Red Dragon

When you install a bias in the mind of a person or a group of people, it is no easy task overcoming the obfuscation that it derives, precisely because the main feature of prejudice is that they are prior reason. In these circumstances, it is difficult to think and act freely. Thomas Harris, author of the novel that inspired the films the silence of the lambs, Hannibal, and the Red Dragon, wrote a drama in three acts, which I summarize: appears in the first Act, a marriage dinner. The wife had cooked a delicious ham baked for the first time. To prove it he, says: is exquisite. For what you have cut the tip?. The woman answers thus makes the ham to the oven.

The husband before that statement of his wife, ensures that he has eaten baked hams, to which had not cut them tip. She can do nothing but answer: my mom taught me to Cook as well. What, no short nor lazy, answer: go to your MOM’s House!. The second act takes place at home in the wife’s mother, who wondered how the ham to the oven, and she answers: is pickled, cut you the tip and gets into the oven. Women legitimized before her husband, after confirming how to do baked ham, is with that, speaking to her mother-in-law, asks her: Madam, and why cut you the tip?.

What she can only answer: my mother taught it me as well!. The curious husband replica: going home of the grandmother in the third Act, the grandmother is asked: grandmother, how is the ham to the oven?, to which she replies: I adobo well, leave it to stand for three hours, short tip and cook in slow oven. The mother and daughter say in unison: have you seen?. However, the man asks: grandmother, what cut you the tip?