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Artistic Techniques

In the course of human evolution the development of various artistic techniques has occupied an important place throughout the evolutionary process. The establishment of various types of art such as painting, carving and engravings have been shown as the main pine for the artistic development of mankind. The prints have their beginnings in the earliest cave paintings and carvings in wood, made by the first inhabitants of the earth, hence the idea for making prints on templates and then translate them where necessary. The prints are a way to make prints using unusual methods. The contemporary engraving begins its history in Japan in the sixteenth century, where the use of templates to create pictures of Japanese relics began to be used, and from here begins the evolutionary process of the engravings.

The prints are made through the stem in a process called matrix board, this is usually of wood or steel. The matrix after being cut deck is natural or artificial dyes, which are absorbed by the designs and carvings. After the array is supported on the canvas, where they will set the works, these paintings are usually of cloth or paper towel. The prints are a paint system that has developed since the beginning of history, so the variety of prints are very broad. Some of them are: Etching: A method used to make steel templates. The process begins with the development of an array of wood, which is covered with varnish, before being awarded the mold of creation and the mold, the brand of steel can be done by heat or acid. Drypoint: is the method that uses only a sharp punch to make the template, this way of etching is widely used in the design of paintings and wood carvings. Prints the chisel: Engraving is a method that uses only the tools called chisels, which are entirely of iron.

This method of making prints is very common in the steel carving templates. Woodcut: is a very , where the template can be used several times, and that coverage made with the ink is made with a roller. Lithography: Engraving is the method where the templates are usually made to produce an image already established, since the collection of templates in lithography is tracing an image with a special role. This paper is attached to a flat plate, with a mixture of nitric acid and gum arabic, and then translate it into any surface. Although there are many styles of prints made today these are the most conventional is proper to note that the lithography is an important method for printing of images today, a clear example is the creation of companies specialized in lithography. In conclusion, the drawings have been a valuable step forward for mankind, and thanks to them are reflected beautiful works of art, no comment today when used as a source of work is generating an even greater benefit to society.