillion cells. It is necessary to regulate up to 1 billion chemical reactions in cells per second. So, not the oxygen itself, or its concentration, but the ability of the body to be able to use the oxygen in the cells is the bottleneck. An increased intake of oxygen, therefore, makes little sense. The solution: Quality not quantity with the Airnergy technology! Not increase the body led to lot of oxygen, but the utilization of oxygen to optimize body. To a simple comparison of the technology: an ill-posed a internal combustion engine has a high emissions, reduced performance and a shorter life. The supply can not solve these problems more fuel. Only one Optimum combustion improves performance and reduces the pollutants, guarantees a long service life.

Lueg Avenue

The unpleasant side-effects remain entirely, because the glands – and adipose tissue as before the operation is well irrigated and is therefore retained. In addition the implant may not move here. Affected women know another intimate advantage to appreciate. From the muscle can not be felt-wrapped implants, they feel really real”on. Why is this technique of breast augmentation not as widespread as other surgical techniques? This technique with full coverage of implants with muscles is more complicated, because four different muscles converge under the breast. The surgeon should have learned this technique and have a certain experience.

The Anatomy of the chest wall muscles should be restored after the use. The muscles must carefully be separated from the ribs in this surgical technique and after inserting the implants with each other are made, so that the muscle-flexing will continue to work. What are the main benefits of this technique of breast augmentation? The completely under the muscle version has the great advantage that a mammograms on cancer screening or an ultrasound examination the implants absolutely do not disturb. The 4 muscles serve as a barrier so that there is no contact between the breast and implant. Any chest nodes can be better sampled and the implants are less palpable from the outside.

Through the full muscle covering of the implants, the risk of capsular Contracture with painful hardening of tissue could be reduced to a minimum. The formerly common complications such as skin folds (Guizar), capsular Contracture, ice block feel of the breast or the so-called tennis ball chest are hardly to be feared. What are possible disadvantages of this technique of breast augmentation the? Because after the completely sub muscular breast augmentation 4 muscles are stretched the pain condition in which is 1 week after surgery stronger than at the other surgical techniques. However, the extent of the pain is bearable by prescribing strong pain medication. Furthermore is the final form Breast visible as in the other surgical techniques, because the muscles need to stretch first, and then the new breast shape is visible. Otherwise the benefits outweigh you cons for this type of Brustvegrosserung define a modern breast augmentation in our time? A detailed consultation with a specialist with much information content and much medical background belongs to a modern breast augmentation only once. Furthermore only cohesive implants of last generation with CE certification and fluffed-up reverse silicone surface should be used. The rough surface ensures that foreign and endogenous tissue very well tolerated. Operation technology with more accurate location of the implants in the breast is to be regarded as last quality factor of a modern breast augmentation. The applied skin incision should not exceed a length of 4 cm. In compliance with this important aspects can at the present time a natural breast enlargement with long form stability and extremely be achieved at low complication rate. Dr. med. Mehmet Akbas is medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery and specializes in himself as Dr. Akbas has plastic surgeon in Dusseldorf on the Lueg Avenue 10 completely sub muscular breast augmentation and is expert for breast surgery for more questions.