Playstation Plus

How long the battery lasts? Sony announced that the battery life is very similar to the PSP and logically its duration will depend on the demands of the game and the console features that are operating obviously will last less if we use the 3 G network or Wi-Fi. One could speak of up to 10 hours of battery, but on average would be about 4 or 5 hours; a time quite similar to that holds the battery for the Nintendo 3DS. What is that of Liveareasettings and Near application? Near application serves to be able to detect other NGP consoles that are close to the player and shows what is what these users are playing. Furthermore, the laptop offers the possibility of chat with them and share the scores in different games (if you are worried about privacy, always you can deactivate this feature). Which titles I can play in the NPM? Input is a list of titles and developers interesting bastano.

In terms of existing franchises there are games like Uncharted, Killzone, WipeOut, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Hustle Kings, Hot Shots Golf, Monster Hunter, and Call of Duty. But in addition to these franchises, joined them as Little Deviants, Reality Fighters and Gravity Daze new titles. It is compatible with previous consoles? As we said, the UMD are a thing of the past, but the NGP can run trouble-free downloadable games for PSP and also play some PSOne thanks to Playstation Suite Games. To what extent does this mobile console with the PS3? Recently it had spoken of PS3-NGP synchronization, but in addition to this service (which probably will be accessed via Playstation Plus) has thought that the NGP can run games originally created for the PS3. For assistance, try visiting Zendesk. Obviously not everyone will be compatible, but in some games there will be the possibility of playing at home with the PS3 and then take the game and its advances in the NGP. How much will cost? Prices have not been announced yet, but it is hoped that it will not be the cheapest console, since its hardware features they are very superior to which we are acostumbradoa to see in this kind of devices. When can I buy it? Output worldwide dates have not been announced. He is expected in Japan escaping at the end of this year, which indicates that the gadget could reach other markets at the beginning of 2012.

NGP or 3DS? Apparently the two focus on quite different markets. The NGP is focused to markets of hardcore gamers who enjoy having a complete and powerful console in the Palm of your hands, while the 3DS is aimed at more casual with another type of consumer players. If there is any franchise video game that you expect or want to have great graphics on your handheld, you probably optaras by Sony NGP. But if yours is 3D which is not implemented in the Sony console and known Nintendo Games, it is likely that you finish with a 3DS. Who will be the Queen of portable consoles? Only time will tell.