Review Nokia

For who it is wild to test the new version of the operational system Symbian Anna, Nokia E6 without a doubt is an excellent option. This new software mainly came with the navigator web improved, beyond one better sincronia with widgets. The series and of Nokia already known by bringing models for the corporative world, came stuffed of functions that the day of the entrepreneur facilitates to the day, between them, one better synchronization with the tools Microsoft (Outlook, word, to power point and excel. The visualization is possible not alone but also the edition of these documents.) Widgets and the personalized shortcuts of Nokia E6 strategically had been thought to facilitate the access to the menu in what you really anger to use, keyboard qwerty and a screen touchscreen aid in the digitao and navigation for web. The access the Internet this guaranteed way Wi-Fi or for the net 3G of its operator, and you still can share this signal with other equipment that you have (That she catches signal wi-fi) since it nothing more is that one JoikuSpot