Reduce Computer Risk Online

Learn how to prevent your privacy or your business against threats that characterize the use of the Internet, the information considered confidential may be part of more than one database. Home and work addresses, mobile and fixed phones, and even the number of the certificate of citizenship are typed innocently registered person who is ignorant of IT risk, detailed information. Furthermore, without knowing that may be public record what pages they visit frequently, the objects they acquire and pleasure activities are generated. Even when buying online, some sites ask their customers to fill out forms. With a couple of the above data, the criminals, who sail in search of a victim, can decipher its identity and, thus compromising its integrity both real and virtual, a fact for which you should refrain from writing such details. In his negocioa Do not share credit card numbers or customer authentication via Internet. Please refrain from making calls in confidence by the network, their privacy is never complete and can be heard by others. Make sure that operators working under the same network do not have access to programs or files.

Verify that restricted folders exist and that the information sent by e-mail reaches the recipient estimated. Organize a computing hierarchy with different keys for each pattern of order. Consequently, at least once a month, update the usernames and passwords patterns. Note that, with the advent of technology, each day more precautions to make the sail. In fact, such threats are starting in different countries, to be legislated within the occupational hazards. Related Stories: Digital Journal of Business and Technology focused on informing the public to be alert and prepared against business issues, technology, professional development and current affairs.