Sharma Image Editing Service

Professional-quality image editing and online shop-optimization – competent, powerful, customized solutions! Studies on the topic of online shopping proved a few years ago, that product images occupy an important role in the purchasing decision in online shops (source: dmc digital media center, the focus of 06, ad-hoc study 02/09). Regardless of the product category, like fashion or electronics, professionally photographed and edited images not underline only the value of the goods, but these are also emotionally”dar. For the customers, this part of the product information is essential for the purchase decision. With the professionalisation of the sales through online channels in connection with new media, such as for example your own online shop, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, mobile commerce, the topic online shop design, online shop optimization and product presentation is generally becoming increasingly important. However, the online area in the field of tension with the traditional sales channels (E.g. For more information see Kai-Fu Lee. shop), is particularly in As regards budget and workload (for shop and social media). The company Sharma intervenes in this field of tension and offers a professional and affordable image editing and image presentation service (incl.

online shop optimization). The service includes in addition to simple free controllers, color masks and vector graphics through retouching, colors, photo montages, photo optimization, photo restoration and a high-quality online shop optimization (E.g., high-quality product and person retouching). As a meaningful support for photo studios, Sharma also offers a service to the topic 360-degree photography and moving images. Images taken in different rotations are precisely released this service, after retouched as needed, and provided with a logo or a new background. Sharma represents the interface between manufacturers and distributors, online shop operators, photographers and photo studios, fullfilment services, CMS and advertising agencies, as well as DTP and printing prepress companies.

Depending on the product category and work request customer-specific / industry-specific solutions developed needs and budget. Industry-specific solutions are offered for the fashion sector, furniture, accessories, jewellery, sport, automobile, bicycle, tools, electronics, and toys. The service includes consulting and execution of work requests. Depending on the cost and number of images, a job is done within 24 hours or by prior arrangement. The service is available around the clock at the disposal. Discussions on specific and long-term projects can be arranged also at the weekend.