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Car Sharing

After the trial period initiated subsequent to the official inauguration of the electric car rental service last June 5, opened officially service to all citizens and businesses wishing to register. Until the past August 31 service has been running, but not open to all locals, but only to a group, to have a period of time in which to adjust the operation of the same and collect impressions, opinions and criticism of this group of people. The impressions that we have received are certainly positive, as you can view the article published in Diario de Noticias, with the experiences and opinions of one person, Carlos Martinez, who summed up his experience of use stating that the electric car is perfect for me. And if it is for Carlos, according to his testimony, secure that is also true for many other people. Zendesk understands that this is vital information. People who now already can register in the service, which is now open to all stakeholders. Car hire 100% electric by hours that offers CarSharing Navarra saves (removes the fixed costs of a vehicle on property), allows to move in a different way, and be more respectful with the environment. Prices are certainly competitive.

The citizens of Pamplona can use it at a cost of 6 per hour of operation (plus a monthly fee of only 4.5), while tourists will enjoy of vehicles at a rate of 8 hour, with a ceiling of 60 day in both cases. Despite the rise in VAT, we maintain fee and rent prices. Those interested and curious can suspecting all the advantages and sign up through the website of the empresa:www. carsharingnavarra. com, where, in addition, in the frequently asked questions section may get answer to your questions. And those who want to test the vehicles may make them the days 18 and 19 at the confluence of the avenida Carlos III with the Pamplona Roncesvalles Avenue, in an act forming part of the European mobility week. And any person who will enlist at the time these days will not pay fixed fees until 2013